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Upgrade Your Patio with Container Planters

Making a container garden is a simple and easy way to incorporate beautiful plants and flowers in your limited space. Whether you’re decorating a front porch, back lanai, or small indoor apartment space, you can absolutely have beautiful greenery and colorful flowers all around you. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we have everything you need to create container gardens of various sizes, shapes and colors. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when designing your own balanced container garden. 

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How to Create a Meditation Garden

For thousands of years and in many different cultures around the world, the practice of meditation has been used to promote peace, still the mind and soul, and find balance. And who doesn’t need a bit of peace and balance these days? At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we have many of the materials you’ll need to design your own meditation garden, either within your home or outdoors. Having the right surroundings for meditative practice is not required, but certainly helps to bring your senses into alignment with your meditative state. Here are a few pointers for getting started and to inspire you as you create your own meditation garden.

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5 Easy-to-Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Moving into the New Year often means making a few positive changes in your life. Many people focus on their health, finances or relationships. But have you considered focusing on the plants in your life as a means of self-care? Plants and flowers can be a source of great joy and personal satisfaction, plus sharing the fruits of your labors can be a great way to reinforce relationships. Here, the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale offer some great ideas about how to include plants and flowers in your New Year’s Resolutions. We have ideas that are long-lasting and easy to fulfill from Day 1. 

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Green Flowers for St. Patrick’s Day Arrangements

Green Mix of florals

Any occasion is a good reason to send flowers to your favorite someone, but at Cascade Floral Wholesale, we love using good holidays as great excuses to send unusual, surprising and unique designs. With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, create something intriguing that your customers will love to send to their friends and family for good luck. Who knows- they may even choose a few designs for themselves! Here are some of our favorite blooms that happen to come in green. 

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How to Decorate with February’s Favorite Flowers

Just because the temperature outside is still frigid and you haven’t seen the first buds of spring quite yet, there’s no reason to avoid decorating with flowers throughout your home anyway. Adding flowers to your home’s decor in the dead of winter is the fastest way to brighten any room with cheerful, natural color. While spring may not have arrived quite yet, there are still plenty of great flowers ready for display in the month of February. The floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale have an abundance of these varieties to share with you. Here are some great decorating tips to pass on to your winter customers. 

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Check Out the Floral Trends for 2020!

As we usher in a new year and new decade, we look ahead at what sort of trends our industry can expect this year. The changes we’ll see in style, color and purpose will bring a fresh new approach to how we include flowers in our celebrations and day-to-day life. The floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale are anticipating some exciting changes that we hope you’ll love as much as we do! Get ready to exercise your creative muscles because this year is going to be full of dramatic updates to traditional arrangements. 

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Use Berries to Add Dimension and Intrigue to Your Holiday Bouquets

As the holidays approach, you’ll want to design bouquets, centerpieces, and wreaths that reflect the joy and magic of the season. A gorgeous holiday display can be designed easily when you include special seasonal accents in your bouquets. Not only will berries, pinecones or branches of wintergreens give your piece a holiday update, they also add rich texture that’s visually pleasing. Use accent pieces to complete the shape of your design or to create visual intrigue in three dimensions. The floral experts at Cascade Wholesale Florist are eager to share some of our favorite holiday accents that will make your designs unique and intriguing to every customer. 

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Top 10 Ways to Add Texture to a Floral Arrangement

Cascade Arranging Bouquet

Designing floral arrangements to convey particular sentiments is essential to the process. Floral designs can be happy, somber, festive, or sophisticated, depending on what combinations you choose. But one element that will always bring a unique effect to your floral designs is texture. Adding soft or bold accents, smooth lines or rough edges, or even non-organic textural pieces will change the look of your design drastically. The floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale created a list of the 10 best elements to include in your floral arrangement to add texture your unique design. 

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The Hardiest Winter Plants & Flowers by Region

While it may be true that many plants and flowers take their leave of us once the cooler temperatures of autumn arrive, there are still plenty of varieties that will not only survive, but thrive throughout winter and into early spring. The floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale have broken down some of these beauties by region of the country. It’s also important to match the zone in which you live to those recommended for each type of flower. 

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Help Your Customers Do It Themselves with Fall Blends

Fall is such a fun time for color, texture, and decorations. For your more crafty floral customers, this is also a great season for creating something new. Homemade decorations that reflect the holiday spirit are more special because they’re imbued with a unique sense of nostalgia. The expert designers at Cascade Floral Wholesale have a few crafty ideas up their sleeves to help DIY-ers create fabulous fall decorations this year, along with all the flowers, berries, foliage, and plants you need to get started.

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Filling In The Spaces

Filler plays an important role in any gorgeous floral bouquet. Much like the backstage crew of a stage performance, if filler is obvious, it’s not doing its job. But without it, the stars of the show simply couldn’t shine. Filler plants and foliage have a big job and it’s important to get it right. These lush, leafy green plants create a backdrop for bright, colorful flowers to pop, enhancing their appearance and bringing their vibrant color into focus. Certain types of filler can make or break your arrangements, though. So Cascade Wholesale Florist is here to walk you through choosing the best filler for different types of arrangements. 

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Enjoy the Splendor of Fall Chrysanthemums

The beauty of chrysanthemums in the fall is amazing to behold. We’re stunned and awed by the multitude of colors and textures we find every year. This season, we’re excited for your to feature chrysanthemums as one of your favorite fall flowers throughout the season. Not only are they easy to grow, even in cooler months, but mums symbolize some beautiful sentiments, making them great gifts or additions to your fall designs. You may even want to keep a few for yourself as you decorate for fall. So, the floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale are happy to include a few fun facts and tips about planting, giving, and decorating with fall mums. 

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Fall Blooms Offer Gorgeous Style

Fall is upon us and ready to bloom into full color. Fans of these deep, rich colors and textures will be looking for gorgeous sunflowers, dahlias, and of course, mums. Whether your customers are looking for rustic fall texture or bright fall jewel-tones, be sure to delight their senses with the wide variety of colors and blooms fall has to offer. Cascade Floral Wholesale is proud to offer a wide range of fall varieties, perfect for endless combinations of autumn design. 

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Wedding Plants and Succulents

Wedding foliage is traditionally full of blooming, cut flowers, usually in season at the time of the nuptials. However, a new trend is emerging that will entice many brides to rethink wedding flowers. Including varieties of plants and succulents in the wedding ceremony and reception is becoming a trend that may not end anytime soon. There are plenty of reasons to feature plants in your wedding ceremony, and Cascade Floral Wholesale is ready to help you find the perfect combination. 

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Freshen Your Summer Garden With Blooming Plants

Summertime is a perfect opportunity to begin or grow a garden! Warmer weather and longer days lend themselves to being outdoors. So, planting new varieties in the garden or starting a garden from scratch are great excuses to get outside. Some seasoned gardeners may be looking for new and interesting additions to their gardens. On the other hand, those just starting a garden may need something that’s easy to care for and grows quickly. Cascade Floral Wholesale wants to make you ready for the endless possibilities gardens bring with gorgeous blooming plants. Since they’re easy to grow and quick to show beautiful flowers, these designs are often long lasting, easy to care for, and make lush, beautiful additions to a gardenscape.

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A Guide To Our Best Greens

What makes a bouquet a bouquet? A centerpiece a centerpiece? You’ll be tempted to answer “flowers,” but that’s only half the story. Every floral design, from wreaths to hanging installations, relies on greenery to bring the entire piece to life. Greenery provides a foundation to flowers, as well as contrast, texture, and that enthralling color, of course. Items such as ruscus and eucalyptus are more than just space fillers, they’re key players in the overall effect of a design. In some cases, they are the design, with more and more florists, brides, and event planners forgoing flowers altogether to create magical looks with greenery alone. Think ribbons of greens running down the center of a table or rustic tins holding bunches along an outdoor ceremony aisle. If you ask us at Cascade Floral Wholesale, the only limit to what greenery can do is your imagination! Meet some of our favorites, and then browse our selection.

Italian Ruscus

It seems silly to call it fresh—what greenery isn’t?—but Italian Ruscus in particular lends a vivid, vibrant green to any floral design. Beloved for its versatility, hardy stems, and those slim, elegant leaves, ruscus is especially good in floral arches or trailing beautifully from a cascading bouquet. Use it in the hair to invoke a Greek goddess effect, thread it down the middle of an event table, or use it to top a cake; ruscus’ emerald green leaves are always up to the task. 

Dusty Miller 


Pay no attention to its name; this gorgeous tropical leaf is anything but monstrous. In fact, Monstera are becoming increasingly popular, appearing as a major aspect of the design scheme in events that lean toward the modern and tropical. Just one or two of these dinner-plate sized leaves can have a statement-making impact in containers at the ceremony site or strung together as a garland focal point. We’ve even seen them used as place mats and as the “paper” for a wedding program. They make a wonderful motif for a wedding, too, popping up in invitations, dress patterns, and as the foundation for a stunning bridal bouquet. 

Explore the incredible variety of greenery on our site, and don’t hesitate to ask us how we can help you find your perfect selection today.