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Tips for Creating Pretty Floral Arrangements

Decorating your home with fresh flowers is perfect for adding instant style and a pleasant refresh that brings beauty, fragrance, and other benefits flowers provide to your life. Plus, it’s easy! All it takes is some gorgeous fresh-cut stems from your florist and a variety of containers. The following tips will get you started in creating your prettiest arrangements ever. 

  1. Select in-season blooms to save money and celebrate that particular time of year. Some varieties, such as orchids and roses, are available all year round. 
  2. Decide on your theme: either a mix of complementary colors and types, shades of one color and different types, or all the same type in a variety of colors or the same color. Select some greenery for color and texture.  Bulk Wholesale Summer Flowers Combo
  3. Before placing a single stem into a vase, cut at least 1/2 an inch off of the bottom at a 45-degree angle. This increases the surface area so the floral can get plenty of water. Re-cutting the stems every 2-3 days will prevent bacteria from growing and make the flowers last longer. 
  4. Choose interesting containers for your flowers such as a teapot, pitcher, mason jar, wine glass, teacup, etc. Smaller vases allow you to display 2 or 3 striking blooms while shallow containers give you a way to display florals with very short stems. (To keep the stems from separating, bind them together with an elastic hairband).
  5. If you want to open closed buds quickly, place them in warm water for about a minute and then in color water. Leave for 15-20 minutes and the flowers will open to their maximum size. 
  6. The best way to preserve your flowers to look fresh for the longest amount of time is to use a commercial flower preservative that florists typically provide. You can also keep your bouquets in the fridge overnight if you have the room. Beautiful Flower Arrangement with Succulent
  7. To keep flowers in place, particularly in shallow vases, make a grid using clear floral tape (or thin strips of transparent Scotch tape). Insert fullest flowers first at an angle to cover the rim/sides of the bowl. Next, fill in the remaining holes with medium-sized flowers, and use the smallest flowers as accent florals to complete the design. 
  8. Place a vase within a vase to hide the stems with pieces of fruit or broad leaves. 
  9. To create a fuller arrangement, use filler flowers. Place them in gaps to create a more lush and full look.
  10. Create an interesting floral tablescape by placing single blooms in vintage glass bottles.
  11. When designing your arrangement, keep in mind balance, which does not necessarily mean everything has to be perfectly symmetrical. Play with different heights, lengths, and volume to create a visually balanced piece.