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Holiday DIY Decor- Beyond Centerpieces

Decorating for the holidays can be a cheerful, satisfying endeavor that brightens everyone’s spirits during this season. While there’s no end to the creativity and style you can include in your holiday decor, the expense of buying these items can add up quickly. However, making your own beautiful and unique designs is not just less expensive; it’s also fun, easy and so personal that your creations can quickly become holiday family heirlooms. The design experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale have some great DIY decor ideas that you’re sure to love. 

Outdoor Planters

To brighten your front porch, back deck or walkway, discover the joy of designing your own holiday planter. With the right materials, you can create a new look every year, or re-create your favorite styles year after year. You’ll want to choose the size and style of planter first. Will you use a marble or ceramic topiary stand, or a rustic wooden or galvanized metal bucket? Next, choose your materials. Poinsettias bring a traditional beauty to your design, while surprising elements like birch, fir branches or eucalyptus can create a surprisingly texture-rich statement piece. Finally, choose non-foliage items to include in your design. Holiday ornaments, lanterns, and ribbons can enhance the look your going for and showcase your style beautifully.

Homemade Wreaths

If your home’s facade still needs some holiday curb appeal, a holiday wreath on the front door or hanging in the windows will create an instant upgrade. Start with a simple craft-store wreath hoop in the size that suits your home’s size and style. Then choose the materials you want to use for the design you’ll love. Magnolia leaves, wide, waxy and deep green, make a fantastic holiday wreath when coupled with other holiday accent pieces like berries, tinsel and ribbon. A strip of burlap fabric wrapped loosely and peppered with sprigs of holly can present a festively rustic holiday look. A unique and surprisingly beautiful wreath can be designed with your favorite dried flowers and foliage as well. Since the floral hue tends to darken as flowers dry, deep burgundies, golds and browns make outstanding holiday wreaths. Finally, off-beat materials like pinecones, dried fruit, nuts, or even marshmallows can create fun and unusual designs you’ll love.

Unique Self-Made Details

Along with the typical garlands and centerpieces that many homes boast during the holidays, you can create unique DIY ornaments and decor for your home or to give as gifts. Mason jars can be spray painted red or green with Christmas tree cutouts taped to the side, then removed with the paint dries for an inverted painted jar. Potted cactus decorated with lights make a simple but fun alternative to the traditional Christmas tree. Create holiday wall hangings in the shape of Christmas trees from scrabble pieces (bonus points for spelling out holiday words!) or favorite items like golf balls. Or turn vintage tin holiday cookie cutters into ornaments by adding ribbons, beads and sprigs of holly with a bit of craft glue. The possibilities are endless and will result in holiday keepsakes you’ll reuse for years. 

Make the most of your holiday decorating this year when you design some of your items yourself. Make a day of decorating with friends and family and treasure the memories you create along with your actual designs. Be inspired to use your imagination and find beauty in the final results. For more fun crafting and DIY ideas this holiday season, talk to the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale. We’re here to help you design a gorgeous holiday home this year!