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Different Types of Greenery to Make Your Bouquet Complete

Oftentimes the greenery used in an arrangement of flowers gets overlooked, taking a back seat to the stars of the show – the beautiful and colorful blooms. But it’s time to show these green accents some love! Yes, they are often supporting characters to the main attraction, but without them, bouquets of flowers just wouldn’t be the same – they would be lacking. 

Greenery is essential to floral arrangements because they provide a soothing, neutral backdrop for the robust flowers to shine. They also do so much more, though, like provide interesting shapes and textures that add to the overall look of the arrangement. Below, we list some of the greenery typically used in flower arranging and why they are so special.   


With long stems lined with glossy leaves in a pretty, mid-tone green, myrtle is a popular choice for many floral designers. Using multiple stems together creates lush, thick foliage that looks great in centerpieces. It’s also a wonderful addition to any decor piece for the home as it exudes a sweet fragrance. Myrtle symbolizes love, luck, and prosperity which is why it is often used in weddings. 


Ivy has unique, triangular-shaped leaves that fall elegantly from the main stem, making it perfect for creating flow and wrapping around headdresses, wreaths, or centerpieces Ivy has a long lifespan making it ideal for holiday decor. Ivy symbolizes fidelity and eternal life. 

Leatherleaf Fern

Thicker and more lush-looking than other types of greenery, the leatherleaf fern branches out to create a wide triangular shape made up of many small leaflets. This particular greenery is great for adding body to a floral arrangement as well as a tropical vibe. During the Victorian era, leatherleaf fern symbolized humility and sincerity. 

Dusty Miller

Dusty miller is unique due to its “frosted”, silvery-pale shade of green. A popular choice in many winter weddings and fall arrangements, dusty miller’s subdued color also pairs well with pastel-colored blooms. The soft and interesting texture of dusty miller help gives bouquets a chic, quiet beauty.

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

So named for its round leaves that look silver dollars, and the silver dollar eucalyptus adds interest and circular shapes to arrangements. With its’ matte, bluish-gray color, it pairs nicely with whites and pastels. The long, thin stems allow for the silver dollar eucalyptus to bend and wrap easily making it ideal for decorating wreaths and centerpieces. 

Spiral Eucalyptus

Spiral eucalyptus has a vertical stem with many, smaller circular leaves growing off of it creating a denser look than the silver dollar eucalyptus. As it grows it changes colors from a greyish-blue to a rich green. Perfect for adding a vertical element as well as a garden look, this greenery pairs well with most flowers and even looks great in a vase on its own. 

Tree Fern

With a tuft of plumage sprouting from its top, tree fern adds a touch of softness, wispiness, and fun to any arrangement. Often used in boutonnieres and corsages, this easy and adaptable greenery also works well in floral arrangements providing texture and allure. 

Try your hand at any of the above beautiful greenery, or additional types of greenery to experiment with. Adding the right type of greenery to a vase of flowers enhances beyond compare. For all DIY floral needs, Cascade Floral Wholesale is here to help.