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8 Pro Tips for Keeping Your Cut Flowers Looking Great for Longer

You’ve just brought home (or received) a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers, and suddenly realize how much they brighten your mood, your home, and any room in which you place them. They are lovely, fragrant, and exquisite so, naturally, you want to enjoy them for as long as possible. To keep your beautiful blooms bright and lively for as long as possible, follow these guidelines below. 

Flower Vase

8 Pro Tips for Keeping Your Vase of Flowers Looking Fabulous for Longer

1. Choose your blooms wisely

Some flowers are sturdier than others and will last longer once cut. Examples include lilies, ranunculus, and orchids. Also, quality is key – drug-store and grocery-store flowers have had a longer travel distance time and will not be as fresh as stems purchased from a local florist as those stems travel the shortest distance from when they were first cut. 

2. Cut the stems at an angle every few days

Cutting a flower’s stem at around a 45-degree angle increases its surface area which allows it to soak up more water. Cut up to a full inch every few days to prevent bacterial growth and rotting. 

3. Fill the vase with luke-warm water

There’s no need to use filtered water as tap water is perfectly fine. Using warm water instead of cold helps the flower stems more easily absorb the water. 

4. Remove any leaves that fall below the water line

Make sure your vase is about three-quarters full of water. Any leaves submerged in the water should be removed to prevent the growth of bacteria and to keep the vase looking clean. Also, remove any wilting blooms to keep the arrangement looking healthy.

5. Add Flower Food

The packet of flower preservatives that usually comes with your bouquet helps to keep your flowers hydrated and prevents bacterial growth. Be sure to follow the packet instructions carefully to extend the life of your flowers. 

6. Change the water in the vase every couple of days

Keeping the water fresh keeps bacteria at bay. Thoroughly clean the vase and re-cut the stems before adding them back to the vase of clean water. 

7. Keep your bouquet of fresh-cut flowers out of the sun

Don’t display your blooms in a window or sunny spot as the sun will shorten their lifespan. 

8. Keep your floral bouquet far away from fruit

A bowl of fruit on the counter is a great reminder to eat healthy foods and looks nice, but fruit gives off ethylene, an invisible gas that is deadly to fresh-cut flowers. Apples and pears are particularly dangerous as they give off more ethylene than other fruits. 

Blue Chrysanthemums with Green Accents
Blue Chrysanthemums with Green Accents

Don’t just set it and forget it, fresh-cut flowers require daily attention. Just a few minutes of dedicated daily care, and your gorgeous bouquet of flowers can last from a week to a week and a half! And that’s a blooming blessing! For additional tips on flower care or the best types of flowers to have this time of year, feel free to call or visit the Cascade Flowers website.

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