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Discover Tulips

Spring is in the air, and that means we can plan on seeing tulips in gardens, flower shops and throughout homes soon. As soon as the weather warms and the ground thaws, tulips are back in bloom. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we love working with tulips. They have a rich history that dates back to ancient Persia, and they send messages of perfect love to their recipients. Plus they dress up any room in your home, and not just for Easter. Tulips are the quintessential flower of spring and as it approaches, we’re as excited as you are to announce its arrival!

The History of Tulips

While we all associate tulips nowadays with the modern Dutch tulips of the Netherlands, they’ve been around much longer than that. These beautiful blooms with clean lines and smooth curves are known to be the subject of much of the art, fashion, and decor in ancient Persia and Turkey. In fact, the tulip gets its name from Europeans mistakenly calling it by the word for “turban.” This is due to the fact that gentlemen often used a stem of these beautiful flowers to adorn their turbans in Turkish and Persian cultures. 

What You Mean When You Send Tulips

The traditional meaning behind tulips is simple: perfect love. Much like roses, tulips can come in an array of colors, each one carrying a more precise meaning. Of course, red stands for love, and purple often represents royalty, while yellow has evolved over time from meaning hopeless love to cheerfulness. White tulips are sent to communicate forgiveness or worthiness, and the amazing variegated blossoms represent beautiful eyes. Since tulips are one of the most recognized and beloved blooms worldwide, they make a beautiful gift when you don’t know what else to send. Like a comfortable pair of shoes or the smell of apple pie baking, tulips bring a familiarity, comfort, and cheerfulness everyone loves. 

The Best Ways to Display Tulips 

No matter where you place tulips in your home, you’re bound to give that space a facelift. Tulips exude warmth and cheerfulness, with a helping of springtime sunshine on the side. Choose colors that match your decor when decorating with these fabulous blooms. Since they stand alone beautifully, consider using clear glass vases to showcase their healthy green stems. Individual blooms in smaller glass containers are just as gorgeous as an entire bouquet of tulips. Because tulips are so stylish and fresh, they make beautiful wedding bouquet flowers as well. These fabulous flowers are so versatile that they can be handheld, center stage on reception tables, or planted in pots near the ground at a wedding ceremony. 

No matter where you place, hold, carry or send tulips, you’re sure to see smiles all around. The simple, straightforward beauty of tulips leaves everyone a bit happier and filled with joy. For more great ways to incorporate tulips into your spring this year, talk to the floral designers at Cascade Floral Wholesale. We’ll be happy to tell you all about our Dutch tulips and share our favorite ideas with you. Brighten your spring all season long with these gorgeous flowers!