Top 10 Ways to Add Texture to a Floral Arrangement

Designing floral arrangements to convey particular sentiments is essential to the process. Floral designs can be happy, somber, festive, or sophisticated, depending on what combinations you choose. But one element that will always bring a unique effect to your floral designs is texture. Adding soft or bold accents, smooth lines or rough edges, or even […]


The Hardiest Winter Plants & Flowers by Region

While it may be true that many plants and flowers take their leave of us once the cooler temperatures of autumn arrive, there are still plenty of varieties that will not only survive, but thrive throughout winter and into early spring. The floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale have broken down some of these beauties by […]


Be Prepared with Appropriate Sympathy Flowers

Creating beautiful, lasting sympathy arrangements is a big part of our jobs. When a family is grieving, it’s important they receive beautiful, tasteful flowers that comfort and provide peace. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we’ve developed some strategic categories to keep in mind when preparing your sympathy designs. You’ll want to be ready at a moment’s […]


Gather Your Fall Centerpiece Materials

As the holidays approach, it will be important to have materials on hand for creating stunning holiday centerpieces. Your customers will be excited to showcase inventive and eclectic looks on their fall table, so be prepared by having a wide range of items at the ready when the orders come in. While it’s important to […]


Harness The Emotional Benefits of Flowers

Sending and receiving flowers can make anyone feel good. It’s a simple gesture that’s been woven into the fabric of society for centuries. Recently, studies have been conducted regarding the psychological effects of sending, receiving or being surrounded by flowers and the results are just what we’ve always known: Flowers make your day! The floral […]


Help Your Customers Do It Themselves with Fall Blends

Fall is such a fun time for color, texture, and decorations. For your more crafty floral customers, this is also a great season for creating something new. Homemade decorations that reflect the holiday spirit are more special because they’re imbued with a unique sense of nostalgia. The expert designers at Cascade Floral Wholesale have a […]


Filling In The Spaces

Filler plays an important role in any gorgeous floral bouquet. Much like the backstage crew of a stage performance, if filler is obvious, it’s not doing its job. But without it, the stars of the show simply couldn’t shine. Filler plants and foliage have a big job and it’s important to get it right. These […]


Enjoy the Splendor of Fall Chrysanthemums

The beauty of chrysanthemums in the fall is amazing to behold. We’re stunned and awed by the multitude of colors and textures we find every year. This season, we’re excited for your to feature chrysanthemums as one of your favorite fall flowers throughout the season. Not only are they easy to grow, even in cooler […]


Fall Blooms Offer Gorgeous Style

Fall is upon us and ready to bloom into full color. Fans of these deep, rich colors and textures will be looking for gorgeous sunflowers, dahlias, and of course, mums. Whether your customers are looking for rustic fall texture or bright fall jewel-tones, be sure to delight their senses with the wide variety of colors […]


Extend Summer With Summer Flowers

The arrival of August tends to signify the close of summer. Campers return home, vacations are over, and kids begin to prepare for the coming school year. However, even though It may be August, in many areas around the nation there is still plenty of summertime to go around (or at least we’d like to […]


Tropical Flowers For A Vacay Vibe

Summertime is the perfect season for stocking extra tropical flowers. From destination beach weddings and family photos to fun vacations, there are plenty of reasons to include tropical blooms in your summer collection. That’s why the floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale suggest offering and promoting a Tropical Flowers collection during this season. You’ll find […]


DIY… Or With A Friend!

Now that summer is in full swing, parents everywhere are looking for ways to keep kids of all ages busy throughout the long summer days. For a few fun craft ideas that everyone will love, Cascade Floral Wholesale offers some great tips and tricks. With a little bit of planning and a few supplies, you […]


Blue Hues in Weddings

Something Old,  Something New,  Something Borrowed,  Something Blue….   Maybe it’s their favorite color, or maybe there’s a significant meaning between the couple. Or possibly, this bride isn’t going to skip the traditions that have served women before her for centuries. Regardless of the reason, a touch of blue in a wedding ceremony brings a delightfully […]


Wedding Plants and Succulents

Wedding foliage is traditionally full of blooming, cut flowers, usually in season at the time of the nuptials. However, a new trend is emerging that will entice many brides to rethink wedding flowers. Including varieties of plants and succulents in the wedding ceremony and reception is becoming a trend that may not end anytime soon. […]


Freshen Your Summer Garden With Blooming Plants

Summertime is a perfect opportunity to begin or grow a garden! Warmer weather and longer days lend themselves to being outdoors. So, planting new varieties in the garden or starting a garden from scratch are great excuses to get outside. Some seasoned gardeners may be looking for new and interesting additions to their gardens. On […]


Spotlight on Summertime Brights

Cascade Floral Wholesale is excited to welcome summer, with its rich variety of colorful blooms, fresh greens, and festive displays. We know that summer brings a whole host of occasions that call for a floral bounty, from weddings to patriotic events to family reunions and more. In that spirit, we’re showcasing our best and brightest […]


DIY Graduation Centerpieces

So you’ve got a grad in the family? Congratulations are in order. Show your true colors by designing your very own school-spirit centerpiece, perfect for a graduation party or dinner. Here at Cascade Floral Wholesale, we’ve got plenty of flower combinations to choose from that will provide all you need to create a celebratory centerpiece […]


A Guide To Our Best Greens

What makes a bouquet a bouquet? A centerpiece a centerpiece? You’ll be tempted to answer “flowers,” but that’s only half the story. Every floral design, from wreaths to hanging installations, relies on greenery to bring the entire piece to life. Greenery provides a foundation to flowers, as well as contrast, texture, and that enthralling color, […]


How To Handcraft A Bouquet For Mom

Step aside, brides. There’s a new bouquet in town.  When’s the last time you handed over a hand-wrapped bouquet of flowers, specifically designed to be gathered up in one’s arms, its beauty breathed in, its fragrance fawned over? Chances are, it’s probably been a minute. And while it’s de rigueur to offer mom a pretty […]


Garden Roses For The Fairest Of Weddings

Is there anything more romantic than a delicate, ruffled, delightfully fragranced garden rose? We here at Cascade Floral Wholesale think not.  You could argue that any rose (every rose) is special, and yet, there’s something a little more rarefied and precious about the ones that belong to the category of “garden.” These beauties have been […]