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Floral Design Bars

By now, you and your besties have tried the holiday cookie exchange, makeover nights and the painting-and-wine classes. You’re looking for a fresh spin on the girls’ night out, or a theme for your next event that will bring a flair of inspiration to the group. The newest trend we at Cascade Floral Wholesale are seeing is floral design bars. Bring your closest friends together along with a basic variety of flowers, floral design materials, and a how-to video to follow. Throw in some champagne and brunch-type snacks and you have a fun afternoon of girl time with a great take-away: beautiful floral bouquets and a new skill! 

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Keep Your Flowers Fresh and Pretty Longer

Every florist knows the challenges of creating gorgeous floral arrangements and keeping them fresh for as long as possible. The way you cut, hydrate, style and arrange your blooms all make a difference in how long they will stay fresh and beautiful. Here, the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale offer some of our best florists’ hacks for keeping your floral arrangements looking good as long as possible. Try a few of these tricks the next time you design beautiful floral arrangements for your home or office and see if they don’t create long-lasting blooms you’ll love.

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Discover Tulips

Spring is in the air, and that means we can plan on seeing tulips in gardens, flower shops and throughout homes soon. As soon as the weather warms and the ground thaws, tulips are back in bloom. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we love working with tulips. They have a rich history that dates back to ancient Persia, and they send messages of perfect love to their recipients. Plus they dress up any room in your home, and not just for Easter. Tulips are the quintessential flower of spring and as it approaches, we’re as excited as you are to announce its arrival!

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The Most Romantic Flowers

Bulk Wholesale Summer Flowers Combo

There are so many times in life when flowers express our feelings better than words. While flowers used to carry very specific meanings that were taken seriously in the Victorian era, they haven’t totally lost their significance. In fact, these days many people love attaching deeper meaning and symbolism to gifts and treasures. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we know which flowers express romantic feelings and sentiments best. As Valentine’s Day approaches and wedding season is right around the corner, we want to share with you the best blooms to share with your sweetie.


These classics get their own category because when it comes to romance, roses stand alone. Luscious, fragrant, and timeless, the only real decisions you’ll make are which color and how many. Pinks, reds, and oranges are best for expressing deep love and desire, while white speaks to the purity and yellow embraces friendship. Choose wisely when selecting rose colors, but trust that the roses themselves will communicate your message beautifully.


The bright bursts of color inherent in tulips and lilies bring the cheerfulness of spring into full focus. Send lovely, happy tulips to communicate how happy you are as a new relationship blooms. These bring positive energy and uplifting thoughts. Lilies are a little more serious but no less beautiful. Let white or pink stargazer lilies show your partner how valuable they are to you.



More unique than traditional roses, orchids are among the most exotic flowers we know. Communicate how rare and unique your love is when you send a beautiful stem of orchids in her favorite color. Lilacs are a gorgeous way to express fresh, new love with a bouquet of tumbling purple or magenta blooms. 

pink carnation


A sweet relationship deserves a sweet sentiment, and all three of these flowers deliver! Carnations have often been associated with more introverted types. So if your partner or newfound love seems a bit shy, she might prefer carnations to a more showy bloom. Daisies are the epitome of cheerfulness and will brighten her day, just like she brightens yours. Alstroemeria add a touch of drama while still making a beautiful friendship gift. If you’re enjoying your new friend but hope to take it to another level, these Peruvian lilies just might do the trick. 


Tell your partner how charming and attractive you find them with any shade of ranunculus you like. These rounded, frilly blooms are luscious and extravagant…and available all year round! Maybe this is just part of the reason they’re considered among the favorite flowers chosen for weddings. Camellias add a touch of romance to any setting. Soft and delicate, these natives to Japan and China whisper messages of faithfulness and longevity to all who receive them. 

Sending flowers is often seen as a romantic gesture, but when you send a bouquet of one of these extra-romantic flowers, your message will be clear. Take a moment to consider your partner’s favorite colors and flowers, but also feel free to choose flowers that communicate the special message you want to say. Talk to the professionals at Cascade Floral Wholesale to learn more about the best flowers to send to your special someone the next time you’re feeling a little romantic. 

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5 Easy-to-Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Moving into the New Year often means making a few positive changes in your life. Many people focus on their health, finances or relationships. But have you considered focusing on the plants in your life as a means of self-care? Plants and flowers can be a source of great joy and personal satisfaction, plus sharing the fruits of your labors can be a great way to reinforce relationships. Here, the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale offer some great ideas about how to include plants and flowers in your New Year’s Resolutions. We have ideas that are long-lasting and easy to fulfill from Day 1. 

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Fall In Love with Ranunculus

One of the most mysterious, sultry blooms to be found today is the ranunculus. This beautiful, rose-like bloom is frequently used in bouquets everywhere, from home decorating to wedding bouquets. However, these gorgeous blooms have a rich history, dating back to the 13th century and enjoyed by kings the world over. With a deep, specific meaning, it’s easy to see why ranunculus were sent to communicate strong feelings. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we’re always excited to showcase these amazing blooms. Here are just a few reasons we love ranunculus and think you will too.

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Holiday DIY Decor- Beyond Centerpieces

red flowers, red roses, mixed whole sale flowers and eucalyptus on a table

Decorating for the holidays can be a cheerful, satisfying endeavor that brightens everyone’s spirits during this season. While there’s no end to the creativity and style you can include in your holiday decor, the expense of buying these items can add up quickly. However, making your own beautiful and unique designs is not just less expensive; it’s also fun, easy and so personal that your creations can quickly become holiday family heirlooms. The design experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale have some great DIY decor ideas that you’re sure to love. 

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💐 Cool Tricks for Creating Gorgeous Bouquets

Georgeous flower Arrangement in Pink and Purple

Creating gorgeous floral arrangements for your home or office can be a truly satisfying endeavor. You’re cutting, trimming, arranging and placing the perfectly shaped blooms in the right color patterns that brighten every room in your home. However, that satisfaction will fizzle quickly if your blooms don’t turn out like you’d hoped, or if they wilt and die too quickly. Here, the floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale offer some really cool tricks you probably haven’t tried yet. Check them out, try a few, and see what exciting new twists you can add to your floral design repertoire! 

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The Beauty of All-White Floral Arrangements

They’re elegant, they’re dramatic, they’re sophisticated. All-white floral arrangements bring a subtle statement to any room or table, and for that reason, they will never go out of style. Whether you’re decorating for a white wedding, celebrating a special occasion or simply adding some fresh texture to your home, all-white floral combinations are an often-overlooked way to create a dramatic look. Here is why the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale love the look of white flowers and hope you will too!

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Keep Flowers Fresh Longer: An Insider’s Tips for Beautiful Blooms

Every florist faces the challenge of keeping flowers as fresh as possible, for as long as possible. Between styling, arranging and designing beautiful, unique floral designs, flowers can start to appear less-than-fresh before they’re even sent to the recipient. But the best florists have a few tricks up their sleeves to keep those blooms beautiful and long-lasting. Now the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale are sharing these insider tips with you. Create gorgeous floral designs that will last and delight your recipients with full, lush flowers every time. 

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Autumn Brings Lovely Colors

Fall is approaching, and with it comes the vibrant hues of the turning leaves. Autumn also brings the lovely colors of Chrysanthemums, Marigolds, and golden Sunflowers. Traditional colors of bronze, orange and yellow complement the fall holiday displays for Halloween and Thanksgiving. In contrast, some varieties of fall flowers enhance your home décor with bright pinks and reds, and purples. Cascade Floral Wholesale offers a variety of ways to add autumn blooms to your decoration ideas. We offer many floral decorating options for the autumn season.

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Create Stunning Fall Floral Arrangements

Georgeous flower Arrangement in Pink and Purple

As summer fades into cooler weather, shorter days and fewer leaves on the trees, we start to notice the subtle changes nature brings. Beyond our own obsessions with scarves, boots and pumpkin spice lattes, the world around us transforms. Leaves change from bright greens to yellows, oranges and reds. The rich texture of tree branches, pine cones and seeds are exposed. Fruit and fall vegetables are harvested in abundance. And those bright summer hues that indicate fun and warmth fade to deeper, muted tones that makes us want to crawl under a blanket. Autumn is arriving, and the floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale have some great floral designs to surround yourself with the essence of fall in your own space this season. 

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The Amazing Aster

Asters are having their moment as we move into fall. Shared with Morning Glories, Asters are the stars of September and bring a wealth of beauty and symbolism to this season. Grown in damp, cool climates and seasons, asters bring cheerfulness to every garden. With so many varieties, Asters can be found at 8 inches up to 8 feet tall, in a rainbow of colors ranging from white and pink to deep blue and lavender. Cascade Floral Wholesale is proud to offer multiple varieties of this versatile flower for planting in your fall garden or simply displaying for the changing of seasons. 

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Create Gorgeous DIY Centerpieces


Adding flowers to any room can bring fresh color, texture and natural beauty to the atmosphere. But professional floral arrangements can become pricey, especially if you’d love to keep fresh flowers in every room. A great alternative is to purchase your own flowers from a provider like Cascade Floral Wholesale and design your own centerpieces for each room of your home. Creating your own floral arrangements can be simple and fun if you just remember a few tricks of the trade. Think about the vibe you want emanating from each space in your home and match your containers and colors to go with it. It’s also important to consider what surfaces you’re working with in terms of size, shape and height. Here are some great tips for creating your own gorgeous do-it-yourself centerpieces.

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How to Create Beautiful Hand-Wrapped Bouquets

Bulk Wholesale Flowers Combo showing what can be done to for DIY projects, weddings, event

These days, DIY is everywhere. If you have the time to learn a new skill or craft, it can be very exciting to put your new trade to use. For those who love growing, sending, or decorating with flowers, this piece is for you! Being able to grow your own flowers is one thing, but can you present them in a beautiful, stylish way that will make your friends and family swoon? Here, the professionals at Cascade Floral Wholesale will walk you through the basic steps of arranging a bouquet of flowers and include several great ideas for wrapping your blooms in a stylish and personal way. Take a look!

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June’s Flower: The Rose

Pink and Yellow Roses in a Vase

As one of the most symbolic flowers around, with a rich history of meaning and iconic showings, the Rose is a flower preferred by many. This month, we celebrate roses in all their glory, and for good reason! June is National Rose Month, a time for romance, weddings, summer evenings and bright sunny skies. June has arrived and along with it, roses in every form. The floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale celebrate the rose with you by offering some history and symbolism, as well as a few tips and ideas about sending roses this month. 

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Make Your Summer Blooms Last All Season

Beautiful flowers wrapped in paper

Summer is here and bright, colorful blooms are exactly what we’re all looking for! Bold colors, big, showy flower heads and plenty of fresh green foliage comprise some of the best summer bouquets. When you use flower varieties that are long-lasting, your summer bouquets can take on even more substance. With the wild and free vibes that define summer, your summer bouquets will be enjoyed all season long. The floral professionals at Cascade Floral Wholesale have plenty of great tips and tricks for using the most long-lasting blooms in your summer arrangements. Give your customers what they’re looking for this season- beautiful, lasting bouquets inspired by the warmth and color of the season. 

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Types of Flowers to Send if You Want to Lift Someone’s Spirits

Shop Bulk Summer Flowers

In these uncertain times when people are stuck at home, in the hospital or nursing homes, sending flowers is a special way to connect and let loved ones know you’re thinking about them. Not only is it proven that receiving flowers makes us feel good, it’s also a great way to communicate a specific message. Different flowers represent different meanings, so sending just the right bouquet can truly let a loved one know you’re thinking of them, you miss them and you hope to see them soon. The floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale have a few tips to keep in mind when sending flowers to someone who can’t get out and about as often as they’d like. Take a look then choose to stock up on the blooms your customers are likely to send to their favorite people. 

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Choosing the Right Types of Flowers for Gifting to Anyone

Flowers convey a variety of emotions and are proven to lift spirits and brighten the recipient’s day. But what types of flowers should you send to which people? The floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale have some great suggestions about what to send to whom and how to make sure you’re celebrating special moments with thoughts that truly count. Continue reading Choosing the Right Types of Flowers for Gifting to Anyone

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Tips for DIY Wedding Bouquets

Creating your own wedding bouquet can be a daunting thought, but it doesn’t have to be! With a few simple tips to keep in mind, you can create a beautiful bouquet that reflects the beauty of your special day. What a great way to add your own special touch to your ceremony while saving quite a bit of money, as well! Whether you make this a get-together with your bridesmaids or simply take a little time to make a bouquet for yourself (or a friend), the steps are simple and can add so much meaning to an already-wonderful day. Here are some important tips that the professionals at Cascade Floral Wholesale hope you keep in mind as you plan and create your beautiful bouquet. 

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