Make Your Summer Blooms Last All Season

Summer is here and bright, colorful blooms are exactly what we’re all looking for! Bold colors, big, showy flower heads and plenty of fresh green foliage comprise some of the best summer bouquets. When you use flower varieties that are long-lasting, your summer bouquets can take on even more substance. With the wild and free […]


Types of Flowers to Send if You Want to Lift Someone’s Spirits

In these uncertain times when people are stuck at home, in the hospital or nursing homes, sending flowers is a special way to connect and let loved ones know you’re thinking about them. Not only is it proven that receiving flowers makes us feel good, it’s also a great way to communicate a specific message. […]


Make Homemade Gifts for Mother’s Day

One thing all moms tend to have in common when it comes to gifts: homemade is best. Moms love gifts from the heart, so this Mother’s Day, Cascade Floral Wholesale has put together some fabulous Do-It-Yourself gift ideas for moms. Simple enough for even the craft-challenged and too cute to pass up, you’ll love creating […]


All About the Delightful Daisy

Spring is finally here and its arrival is never more prevalent than when we start to see daisies popping up everywhere! These bright, cheerful blooms are the quintessential symbol that spring has arrived, but they also symbolize a rich history worldwide. Hailed as the oldest known flower in recorded history, there is evidence that the […]


Choosing the Right Types of Flowers for Gifting to Anyone

Flowers convey a variety of emotions and are proven to lift spirits and brighten the recipient’s day. But what types of flowers should you send to which people? The floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale have some great suggestions about what to send to whom and how to make sure you’re celebrating special moments with […]


Tips for DIY Wedding Bouquets

Creating your own wedding bouquet can be a daunting thought, but it doesn’t have to be! With a few simple tips to keep in mind, you can create a beautiful bouquet that reflects the beauty of your special day. What a great way to add your own special touch to your ceremony while saving quite […]


Green Flowers for St. Patrick’s Day Arrangements

Any occasion is a good reason to send flowers to your favorite someone, but at Cascade Floral Wholesale, we love using good holidays as great excuses to send unusual, surprising and unique designs. With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, create something intriguing that your customers will love to send to their friends and family for good […]


How to Choose Long-Lasting Blooms

Whether you’re a professional floral designer or just love creating your own arrangements, it’s important to know which flowers will last the longest when cut. Long-lasting flowers will anchor your design and give it substance and longevity, even when more delicate blooms have faded. The floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale have compiled a list […]


How to Decorate with February’s Favorite Flowers

Just because the temperature outside is still frigid and you haven’t seen the first buds of spring quite yet, there’s no reason to avoid decorating with flowers throughout your home anyway. Adding flowers to your home’s decor in the dead of winter is the fastest way to brighten any room with cheerful, natural color. While […]


How to Use the Wax Flower in Floral Design

Wax Flower is an attractive addition to any bouquet, floral arrangement, or creative floral design. Bringing a fresh lemony scent and a flexible texture, this industrious little bloom is extremely easy to work with, making it a favorite among floral designers. With a relatively new and exotic history, wax flower’s symbolism and meaning make it […]


Choose Vintage Composite and Classic Biedermeier Bouquets for your Wedding

Choosing your wedding bouquet can be a tough decision. While you want everything to be perfect, you may also be striving for a signature look, something unique or a design that encompasses your history together. For bringing a historical touch to your special day, the floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale recommend choosing a composite […]


Create Your Own Potpourri

We all love being surrounded by fresh natural fragrances, and studies have proven that this can even be good for our health and well-being. Potpourri comprised of dried flowers, herbs, fruits, berries, and other accents, infused with essential oils, is a great way to bring the naturally uplifting freshness of the garden into your home, […]


3 Reasons Why Amnesia Roses and Garden Roses Will Be Everywhere This Year

Everyone loves roses and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. With sweet-smelling aromas, beautiful, stately petal designs, and classic meanings behind their colors, roses have been adored for centuries. These garden beauties have been praised in literature, art, and poetry for thousands of years, playing major roles in medicine, perfume, home decor, music, […]


Check Out the Floral Trends for 2020!

As we usher in a new year and new decade, we look ahead at what sort of trends our industry can expect this year. The changes we’ll see in style, color and purpose will bring a fresh new approach to how we include flowers in our celebrations and day-to-day life. The floral experts at Cascade […]


Use Berries to Add Dimension and Intrigue to Your Holiday Bouquets

As the holidays approach, you’ll want to design bouquets, centerpieces, and wreaths that reflect the joy and magic of the season. A gorgeous holiday display can be designed easily when you include special seasonal accents in your bouquets. Not only will berries, pinecones or branches of wintergreens give your piece a holiday update, they also […]


The 10 Fundamentals of Flower Arranging

Floral arrangement consists of selecting flowers and foliage to create beautiful and delightful designs. It’s an artistic activity that offers a way to express oneself creatively. It is also an art form in which there are fundamental design elements that are used to create a pleasing outcome. To help you create gorgeous and gratifying flower […]


Top 10 Ways to Add Texture to a Floral Arrangement

Designing floral arrangements to convey particular sentiments is essential to the process. Floral designs can be happy, somber, festive, or sophisticated, depending on what combinations you choose. But one element that will always bring a unique effect to your floral designs is texture. Adding soft or bold accents, smooth lines or rough edges, or even […]


The Hardiest Winter Plants & Flowers by Region

While it may be true that many plants and flowers take their leave of us once the cooler temperatures of autumn arrive, there are still plenty of varieties that will not only survive, but thrive throughout winter and into early spring. The floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale have broken down some of these beauties by […]


Be Prepared with Appropriate Sympathy Flowers

Creating beautiful, lasting sympathy arrangements is a big part of our jobs. When a family is grieving, it’s important they receive beautiful, tasteful flowers that comfort and provide peace. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we’ve developed some strategic categories to keep in mind when preparing your sympathy designs. You’ll want to be ready at a moment’s […]


Gather Your Fall Centerpiece Materials

As the holidays approach, it will be important to have materials on hand for creating stunning holiday centerpieces. Your customers will be excited to showcase inventive and eclectic looks on their fall table, so be prepared by having a wide range of items at the ready when the orders come in. While it’s important to […]