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DIY Floral Arrangements for Your Wedding

Arranging artificial flowers vest decoration at home, Young woman florist work making organizing diy artificial flower, craft and hand made concept.

With the availability of quality wholesale flowers from Cascade, having fresh blooms for creating DIY wedding flowers is a dream come true for budget-friendly and cost-conscious brides. Doing it by yourself can be overwhelming, which is why we are providing you with essential tips for DIY wedding flowers.

Modern table's centerpiece for summer wedding. A lot of greenery being composed into stunning arrangement. Step by step, tutorial.

6 Tips for DIY Wedding Floral Arrangements

Choosing Your Flowers

  1. While modern shipping allows for access to almost any flower at any time of year, it is easier and more cost-effective to choose flowers that are in season. Seasonal flowers will be more readily available, affordable,  and replaced easier if anything should occur to your bouquets right before the wedding. Fresh, seasonal blooms T also stay healthier for a longer period of time, looking more beautiful and appealing during the wedding.
  2. It is also important to understand the limitations of the flowers you choose. Some blooms may wilt quicker than others, and other blooms may need more water or sunlight than others. By understanding what each flower needs, you can care for them properly to keep them bright and blooming. Having this knowledge can help you select hardy flower varieties that will maintain the look you want.
  3. Our final tip for deciding which blooms to choose is to keep it to only a few varieties. All of your arrangements can be created with just three flowers –  a primary bloom, a secondary bloom that complements it, and a tertiary bloom that helps fill out the bouquet. These three flowers can be used across all of your arrangements, changing their positions and filling them in with greenery to create different variations.  

Florist at work. Woman making bouquet of pink roses

Preparing for Assembly

  1. Assembling bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces requires more tools than just flowers and vases. Making sure you have all the required tools and materials when the flowers arrive is crucial. To hold flowers in place and arrange them, floral tape, floral wire, floral foam, and twine are helpful to have on hand. For decorations and embellishments to make your flowers pop,  use ribbons, lace, or twine. To keep the flowers fresh, have a spray bottle of water nearby so you can periodically mist your floral arrangements.
  2. It r helps to make a plan for your fresh flowers ahead of time, so you know how many you will need for your wedding. Count the number of bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres you plan to have and then how many flowers will be in each one. This will help you determine the number of individual flowers and greenery you will need so you aren’t left with too many or too few.
  3. Making a gorgeous wedding bouquet and centerpieces is not as easy as many think and often takes time and practice. Online tutorials are a great place for tips and advice on how to best prepare your flowers. Pick a tutorial that shows an arrangement like the ones you want to use and practice with your tools before getting started. It is important to remember that complex or time-consuming arrangements can lead to anxiety or frustration and simple arrangements often look just as beautiful and a lot easier to prepare.

Florist at work: How to make modern table's centerpiece for summer wedding. A lot of greenery being composed into stunning arrangement. Step by step, tutorial.

Cascade floral offers all the flowers you need for DIY arrangements that best fit your budget. Check out our selection today or contact us directly so we can help you make your wedding day special and memorable. 

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A Guide To Popular Greenery


Flowers may be the star of the show, but with greenery working as their ever-important supporting cast and backup singers, the “show” is more well-rounded, complete, and so much more amazing. Nearly every floral design relies on greenery to bring the entire piece to life. Greenery provides support and a foundation for beautiful blooms, as well as offers contrast, texture, rhythm, spatial dynamics, and wonderful green colors which act as a neutral tone to give your eyes a rest. 

More than just filler, sprigs of greenery are key players in the overall effect of a flower design. For some florists, greenery is the design, as fabulous greenery pieces are starting to take center stage in bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and floral decor. According to the floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale, the only limit to how greenery can be used is your imagination! Below we list some of the more popular and versatile pieces of greenery we love working with. For even more options, browse our selection.

Italian Ruscus

Italian Ruscus

Italian Ruscus lends a vivid, vibrant green, and dynamic nature to floral designs. Beloved for its versatility, hardy stems, and slim, elegant leaves, Italian Ruscus works especially well in floral arches or trailing beautifully from a cascading bouquet. Place it in a bride’s hair for a Greek goddess effect, weave it down the middle of an event table, or place it atop a cake for a wonderfully natural addition. However you use it, the beautiful emerald green leaves of Italian Ruscusa are always up to the occasion.  

Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller 

For a soft, ethereal look, add a bit of Dusty Miller which evokes charm and mystery with its silvery-green leaves and fuzzy texture. When added in bunches to your floral designs, it resembles clusters of lace. There is nothing fragile about this greenery, though, as its stalk is sturdy, and the leaves are thick, belying its overall delicately romantic nature. Nestle it within bridal bouquets or centerpieces for a soft, understated elegant look. 

Monterra Leaf


This gorgeous tropical leaf is from the Monstera plant, also known as the “Swiss Cheese plant” due to its dramatic and large holes. It’s a piece of greenery that is becoming increasingly popular, appearing as a focal point of green decor for events that lean toward the modern and tropical. Just one or two of these dinner-plate-sized leaves make a striking impact when used as table runners, centerpieces, or hanging greenery. They can even be used as placemats for food or the main piece of decor repeated in invitations, signage, dress patterns, and in the bridal bouquet.

Spiral Eucalyptus

Spiral Eucalyptus

Spiral Eucalyptus brings a whimsical yet intriguing look to floral bouquets. They provide vertical accents with their straight sturdy stems that have numerous, smaller circular leaves growing off of them. When used in a bunch, the dynamic and voluminous look they create is rich with texture, rhythm, and patterns. The spiral Eucalyptus pairs well with most flowers and also looks great in a vase on its own. 

Myrtle Leaves


With long stems lined with glossy leaves in a pretty, mid-tone green, myrtle is a popular choice for many floral designers. Using multiple stems together creates lush, thick foliage that looks great in centerpieces. It’s also a wonderful addition to any decor piece for the home as it exudes a sweet fragrance. Myrtle symbolizes love, luck, and prosperity which is why it is often used in wedding decor. 

Spring of Tree Fern

Tree Fern

With a tuft of plumage sprouting from its top, tree fern brings softness, wispiness, and fun to any arrangement. Often used to add a touch of green to boutonnieres and corsages, this refreshing and versatile greenery provides airiness, texture, and allure to floral arrangements. 

Explore the many incredible ways to use a variety of greenery in your own floral creations, and don’t hesitate to ask us how we can help you find your perfect selection today. 

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Tips for Creating Flower Arrangements with Hydrangeas

Hydrangea pink flower closeup. Beautiful Hortensia blooming in summer garden. Beauty pink and white colour Hydrangea flower close up. Nature floral backdrop. Easter, Birthday, Nature concept.

About Hydrangeas

A favorite bloom used in florist bouquets and popular at weddings, special events, and pretty much any occasion, hydrangeas are gorgeous, lush flowers that are as pretty as they are versatile. Notable for their large, showy blooms, the colorful pop-pom-like flowerheads of hydrangeas make them a great cut flower to display in vases. These ornamental blooms have been around for a long time and evoke an old-fashioned charm. With over 70 species and numerous varieties, hydrangeas come in various shapes, sizes, and colors such as blue, pink, red, purple, maroon, green, and white. 

Blue and pink hydrangea blooming flowers bouquet banner. Spring floral background. Copy space for text

Characteristics of Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are most commonly grown as shrubs with big beautiful blooms made up of clusters of smaller flowers called a “corymb.” The most commonly known variety of hydrangea is the “bigleaf hydrangea,” which has the lush, full, round blooms that enchant gardens and florist shops worldwide.

Tips for Creating a Floral Arrangement with Hydrangea

Because of the hydrangea’s large flowerhead, its stems will be top-heavy and can easily flop out of a vase if not positioned correctly. It’s important to choose a container with an opening that’s not too large or to create a grid system with tape to provide structure. 


Floral business concept. Florist woman makes bouquet of blue, yellow and green hydrangea flowers in shop for sale, flowers closeup. Working in floristic studio store. Creating professional bouquet.

Preparing the Stems

  1. The first step in working with hydrangeas is to cut off all of the leaves below the flowerhead. 
  2. Next, cut the stems at a 45-degree angle with sharp scissors. This allows for the maximum amount of area for the stem to soak up water. 
  3. After cutting the stem, dip the end into a jar of alum, which you can pick up at the grocery store. The alum keeps the cut end of the stem from gunking up and free to absorb water. 


still life with blue and pink hydrangea

Arranging Tips

For a simple yet charming arrangement, put 2 or 3 hydrangea stems in a vase. Cut the stems so the blooms are just above the rim. 

For a more complex arrangement, use an opaque container and the grid method with chicken wire or tape on the opening. Bold blooms such as roses, peonies, and dahlias pair great with hydrangeas. Spire-like flowers like delphinium, freesia, foxglove, and bells of Ireland are perfect for adding vertical elements to the hydrangeas’ low, rounded shape. Experiment with different colors and blooms of different colors, shapes, and sizes. Add some greenery for a more complete look.  

Beautiful wedding flower decoration

How to Keep Your Hydrangea Stems Fresher Longer

  • To help prevent wilting, put a few ice cubes in the water to keep the stems cool. 
  • Give the stems a trim and a change of water every few days to prolong their life. 
  • Dry your hydrangeas – keep them in a few inches of water in a dry, cool place away from sunlight. Once the water has evaporated, usually 2-3 weeks, the petals should feel dry to touch and ready to use in a variety of creative ways. 

For all your flower needs for DIY crafts or arranging, use Cascade Floral for the freshest, longest-lasting stems. 

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Beloved Baby’s Breath Is Making a Comeback

Baby’s Breath is a popular, yet frequently overlooked, that is frequently found in wedding florals. Often used as a filler flower, it’s starting to finally get the attention it deserves — Baby’s Breath’s time to shine is happening now.  This inexpensive, dainty, and lovely bloom is perfect for weddings and shows its style in many non-wedding floral arrangements, too. One of our favorites here at Cascade Floral Wholesale, read more to discover why this tiny bloom is becoming a big deal in modern floral arrangements. 

Baby's breath (gypsophila paniculata)

Often used to fill in the gaps and create more volume in bouquets consisting of mostly larger blooms, Baby’s Breath became tired and overlooked because it was used so frequently in these limited capacities. Florists today, though, are using this very versatile flower in a whole new way creating amazing works of floral design by enhancing the cluster of tiny delicate blooms like we’ve never seen before. 

Small baby's-breath flowers (gypsophila) on a soft lilac color background

What Is Baby’s Breath?

Baby’s Breath is a short-stemmed plant that has tiny clusters of white, or pale pink, blooms and is native to North America. It’s a member of the Gypsophila genus which has around 35 different plants. It grows in abundance making it quite affordable and also has a sweet, light fragrance. 

Bouquet of the beautiful gypsophila

What Is the Symbolism of Baby’s Breath?

Baby’s Breath has long been used as a symbol of purity, innocence, hope, and new beginnings. For these reasons, it has been traditionally used in wedding bouquets and baby showers. In many cultures, Baby’s Breath is given to new mothers for good luck, which is how this flower got its name. Baby’s Breath blooms have also been traditionally used to symbolize devotion to a relationship, whether it’s with your partner, family, or friends. 

The symbolism of different-colored Baby’s Breath is white for spirituality, innocence, and purity; blue for honesty and respect, pink for gentleness and youth; orange for happiness and joy; red for love and romance; and purple for beauty and nobility. 

Baby's Breath colorful flowers box. Gift flowers box. Woman holding a flower box with gypsophila.

New Ways Baby’s Breath Is Being Used

A staple in most bridal bouquets and other wedding florals, Baby’s Breath is being utilized in much more creative ways today and putting a spotlight on these refreshingly delicate, pure, sweet blooms. Here are a few design trends with Baby’s Breath we’re seeing now. 

  • Bunches of only Baby’s Breath placed in simple glass jars as table decor.
  • A bundle of Baby’s Breath wrapped up for a charming and minimalist wedding bouquet. 
  • Sprinkled throughout the hair of brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls.
  • Baby’s Breath blooms are perfect for adding to a boutonnière and a corsage.

Beautiful blooming pink roses and baby's breath decorate the arch for the wedding ceremony. Luxury holiday decorations. Holiday traditions. Plastic chairs. Outdoors in the summer.

  • Tied to wedding chairs or placed in pots to line the wedding aisle. 
  • Suspended from the ceiling or woven into a flower arch.
  • Baby’s Breath is perfect for adding charm and whimsy to a wedding cake.
  • Baby’s Breath used in large quantities to decorate a long table or cascade down a staircase. The immense number of tiny blooms provides a shimmery and fluffy effect that is super cool. 
  • Arranged as a flower backdrop in a variety of colors to create a striking display. 

Flower girl at wedding with bow and baby's breath hair wreath in her hair

Next time you are ready to create your own floral design, take another look at Baby’s Breath and let your imagination go wild – this is one versatile bloom up for the task! 

For all your floral needs, contact Cascade Floral Wholesale for the best quality florals. 

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Popular Types of Roses Used by Florists

Close up of multi colored Circus Roses, yellow with red and orange tips using a soft focus

Roses are the most popular flowers in the world and are loved by gardeners and florists alike. The types of roses you see in a garden, though, may differ from the types of roses seen in a florist shop and vice versa. Out of the thousands of species and varieties of roses, not all of them are suitable for cut flowers to place in an arrangement. Both gardeners and florists look for the same traits in roses, such as gorgeous blooms, drought tolerance, and an aversion to pests and diseases. Florists also look for rose varieties that are colorful and fragrant, hold up well during transport and handling, have long stems, and have a long vase life. If you’re curious about the rose varieties many florists carry, we list them for you below. 

Single long stem rose isolated on white

Long-Stemmed Roses

Long-stem roses are variations of hybrid tea roses and are the most common types of roses sold as cut flowers and used by florists. With stems at least 6 inches long and blooms 5 inches wide, long-stem roses are great for use in bouquets and floral arrangements. 

Long-stemmed roses are usually hybrid-tea types that have long dramatic stems with a single large flower and a pointed, tightly wrapped bud before reaching full bloom. Red long-stemmed roses are mainstays in a florist’s shop where they are typically sold by the dozen. There are also assorted colored long-stemmed roses that came in a wide range of colors, with the more popular ones being yellow, pink, peach, white, and cream. Most long-stemmed roses have very little or no scent.

Miniature red roses bouquet for party or birthday celebrations. Water on rose petals. Pink roses bundle with dew drops on a white background. Bunch of flowers- Valentine's Day gift for women or mother

Sweetheart Roses

“Sweetheart Roses” is a term that refers to any small rose of the hybrid tea type.

Delicate beautiful pink roses from a garden in a glass vase. English Roses,Variety - Princess Alexandra of Kent.

Short-Stem Roses

Beautiful and more fragrant than long-stemmed roses, short-stem roses have few thorns and shorter stems. Due to their shorter stems, this type of rose works better in a mixed arrangement or smaller vase.

From the famous rose breeder David Austin, “old-fashioned” English roses have shorter stems, an abundance of petals, and a lovely, sweet fragrance.

Pink rose flower var. Pastella. Fragrant Floribunda Rose blooms. Medium sized flowers in clusters. Creamy with a Blush of Pale Pink Peach color. Hybrid tea roses in garden


A common long-stemmed variety, the Floribunda rose is a cross between the polyantha and hybrid tea roses. The stems are very long and atop each is a cluster of roses, instead of just one. This is a hardy rose variety with gorgeous blooms that come in many colors and have a long vase life. 

Popular Types of Roses by Color

Beautiful  red Rose Closeup.  A Freedom red Rose photographed with selective focus and natural light.

Red Roses

Freedom Rose – A staple in many florists’ shops and the best-selling rose in the U.S., this striking bloom has the perfect shade of red and a long vase life. 

Close up of multi colored Circus Roses, yellow with red and orange tips using a soft focus

Orange Roses

Circus Rose – A bi-colored rose of red and yellow that takes an orange hue so close to the actual color it’s astounding. The large blossom and stunning color make it an excellent choice for any floral design. 

close up view of Rose Juliet and green plants bouquet

Peach Roses

Juliette by David Austin Roses – A wedding favorite, this voluptuous English rose bloom has a soft yet luminous peach color and a light tea fragrance. 

pink rose in summer garden
pink rose in summer garden

Pink Roses

Sweet Akito – Another favorite wedding rose, its soft, delicate pink color is absolutely beautiful. 

An Image of Rose Cool Water


Cool Water – A lovely and enchanting shade of bright lavender makes this rose variety a real standout. 

Dew on the petals of a white rose. Fresh flowers in a summer cottage


Tibet Rose – A popular white flower found in many florist shops, this rose opens into a beautiful creamy white blossom that lasts a long time. 

For all of your wholesale floral needs, Cascade Wholesale Flowers is your best choice for fresh, quality blooms. 

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The Lovely Carnation – January’s Birth Flower

Pink flower isolated on white background

Scientifically known as “Dianthus caryophyllus,” the carnation has a rich and meaningful history. Delicate, delightful, and durable, carnations are only second the rose in being used in bouquets. “Dianthus” loosely translates to “flower of the gods” or “flower of love.” The carnation is one of the world’s oldest cultivated flowers and has been revered for centuries – all the way back to Ancient Greece and Rome. Beautiful bouquet of carnation flowers isolated on white background

Symbolism of Carnations

In general, the carnation flower signifies love, distinction, and fascination. Different colored carnations also have their own symbolism: 

White carnations = good luck and pure love

Pink carnations = gratitude and a mother’s love

Light red carnations = admiration

Dark red carnations = passionate, deep love

Purple carnations = whimsical, impulsive

Yellow carnations = disappointment, rejection

Bunches of pink carnation flowers different varieties in vases. Lovely Vintage background with flowers. Wallpapers. Clove bunch present for Mothers Day.

Fun Facts About the Carnation

  • Carnations are edible: This popular bloom is often used to decorate desserts and salads. Carnations have also been used for over 400 to flavor wine, beer, and liquor drinks. 
  • Carnations have a long life: Carnations can live up to two years, and they can remain fresh for two weeks after being uprooted. 
  • Carnations come in almost every color: Their natural colors are pinkish-purple, but through selective breeding, carnations can now be found in shades white, orange, red, yellow, blue, and green. 
  • You can change the color of a white carnation: Just place a fresh cut carnation into water that has the food coloring mixture of your choice, and watch the magic happen as the petals absorb the color overnight. 
  • Carnations have medicinal properties: In the past carnations have been used to treat hair loss, skin problems, muscle aches, and mental distress. 
  • Greeks and Romans used carnations in garlands. This is why many people think the word “carnation,” a derivative of the Greek word “coronation,” comes from.
  • Carnations are native to Eurasia: They are not native to Australia but have been grown commercially there since 1954.

Pink flower isolated on white background

Recently, carnations have come to be associated with a mother’s love and are therefore a popular bloom for Mother’s Day. Besides this holiday, though, carnations are popular year-round and a favorite choice of many florists for a variety of different occasions. They are one of the most widely recognized flowers in the world and continue to delight and captivate people with their charm and decorative frilly allure. 

The numerous colors, beauty, and different sentiments these flowers can express are a testament to the power and popularity of this classic beauty. A floral mainstay from antiquity to now, the carnation has proven itself to be a long-lasting flower and worthy contender of the rose. 

For fresh-cut carnations or any of your floral needs, Cascade Floral Wholesale is here for you. 

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Different Types of Greenery to Make Your Bouquet Complete

Green Mix of florals

Oftentimes the greenery used in an arrangement of flowers gets overlooked, taking a back seat to the stars of the show – the beautiful and colorful blooms. But it’s time to show these green accents some love! Yes, they are often supporting characters to the main attraction, but without them, bouquets of flowers just wouldn’t be the same – they would be lacking. 

Greenery is essential to floral arrangements because they provide a soothing, neutral backdrop for the robust flowers to shine. They also do so much more, though, like provide interesting shapes and textures that add to the overall look of the arrangement. Below, we list some of the greenery typically used in flower arranging and why they are so special.   


With long stems lined with glossy leaves in a pretty, mid-tone green, myrtle is a popular choice for many floral designers. Using multiple stems together creates lush, thick foliage that looks great in centerpieces. It’s also a wonderful addition to any decor piece for the home as it exudes a sweet fragrance. Myrtle symbolizes love, luck, and prosperity which is why it is often used in weddings. 


Ivy has unique, triangular-shaped leaves that fall elegantly from the main stem, making it perfect for creating flow and wrapping around headdresses, wreaths, or centerpieces Ivy has a long lifespan making it ideal for holiday decor. Ivy symbolizes fidelity and eternal life. 

Leatherleaf Fern

Thicker and more lush-looking than other types of greenery, the leatherleaf fern branches out to create a wide triangular shape made up of many small leaflets. This particular greenery is great for adding body to a floral arrangement as well as a tropical vibe. During the Victorian era, leatherleaf fern symbolized humility and sincerity. 

Dusty Miller

Dusty miller is unique due to its “frosted”, silvery-pale shade of green. A popular choice in many winter weddings and fall arrangements, dusty miller’s subdued color also pairs well with pastel-colored blooms. The soft and interesting texture of dusty miller help gives bouquets a chic, quiet beauty.

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

So named for its round leaves that look silver dollars, and the silver dollar eucalyptus adds interest and circular shapes to arrangements. With its’ matte, bluish-gray color, it pairs nicely with whites and pastels. The long, thin stems allow for the silver dollar eucalyptus to bend and wrap easily making it ideal for decorating wreaths and centerpieces. 

Spiral Eucalyptus

Spiral eucalyptus has a vertical stem with many, smaller circular leaves growing off of it creating a denser look than the silver dollar eucalyptus. As it grows it changes colors from a greyish-blue to a rich green. Perfect for adding a vertical element as well as a garden look, this greenery pairs well with most flowers and even looks great in a vase on its own. 

Tree Fern

With a tuft of plumage sprouting from its top, tree fern adds a touch of softness, wispiness, and fun to any arrangement. Often used in boutonnieres and corsages, this easy and adaptable greenery also works well in floral arrangements providing texture and allure. 

Try your hand at any of the above beautiful greenery, or additional types of greenery to experiment with. Adding the right type of greenery to a vase of flowers enhances beyond compare. For all DIY floral needs, Cascade Floral Wholesale is here to help. 

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Gender Neutral Flowers for New Moms

Flowers are a great way to welcome someone into the world! Plus, a wonderful gift to the mom who worked hard to get the baby into the world safely. When choosing flowers to send to a new mom or for a baby shower, the traditional pink or blue bouquet to celebrate a girl or boy is fine. However, if the mom is keeping the gender a secret, or if you just want to go for something more unique, then keep reading for inspiration in selecting stunning gender-neutral arrangements or creating one yourself with gender-neutral flowers. 

Gender Neutral Flowers for Baby Shower

If you are hosting a baby shower or looking to send flowers to a soon-to-mom and don’t know the gender of the baby, then use the below guide to select the perfect blooms for stunning decor. 


Bright yellow blooms are full of joy which makes them perfect for events celebrating new babies. Popular yellow flowers include sunflowers, daisies, mums, and roses. A touch of green foliage and white accent flowers make for a lovely, charming, and happy look. 


Orange is a happy warm color that spreads joy. Paired with yellow flowers creates a wonderful and happy atmosphere — a terrific way to celebrate bringing a new life into the world. 

Green Hydrangea


Green represents nature, new beginnings, growth, and energy. It’s the color of life! Besides foliage, there are also green flowers you can put in an arrangement such as carnations, mums, roses, calla lilies, orchids, hydrangea, and zinnia. Green flowers paired with white accent florals are a wonderful delight. 


If you prefer pastel shades, choose peach-colored blooms. Daisies, roses, carnations, ranunculus, lilies, and dahlias are all great options. Peach is a soft color that represents happiness and tenderness and is a great choice for baby showers. 

White Calla Lily


White flowers are beautifully versatile. They can make up an entire bouquet on their own and are excellent for adding to other color-filled bouquets.  The best thing about white flowers is that they can be paired with any other color! They make colorful blooms stand out while at the same time keep the colors from becoming too overwhelming. 

If you’re a DIYer then Cascade Floral Wholesale has color combos perfect for creating stunning gender-neutral arrangements. These combos are super versatile perfect for soon-to-be moms or hosts who want to customize the flowers themselves.

Party planning or picking out the perfect gift can be a little stressful, particularly when it is as special as a baby shower, but choosing flowers doesn’t have to be! Contact Cascade Floral Wholesale for all your floral needs. We are here to help!

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6 Floral Themes for Your Wedding

Starting to plan a wedding can be an overwhelming process, but the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale, are here to help. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of popular wedding themes and the types of flowers used in each so you can choose the one that best fits your style, personality, and vision of your dream wedding. 

Classic Wedding Theme

For a timeless, refined look, go with a classic wedding theme. More formal than most, a classic wedding has clean lines, white florals, and an ambiance that evokes elegant romance. Traditional decor and understated yet sophisticated floral arrangements made up of a single variety contribute to the classic aesthetic. 

Popular flowers for a Classic wedding include white roses, Queen Anne’s lace, Lily of the Valley, and white peonies.

Boho Wedding Theme

Boho weddings have grown in popularity over the past few years and are a trend that’s going to be around for a long time. Casual, comfortable, and incredibly chic define this look.  Typically held outdoors with florals that look as if they’ve just been picked from a nearby garden, the decor is a mish-mash of items that work together beautifully. Common elements include a lounge area with cushions in unique patterns, mismatched bridesmaid dresses, and fresh blooms adorning the cake. 

Popular flowers for a Boho wedding include plenty of wildflowers, daisies, spider mums, sunflowers, freesia, protea, thistle, fern, and ivy.

Glamorous Wedding Theme

If you’re the type of couple who prefer things that are luxurious, lavish, and shiny, then a glam wedding is for you. Rich with sparkly details and extravagant touches, glamourous weddings feature jaw-dropping details like a flower wall or large, gorgeous floral centerpieces. Fine linens, upscale china, and metallics round out the look. 

Popular flowers for a glamourous wedding include roses, dahlias, peonies, lilies, pom pom mums, crocus, hydrangea, and lotus flowers.

Romantic Wedding Theme

A theme that celebrates love, elements of a romantic wedding include soft lighting, candles, airy fabrics, and flowy dresses. A soft color palette with ivory, blush, and pastels keeps the vibe subdued and cozy. Plenty of fresh, flourishing flowers is key to this theme as well as an intimate atmosphere and ethereal details.

Popular flowers for a Romantic wedding include plenty of pastel-colored blooms such as roses, hydrangea, freesia, lisianthus, peonies, ranunculus, and daisies.

Rustic Wedding Theme

With an emphasis on natural textures like wood, stone, organic paper, and farm-to-table fresh food, Rustic weddings are about getting back to nature. Typically held in barns, ranches, or on farms, elements include organic fabrics, lace, wood items, and mixed glassware and plates. Floral centerpieces are made up of flowers that look as if they’ve just been picked from the field. The vibe is quaint and bucolic with a touch of shabby chic. 

Popular flowers for a Rustic wedding include daisies, anemones, ranunculus, black-eyed Susans, Queen Anne’s lace, zinnias, Lily of the Valley, and roses.

Vintage Wedding Theme

Capturing another period of time that’s full of lace, grace, and elegance is what a vintage wedding is all about. This is a style that has Victorian elements with eclectic pieces such as antiques and old, vintage furniture. Featuring lots of lace, beautiful china, candlestick holders, and perhaps family heirloom pieces, floral-covered birdcages, and old lanterns help contribute to the vintage vibe. Venues such as old estates, mansions, or a historic courthouse are perfect for this type of wedding. 

Popular flowers for a Vintage wedding include garden roses, scabiosa, lisianthus, hydrangea, peonies, delphiniums, and dahlias. 

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2021 Floral Trends

When the pandemic hit last year, it forced us to slow down (a lot) which gave us ample time to think about the important things in life such as a good work-life balance, taking care of our mental and physical health, doing more with less, and appreciating the benefits of being in nature. being more in touch with natural beauty that surrounds us.

These things have shaped the floral trends of 2021 where flowers were used to not only bring color and beauty into our lives, but also to brighten our spririts, destress our lives, and connect us with  nature. 

Bulk Wholesale Summer Flowers Combo

Top 7 Floral Trends of 2021

1. Brighter Days

A sunny pop of yellow immediately brightens a room and our spirit. Choosing a bouquet with yellow floras paired with white blooms and some greenery is a classic way to bring warmth and happiness to any room. Also selecting an arrangement with other bright colors in addition to yellow really sings a colorful tune of joy. 

2. Relax and De-Stress

Let the delicate beauty and sweet fragrance of fresh-cut flowers put your thoughts into a wandering and dreamy state. Small and charming wildflowers paired with larger blooms of soft pinks, peaches, and greens are the perfect combination for making worries drop away. Even if for a little while, it’s worth it. 

3. Happiness at Home

Bringing in bright, radiant, fresh, and fragrant blooms into the home is becoming a regular part of modern life. The benefits of the joy, color, and happiness flowers provide make them essential to a cheerful and colorful home. The vitality, charm, and dance of light and colors helps us start each day in high spirits and joyful positivity. 

4. Showcasing Mother Nature

Arrangements that show off the wondrous beauty of Mother Nature are also on trend this year as many of us have spent more time outside instead of in crowded offices. This is reflected in bouquets which have earth tones or brown and green that highlight dramatic and bold blossoms in orange, red and yellow with plenty of greenery. 

5. Daring Jewel-Tones

The ups and down of life are a normal part of living and we can’t enjoy the highs without going through a few lows. Bold and dramatic blooms with rich, deep colors bring passion and boldness which punch through the ordinary by celebrating the extraordinary. Vibrant plums, violets, scarlet, and burgundy blossoms paried with bright greenery is a striking combination that takes our breath away.

Beautiful Flower Arrangement with Succulent

6. White Rules

Simple, elegant, and sophisticated, floral arrangements composed of all white blooms promotes a spiritual peace, purity, and timelessness. A home overflowing with bouquets of white flowers accented with bits of green allows a little oasis to escape to in every day life. Light, airy, and lovely, white bouquets are transcendant. 

7. Quality over Quantity

Following the rule of less is more, there is a focus on not only what is presented, but how it is presented. Desiring unique, handcrafted floral arrangements with blooms thoughtfully placed, sustainably resourced, and of the highest quality are on the rise. Careful attention to detail and a desire for pure style is a trend that comes from people being more aware of their consumption practices and focusing on quality over quantity. This is a trend we hope lasts a while. 


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Tips for Creating Pretty Floral Arrangements

Decorating your home with fresh flowers is perfect for adding instant style and a pleasant refresh that brings beauty, fragrance, and other benefits flowers provide to your life. Plus, it’s easy! All it takes is some gorgeous fresh-cut stems from your florist and a variety of containers. The following tips will get you started in creating your prettiest arrangements ever. 

  1. Select in-season blooms to save money and celebrate that particular time of year. Some varieties, such as orchids and roses, are available all year round. 
  2. Decide on your theme: either a mix of complementary colors and types, shades of one color and different types, or all the same type in a variety of colors or the same color. Select some greenery for color and texture.  Bulk Wholesale Summer Flowers Combo
  3. Before placing a single stem into a vase, cut at least 1/2 an inch off of the bottom at a 45-degree angle. This increases the surface area so the floral can get plenty of water. Re-cutting the stems every 2-3 days will prevent bacteria from growing and make the flowers last longer. 
  4. Choose interesting containers for your flowers such as a teapot, pitcher, mason jar, wine glass, teacup, etc. Smaller vases allow you to display 2 or 3 striking blooms while shallow containers give you a way to display florals with very short stems. (To keep the stems from separating, bind them together with an elastic hairband).
  5. If you want to open closed buds quickly, place them in warm water for about a minute and then in color water. Leave for 15-20 minutes and the flowers will open to their maximum size. 
  6. The best way to preserve your flowers to look fresh for the longest amount of time is to use a commercial flower preservative that florists typically provide. You can also keep your bouquets in the fridge overnight if you have the room. Beautiful Flower Arrangement with Succulent
  7. To keep flowers in place, particularly in shallow vases, make a grid using clear floral tape (or thin strips of transparent Scotch tape). Insert fullest flowers first at an angle to cover the rim/sides of the bowl. Next, fill in the remaining holes with medium-sized flowers, and use the smallest flowers as accent florals to complete the design. 
  8. Place a vase within a vase to hide the stems with pieces of fruit or broad leaves. 
  9. To create a fuller arrangement, use filler flowers. Place them in gaps to create a more lush and full look.
  10. Create an interesting floral tablescape by placing single blooms in vintage glass bottles.
  11. When designing your arrangement, keep in mind balance, which does not necessarily mean everything has to be perfectly symmetrical. Play with different heights, lengths, and volume to create a visually balanced piece. 


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How to Create a Beautiful Flower Arrangement in 7 Steps

Having fresh flowers in the home is a wonderful treat and adds joy to our everyday lives. If you are a DIY person and want to create a beautiful floral arrangement with some fresh cut stems you just picked up, then the experts at Cascade Flowers can help. Below are the top design tips you need to make your own gorgeous arrangement of fresh flowers.  

Bulk Wholesale Summer Flowers Combo

1. Color Contrast

Before selecting the flowers you want to use, think about the color palette of your design. Do you want a monochromatic color scheme or something with a variety of colors? Whichever you decide, you will still some contrasting colors for depth and balance. If you are going monochromatic, choose flowers in various shades of your color. Also, select in-season blooms as they will be cheaper, and don’t forget to pick up a variety of greenery for texture and color.

2. Select Your Container

The size of your arrangement is based on the size of the container. Whether tall or short, your design should be around 1 1/2 times taller than its vessel. 

3. Determine Shape

Think about whether you want your arrangement to symmetrical or asymmetrical. Symmetrical designs are equal in shape on both sides of a center part. This style is used in formal and traditional arrangements. Asymmetrical designs are unequal on either side. This style is seen in more modern and trendy arrangements. 

Georgeous flower Arrangement in Pink and Purple

4. Include Statement Flowers

A statement flower is a necessary component of arrangements. This flower is a large, striking, and showy bloom such are dahlias, peonies, protea, or garden roses. Any bloom that commands attention will do.

5. Incorporate a Variety of Textures

Add interest to your arrangement by mingling together flowers that have different textures. For example, ruffled and frilly versus smooth, shiny versus matte, structured and hard versus soft. 

Beautiful Flower Arrangement with Succulent

6. Think About Movement

The movement of your eye, that it. Your arrangement should have a visual flow where the eye travels from one side to the other, up and down. Create movement by disbursing similar colors, textures, and shapes throughout your arrangement instead of bunching them together.

7. Start with Greenery 

When starting to arrange your flowers, create a base of greenery first, such as fern frogs, ivy, or eucalyptus. Place the stems in the vase and create a shape that resembles an inverted triangle. This will ensure your arrangement will have both a vertical and horizontal presence. Next, add your statement blooms followed by filler flowers. Finish off your piece by adding floaters – delicate smaller blooms that grow in clusters such as baby’s breath, yarrow, and sedum. Lightly mist your bouquet with some water and voila! Your masterpiece is complete. 

To maintain your arrangement, be sure to change the water every day, remove any foliage that dips below the waterline, use flower food, and trim the stems at a 45-degree angle every few days. The more arrangements you create, the better you will get as well as discover your own design techniques and style preferences. Creating beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers for your home is a great hobby to have! For any of your floral needs, Cascade Flowers is here to help.  

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8 Pro Tips for Keeping Your Cut Flowers Looking Great for Longer

You’ve just brought home (or received) a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers, and suddenly realize how much they brighten your mood, your home, and any room in which you place them. They are lovely, fragrant, and exquisite so, naturally, you want to enjoy them for as long as possible. To keep your beautiful blooms bright and lively for as long as possible, follow these guidelines below. 

Flower Vase

8 Pro Tips for Keeping Your Vase of Flowers Looking Fabulous for Longer

1. Choose your blooms wisely

Some flowers are sturdier than others and will last longer once cut. Examples include lilies, ranunculus, and orchids. Also, quality is key – drug-store and grocery-store flowers have had a longer travel distance time and will not be as fresh as stems purchased from a local florist as those stems travel the shortest distance from when they were first cut. 

2. Cut the stems at an angle every few days

Cutting a flower’s stem at around a 45-degree angle increases its surface area which allows it to soak up more water. Cut up to a full inch every few days to prevent bacterial growth and rotting. 

3. Fill the vase with luke-warm water

There’s no need to use filtered water as tap water is perfectly fine. Using warm water instead of cold helps the flower stems more easily absorb the water. 

4. Remove any leaves that fall below the water line

Make sure your vase is about three-quarters full of water. Any leaves submerged in the water should be removed to prevent the growth of bacteria and to keep the vase looking clean. Also, remove any wilting blooms to keep the arrangement looking healthy.

5. Add Flower Food

The packet of flower preservatives that usually comes with your bouquet helps to keep your flowers hydrated and prevents bacterial growth. Be sure to follow the packet instructions carefully to extend the life of your flowers. 

6. Change the water in the vase every couple of days

Keeping the water fresh keeps bacteria at bay. Thoroughly clean the vase and re-cut the stems before adding them back to the vase of clean water. 

7. Keep your bouquet of fresh-cut flowers out of the sun

Don’t display your blooms in a window or sunny spot as the sun will shorten their lifespan. 

8. Keep your floral bouquet far away from fruit

A bowl of fruit on the counter is a great reminder to eat healthy foods and looks nice, but fruit gives off ethylene, an invisible gas that is deadly to fresh-cut flowers. Apples and pears are particularly dangerous as they give off more ethylene than other fruits. 

Blue Chrysanthemums with Green Accents
Blue Chrysanthemums with Green Accents

Don’t just set it and forget it, fresh-cut flowers require daily attention. Just a few minutes of dedicated daily care, and your gorgeous bouquet of flowers can last from a week to a week and a half! And that’s a blooming blessing! For additional tips on flower care or the best types of flowers to have this time of year, feel free to call or visit the Cascade Flowers website.

Shop beautiful blooms now! 

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Floral Design Bars

By now, you and your besties have tried the holiday cookie exchange, makeover nights and the painting-and-wine classes. You’re looking for a fresh spin on the girls’ night out, or a theme for your next event that will bring a flair of inspiration to the group. The newest trend we at Cascade Floral Wholesale are seeing is floral design bars. Bring your closest friends together along with a basic variety of flowers, floral design materials, and a how-to video to follow. Throw in some champagne and brunch-type snacks and you have a fun afternoon of girl time with a great take-away: beautiful floral bouquets and a new skill! 

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Keep Your Flowers Fresh and Pretty Longer

Every florist knows the challenges of creating gorgeous floral arrangements and keeping them fresh for as long as possible. The way you cut, hydrate, style and arrange your blooms all make a difference in how long they will stay fresh and beautiful. Here, the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale offer some of our best florists’ hacks for keeping your floral arrangements looking good as long as possible. Try a few of these tricks the next time you design beautiful floral arrangements for your home or office and see if they don’t create long-lasting blooms you’ll love.

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Discover Tulips

Spring is in the air, and that means we can plan on seeing tulips in gardens, flower shops and throughout homes soon. As soon as the weather warms and the ground thaws, tulips are back in bloom. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we love working with tulips. They have a rich history that dates back to ancient Persia, and they send messages of perfect love to their recipients. Plus they dress up any room in your home, and not just for Easter. Tulips are the quintessential flower of spring and as it approaches, we’re as excited as you are to announce its arrival!

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The Most Romantic Flowers

Bulk Wholesale Summer Flowers Combo

There are so many times in life when flowers express our feelings better than words. While flowers used to carry very specific meanings that were taken seriously in the Victorian era, they haven’t totally lost their significance. In fact, these days many people love attaching deeper meaning and symbolism to gifts and treasures. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we know which flowers express romantic feelings and sentiments best. As Valentine’s Day approaches and wedding season is right around the corner, we want to share with you the best blooms to share with your sweetie.


These classics get their own category because when it comes to romance, roses stand alone. Luscious, fragrant, and timeless, the only real decisions you’ll make are which color and how many. Pinks, reds, and oranges are best for expressing deep love and desire, while white speaks to the purity and yellow embraces friendship. Choose wisely when selecting rose colors, but trust that the roses themselves will communicate your message beautifully.


The bright bursts of color inherent in tulips and lilies bring the cheerfulness of spring into full focus. Send lovely, happy tulips to communicate how happy you are as a new relationship blooms. These bring positive energy and uplifting thoughts. Lilies are a little more serious but no less beautiful. Let white or pink stargazer lilies show your partner how valuable they are to you.



More unique than traditional roses, orchids are among the most exotic flowers we know. Communicate how rare and unique your love is when you send a beautiful stem of orchids in her favorite color. Lilacs are a gorgeous way to express fresh, new love with a bouquet of tumbling purple or magenta blooms. 

pink carnation


A sweet relationship deserves a sweet sentiment, and all three of these flowers deliver! Carnations have often been associated with more introverted types. So if your partner or newfound love seems a bit shy, she might prefer carnations to a more showy bloom. Daisies are the epitome of cheerfulness and will brighten her day, just like she brightens yours. Alstroemeria add a touch of drama while still making a beautiful friendship gift. If you’re enjoying your new friend but hope to take it to another level, these Peruvian lilies just might do the trick. 


Tell your partner how charming and attractive you find them with any shade of ranunculus you like. These rounded, frilly blooms are luscious and extravagant…and available all year round! Maybe this is just part of the reason they’re considered among the favorite flowers chosen for weddings. Camellias add a touch of romance to any setting. Soft and delicate, these natives to Japan and China whisper messages of faithfulness and longevity to all who receive them. 

Sending flowers is often seen as a romantic gesture, but when you send a bouquet of one of these extra-romantic flowers, your message will be clear. Take a moment to consider your partner’s favorite colors and flowers, but also feel free to choose flowers that communicate the special message you want to say. Talk to the professionals at Cascade Floral Wholesale to learn more about the best flowers to send to your special someone the next time you’re feeling a little romantic. 

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5 Easy-to-Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Moving into the New Year often means making a few positive changes in your life. Many people focus on their health, finances or relationships. But have you considered focusing on the plants in your life as a means of self-care? Plants and flowers can be a source of great joy and personal satisfaction, plus sharing the fruits of your labors can be a great way to reinforce relationships. Here, the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale offer some great ideas about how to include plants and flowers in your New Year’s Resolutions. We have ideas that are long-lasting and easy to fulfill from Day 1. 

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Fall In Love with Ranunculus

One of the most mysterious, sultry blooms to be found today is the ranunculus. This beautiful, rose-like bloom is frequently used in bouquets everywhere, from home decorating to wedding bouquets. However, these gorgeous blooms have a rich history, dating back to the 13th century and enjoyed by kings the world over. With a deep, specific meaning, it’s easy to see why ranunculus were sent to communicate strong feelings. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we’re always excited to showcase these amazing blooms. Here are just a few reasons we love ranunculus and think you will too.

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Holiday DIY Decor- Beyond Centerpieces

red flowers, red roses, mixed whole sale flowers and eucalyptus on a table

Decorating for the holidays can be a cheerful, satisfying endeavor that brightens everyone’s spirits during this season. While there’s no end to the creativity and style you can include in your holiday decor, the expense of buying these items can add up quickly. However, making your own beautiful and unique designs is not just less expensive; it’s also fun, easy and so personal that your creations can quickly become holiday family heirlooms. The design experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale have some great DIY decor ideas that you’re sure to love. 

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