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2021 Floral Trends

When the pandemic hit last year, it forced us to slow down (a lot) which gave us ample time to think about the important things in life such as a good work-life balance, taking care of our mental and physical health, doing more with less, and appreciating the benefits of being in nature. being more in touch with natural beauty that surrounds us.

These things have shaped the floral trends of 2021 where flowers were used to not only bring color and beauty into our lives, but also to brighten our spririts, destress our lives, and connect us with  nature. 

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Top 7 Floral Trends of 2021

1. Brighter Days

A sunny pop of yellow immediately brightens a room and our spirit. Choosing a bouquet with yellow floras paired with white blooms and some greenery is a classic way to bring warmth and happiness to any room. Also selecting an arrangement with other bright colors in addition to yellow really sings a colorful tune of joy. 

2. Relax and De-Stress

Let the delicate beauty and sweet fragrance of fresh-cut flowers put your thoughts into a wandering and dreamy state. Small and charming wildflowers paired with larger blooms of soft pinks, peaches, and greens are the perfect combination for making worries drop away. Even if for a little while, it’s worth it. 

3. Happiness at Home

Bringing in bright, radiant, fresh, and fragrant blooms into the home is becoming a regular part of modern life. The benefits of the joy, color, and happiness flowers provide make them essential to a cheerful and colorful home. The vitality, charm, and dance of light and colors helps us start each day in high spirits and joyful positivity. 

4. Showcasing Mother Nature

Arrangements that show off the wondrous beauty of Mother Nature are also on trend this year as many of us have spent more time outside instead of in crowded offices. This is reflected in bouquets which have earth tones or brown and green that highlight dramatic and bold blossoms in orange, red and yellow with plenty of greenery. 

5. Daring Jewel-Tones

The ups and down of life are a normal part of living and we can’t enjoy the highs without going through a few lows. Bold and dramatic blooms with rich, deep colors bring passion and boldness which punch through the ordinary by celebrating the extraordinary. Vibrant plums, violets, scarlet, and burgundy blossoms paried with bright greenery is a striking combination that takes our breath away.

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6. White Rules

Simple, elegant, and sophisticated, floral arrangements composed of all white blooms promotes a spiritual peace, purity, and timelessness. A home overflowing with bouquets of white flowers accented with bits of green allows a little oasis to escape to in every day life. Light, airy, and lovely, white bouquets are transcendant. 

7. Quality over Quantity

Following the rule of less is more, there is a focus on not only what is presented, but how it is presented. Desiring unique, handcrafted floral arrangements with blooms thoughtfully placed, sustainably resourced, and of the highest quality are on the rise. Careful attention to detail and a desire for pure style is a trend that comes from people being more aware of their consumption practices and focusing on quality over quantity. This is a trend we hope lasts a while.