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Freshen Your Events with Plants, Greenery, and Succulents

Monstera centerpieces on tables

Are you looking for a fresh, sustainable, and eco-friendly way to decorate your special event that’s trendy yet out-of-the-box? Look no further than plants, greenery, and succulents, which are giving us so much life right now. They add abundant natural beauty to your decor and have a bunch of health benefits, like raising your guests’ spirits, purifying the air, and making everyone more relaxed and ready to enjoy the party. At Cascade Floral Wholesale in Everett, Washington, we have a wide selection of succulents and plants that will bring the outdoors inside with sophistication and glamour.

Sustainability at Its Finest

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, opting for plants, greenery, and succulents is a fantastic way to be mindful of your event’s environmental footprint. You can repot plants and enjoy them long after the party is over, which we love! Choosing options that can thrive indoors or be planted outdoors gives you a lasting reminder of your special day.

Succulent as table centerpiece

Plants and Succulents as Party Favors

We think thanking your friends and family for attending your event by sending them home with a living, breathing token of appreciation is a great idea. They are beautiful and have numerous health benefits, such as making people feel closer to nature, reducing stress, and sending anxiety packing. Plus, every time your guests water their plant or admire its growth, they’ll be reminded of the blast they had at your event!

Succulent wedding party favors

Choosing the Best Plants for Your Event

When selecting plants for your venue decor, it’s essential to consider your event’s overall theme and vibe. Are you hosting a luxe garden party wedding, an elegant soirée, or a casual backyard shower? The type of plants you choose should complement the atmosphere you’re trying to create. Consider classic options such as orchids, anthuriums, bromeliads, peace lilies, or English ivy arranged in unique containers for formal events. These plants are gorgeous and can elevate the setting nicely. For more relaxed gatherings, opt for succulents like haworthia, jade plants, or echeveria. These low-maintenance plants can thrive in many different environments, making them perfect for more chill get-togethers.

Plants decorating path to outdoor event

Styling Your Arrangements

Once you’ve chosen the perfect plants for your event, it’s time to get creative with your styling, which we think is the best part! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Mix and Match

Combine different types of plants, succulents, and greenery to create visually interesting arrangements. Experiment with different shapes, sizes, and textures to add depth and movement to your display.

Freeform succulent and plant arrangement
Incorporate Architecture

If your venue has standout architectural elements like a chandelier, decorate it with trailing greenery that draws the eye upward. These additions can help create a cohesive look that ties the room together.

Chandelier decorated with greenery
Add Greenery to Confections

Since we all eat with out eyes first, decorate event treats with fresh succulents that add organic beauty to decadent desserts. The contrast between the two elements highlights freshness.

Naked wedding cake with succulents
Place Hanging and Cascading Plants Around the Venue

If you want your event to feel like a luxe getaway deep in the forest, hang plants and leafy greenery from walls and ceilings. This creates a sense of being immersed in the wilderness, which we love!

Wedding ceremony venue with lots of plants

Plants, greenery, and succulents are a fantastic way to elegantly freshen up your events and provide memorable party favors for your guests. With creativity and imagination, you can create stunning arrangements that will leave a lasting impression. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we’re ready to help you add organic beauty to any occasion.

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Drawing on Floral Trends for Your Valentine’s Day Bouquet

Bold colored flower bouquet

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner once again, and what better way to express your love and affection than with a fresh bouquet? It’s a timeless gesture that never fails to make your loved ones feel both special and lucky. This year, spice things up by letting the floral trends of 2024 inform how you customize your arrangement. At Cascade Floral Wholesale in Everett, Washington, we have our finger on the pulse of the colors, styles, and blooms that will make your Valentine’s Day bouquet stand out from the crowd.

Peach Fuzz and Apricot Colored Bouquets

One of the hottest trends in floral arrangements this year is the use of peach fuzz and apricot blooms, thanks to Pantone naming peach fuzz the 2024 color of the year. These soft, romantic hues deliver feelings of warmth and sweetness, making them perfect for expressing love and tenderness. Apricot and peach-colored flowers, such as roses, ranunculus, and stock flowers, create an elegant bouquet that will melt hearts.

Consider incorporating contrasting colors to highlight the peach fuzz and apricot tones for added visual interest. Pairing these soft hues with bold accents, such as deep blues and soft purples, creates a striking and eye-catching bouquet that will leave a lasting impression.

Peach and purple bouquet of flowers

Bold and Bright Colored Bouquets

Gone are the nude palettes that were all the rage in 2023. Opt for a bold and bright-colored bouquet if you want to make a big statement this Valentine’s Day. Fierce hues like red, yellow, purple, and jewel tones add excitement and energy to your arrangement.

Choose flowers in vibrant shades, such as gerbera daisies, roses, and lilies, to create a bouquet that pops with personality. Whether you’re celebrating with a romantic partner or a close friend, a bold and bright-colored bouquet will bring joy and cheer to their day.

Brightly colored bouquet of flowers

Monochromatic Arrangements

Create a custom monochromatic arrangement for a sophisticated and elegant Valentine’s Day bouquet. These designs feature flowers from the same color palette, creating a cohesive, harmonious, timeless, and chic look.

Choose a single color, such as shades of red, yellow, purple, orange, or white, and select flowers in varying textures and shapes to add depth and dimension. Monochromatic arrangements are effortlessly stylish and perfect for those who appreciate understated beauty.

Person holding monochromatic white flower bouquet

Sky Blue and White Bouquets

For a dreamy and tranquil Valentine’s Day bouquet, incorporate sky blue and white blooms into your arrangement. Sky blue flowers, such as delphiniums, hydrangeas, and thistle create a sense of serenity and calm, while white blooms, such as roses and dahlias, symbolize purity and innocence.

Combine these soft, ethereal hues to create a bouquet reminiscent of a clear blue sky on a sunny day in the Mediterranean. These inspired bouquets are perfect for expressing heartfelt emotions and will leave a lasting impression.

Blue, green, and white winter flowers

Red Roses That Never Go Out of Style

Of course, no discussion of Valentine’s Day bouquets would be complete without mentioning the timeless classic: red roses. These popular blooms have long been associated with love, passion, and romance, making them the quintessential choice for Valentine’s Day.

While red roses may be a traditional choice, they never fail to make a fresh statement. Whether presented as a single stem or arranged in a luxurious bouquet, red roses convey your deepest feelings and leave your loved one feeling adored.

Person holding large bouquet of red roses

At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we understand how important this holiday is for romantic souls, though keeping things fresh is vital. So, this Valentine’s Day, stand out by drawing inspiration from the latest floral trends to create a bouquet that is as singular as your love. Whether you opt for soft peach fuzz and apricot tones, bold and bright colors, or classic red roses, your thoughtful gesture will surely be appreciated.

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Hosting Your Own DIY Flower Bar at Your Next Event

Tulips in many colors

Events like weddings, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties are festive occasions when we celebrate rites of passage with our friends, family, and loved ones. Of course, you want to ensure that your event is fun and memorable for your guests, which calls for creativity in your planning. To that end, hosting your own DIY flower bar at your next special event is a great way to engage guests and let them flex their artistic muscles. Whether crafting bouquets for a wedding rehearsal or making fun flower crowns for the sheer joy of it, a flower bar adds a fun and interactive element to any gathering. At Cascade Floral Wholesale in Everett, Washington, we have everything you need to curate the perfect DIY floral bar.

Different Kinds of Flower Bars

There are several kinds of flower bars to choose from, each catering to different preferences and occasions. For example, some brides opt for intimate flower bars during the wedding rehearsal, allowing bridesmaids to create personalized bouquets to take home and enjoy afterward. Others host flower bars during an event, where guests can craft their own arrangements, centerpieces, wreaths, or crowns as memorable keepsakes. You can even give your flower bar a theme or specific color palette that aligns with the overall vibe of your event.

Women holding up floral bouquets

Choosing Your Flowers

Start by selecting your favorite statement and accent blooms to kick off your DIY flower bar. These choices will set the tone for the overall look and feel of the arrangements. Brides might choose flowers matching their wedding colors, while others may prefer a mix of seasonal blooms. By offering a variety of flowers, you let guests create floral art that reflects their individual tastes.

Pink flowers in vases

Essentials for Your Flower Bar

Stock a diverse selection of flowers, accommodating different preferences and color palettes. Roses, daisies, lilies, and hydrangeas are popular choices. Include an assortment of greenery like eucalyptus, ferns, or ivy to add texture and depth to the arrangements. Ensure you have buckets filled with clean water to keep stems fresh. You can also include decorative ribbons, beads, feathers, charms, and more to enhance the finished creations.

Have an array of vases and containers in various sizes and styles to suit different tastes. Mason jars, vintage vases, or metallic containers are common selections. Provide floral foam for securing stems in arrangements, along with scissors, floral tape, and wire for easy assembly. Set up designated workspaces with aprons to keep participants comfortable and their clothing protected.

Women's hands making flower creations

Hiring a Florist as Your Flower “Bartender”

If the idea of managing flower bar logistics seems overwhelming, consider hiring a florist to act as the “bartender” of your DIY bar. A professional can guide your guests, offer floral expertise, and ensure everything runs smoothly. They bring a wealth of knowledge about flower pairings, design principles, and assembly techniques, taking the guesswork out of the more practical aspects.

Tow women designing flowers

Whether it’s a wedding rehearsal, bridal shower, or bachelorette party, a flower bar provides guests with an interactive and memorable experience. Let the friendly team at Cascade Floral Wholesale guide you through the process of stocking up for your next special event.

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Flower Food: What Is It and Is It Important?

Peachy pink roses up close

Whether you’ve been gifted a fresh bouquet on a special occasion or use flowers to adorn your home regularly, they bring beauty and benefits to our spaces. However, some folks may not be aware that flowers, like any living thing, require proper care to maintain their freshness. One key element in this care routine is flower food. At Cascade Floral Wholesale in Everett, Washington, we’re demystifying the secret weapon that can keep your blooms bright, bountiful, and beautiful.

Flower Food Liquid Formula

Understanding Flower Food

Flower food is a specially formulated solution designed to enhance the lifespan of cut flowers. When stems are cut from their plants, they lose their source of nutrients and water. Flower food is a supplement that provides essential nutrients, hydration, and chemicals that help slow aging. Typically, these formulas contain three main components:

Nutrients: Flower food includes a mix of carbohydrates, usually sugars, to serve as a food source.

Acidifiers: Acidifiers in flower food help create a slightly acidic environment, optimizing water uptake and nutrient absorption.

Biocides: Biocides in flower food prevent the growth of bacteria, keeping the water clean and ensuring optimal hydration.

Adding flower food to vase

The Importance of Using Flower Food

Now that we know what flower food is let’s delve into how it keeps floral arrangements fresh and vibrant.

Flower food provides essential nutrients that sustain the flowers, significantly extending their lifespan. This nourishment means you enjoy your bouquet for a more extended period, as blooms treated with flower food look fresher and more vibrant. The nutrients and hydration the nourishment provides contribute to perky petals, brighter colors, and a healthier appearance.

The acidifiers in flower food help regulate the pH level of the water, ensuring that blooms can absorb water efficiently. Improved water uptake keeps the blossoms hydrated, preventing wilting and maintaining turgidity. The biocides in flower food play a crucial role in preventing the growth of bacteria in the water. This keeps the fluid clean and prevents bacterial clogging in the stems, allowing for better water flow to the petals.

The combination of nutrients, acidifiers, and biocides in flower food creates an environment that promotes optimal flower development. This means that the flowers last longer, open up entirely, and reach their maximum potential in size and beauty.

Bouquet of fresh flowers in vase

How to Use Flower Food

Most commercially available flower food comes in powdered or liquid form, and the instructions for use are usually provided on the packaging. If you have a powdered mixture, dissolve it in lukewarm water according to the instructions. If you have a liquid, measure the recommended amount.

Before placing the flowers in the vase, trim the stems at an angle; this increases the surface area for water absorption. Remove any leaves that will be submerged, as these can promote bacterial growth. Place the cut stems in a clean vase and fill it with water and the prepared flower food solution. Change the water in the vase every few days and add a fresh batch of food.

Flower food is a small yet mighty secret to keeping your floral arrangements stunning for extended periods. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we have the perfect formula for any arrangement, helping you get the most out of your fresh blooms.

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Floral Trends to Look Out for in 2024

Bride holding all-white flower bouquet

Floral design has long been influenced by a variety of cultural elements, and 2024 promises to be a year in which innovative trends are front and center. From monochromatic magic to pop culture-inspired blooms, floristry takes cues from fashion, home design, and the zeitgeist, leading to exciting twists on classic ideas. At Cascade Floral Wholesale in Everett, Washington, we’re exploring the exciting floral trends that will bloom and blossom in the coming year.

Monochromatic Magic Highlights the Power of Simplicity

Monochromatic floral arrangements emphasize the power of simplicity and restraint. Floral design isn’t just about mixing colors; it’s about highlighting the interplay of textures and the subtle variations within a single hue. Think of it as a celebration of one shade and its rich tones, creating an elegant and cohesive atmosphere. You can also emphasize shape by selecting various statement blossoms and accent flowers, leading to true sculptural art within a single bouquet.

Monochromatic flower bouquet peach

Pop Culture Blooms Inspired by Music and Movies

Floral arrangements that mirror the energy of popular songs or capture the colorful nuance of blockbuster films (remember all of the pink arrangements spawned by the Barbie movie?) are a fun way to express your taste. That’s why we predict that pop culture influences will play a significant role in shaping floral designs in 2024, offering a fresh and dynamic approach to traditional arrangements. These trendsetting florals will add a touch of contemporary flair to any space.

Princess Bride inspired bouquet

DIY Floral Bars Will Pop Up at Parties

Experience-based gifts were all the rage in 2023, and we predict that trend will continue in 2024. Specifically, DIY floral bars are set to become the life of the party. Guests at events, from showers to birthdays to reunions, can try creating personalized bouquets, crowns, boutonnières, and more to take home as memorable keepsakes. These floral bars invite guests to flex their creative muscles, ensuring everyone leaves with fun memories.

Floral design bar

Floral Design Will Become a Popular Hobby

Speaking of floral design, we predict that more and more people will embrace flower arranging as a hobby in 2024. With design classes, online tutorials, workshops, and accessible supplies, folks will be drawn to this therapeutic and rewarding art. Whether it’s a small bouquet to beautify the kitchen table or an elaborate centerpiece for special occasions, floral enthusiasts will bloom as they explore their creative side.

People at floral design class

Weddings Will Bloom With Mismatched Yet Complementing Bouquets

Weddings are about to get a dose of eclectic charm with the rise of mismatched yet complementing wedding party bouquets. Instead of uniform arrangements, expect to see a medley of designs that harmonize with each other in color and style. This trend adds individuality to each bouquet, letting wedding party members express their personalities. Mismatched bouquets offer a refreshing departure from traditional wedding aesthetics.

Bridesmaids with mismatched bouquets

Go Big or Go Home: Big Flowers, Bold Bouquets, and Vibrant Colors

Embrace the mantra of “go big or go home” regarding floral arrangements in 2024. Big flowers, bold bouquets, and vibrant colors are set to dominate the scene. Whether it’s a luxe centerpiece that commands attention or a bridal bouquet bursting with oversized blossoms, this trend is all about making a statement. Say goodbye to muted refinement and hello to the extravagant as we celebrate the beauty of abundance.

Woman holding luxe bouquet of flowers

Whether you’re planning an event, trying your hand at DIY floral design, or simply appreciating the beauty of blossoms, these trends will inspire flower enthusiasts everywhere. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Cascade Floral Wholesale to learn more about the one you’re the most excited about.

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Ideas For Creating Gorgeous Holiday Wreaths

Holiday wreath with thistle and eucalyptus

It’s tradition to decorate your home during the holiday season to get into the festive spirit. One way to do this is by crafting DIY holiday wreaths. These creations add personalization to your decor, or you can give them to friends and family as thoughtful homemade gifts. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or are just starting, Cascade Floral Wholesale in Everett, Washington is here to guide you through the process of assembling and designing a beautiful holiday wreath the whole family will enjoy.

Materials for holiday wreath

Assemble Your Materials

Before we dive into the creative process, let’s gather the materials you’ll need to make your DIY holiday wreaths:

Wreath Base: You can choose from options like a wire wreath frame, floral foam, or grapevine wreaths.
Greenery and Accent Blooms: Consider using fresh greenery and blooms such as pine branches, holly, eucalyptus, dusty miller, brunia berries, baby’s breath, thistle, or a combination of these natural elements.
Decorative Touches: These can include ornaments, pinecones, birds, ribbons, and any other embellishments you like.
Crafting Tools: You’ll need scissors, wire cutters, a hot glue gun, floral wire, and floral tape.

Holiday wreath with baby's breath and eucalyptus

Select a Theme and Get Started

First decide on the theme of your wreath; it will set the tone and guide your material choices. Are you aiming for a classic look with red and green as the featured colors? Or do you prefer a winter-centric design with white flowers and snowy elements? Next, construct the base of your wreath. If you’re using a wire wreath frame, you can start by attaching your greenery with floral wire. For floral foam, use hot glue to secure your greenery. If you’re using a grapevine wreath, simply decorate the grapevine with your chosen elements. Begin by layering the greenery onto your base. Make sure to trim the branches to your desired length and secure them firmly.

Adding ribbons to holiday wreath

Add Your Decorative Elements

Once your greenery is in place, it’s time to add decorative elements. This is where you can get creative. Consider adding ornaments, pinecones, berries, or even miniature-wrapped gifts. Use hot glue to secure these elements in place. Ribbons and bows can add a colorful finishing touch, whether you prefer a classic bow or playful twists. As you near the completion of your wreath, take a step back and assess its overall look. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure a balanced and visually-pleasing arrangement. Trim any excess greenery or wire, and ensure all your decorative elements are securely attached.

Wintry holiday wreath on wood

Displaying and Caring For Your Wreath

Now that your DIY holiday wreath is complete, it’s time to showcase it. Hang it on your front door to warmly welcome guests or display it indoors as a festive decor element. You can also consider gifting your wreath to friends and family; it’s a thoughtful gesture that will bring joy to their homes. To ensure your DIY holiday wreath stays fresh and beautiful throughout the season, mist it lightly with water to preserve the fresh greenery and natural elements.

Crafting a DIY holiday wreaths is a fun and fulfilling activity and a fantastic way to get into the spirit of the season. Whether you opt for a traditional, wintry, or another unique design, your wreath will be a beautiful expression of your creativity and holiday spirit. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we have everything you need to get started on your one-of-a-kind project.

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A Guide to All White Winter Weddings and Events

White anemones closeup

Winter weddings have a singular seasonal elegance, and an all-white theme adds ethereal beauty to the festivities. Nothing elevates such an event more than lush white flowers and accessories such as bouquets, centerpieces, garlands, flower crowns, and boutonnieres. At Cascade Floral Wholesale in Everett, Washington, we have a variety of winter blooms that can help you create an enchanting winter paradise at any venue. From classic roses to exotic orchids, we’ll explore the options for statement flowers, accent blooms, and complementing fashion and decor.

Winter white bridal bouquet

Bouquets that Steal the Spotlight

The bridal bouquet is the focal point of any wedding, and in an all-white winter affair, it symbolizes the purity of fresh snow. Consider an arrangement of white anemones with delicate petals, creating a luxe contrast with dark centers. For added volume, combine them with white roses and ranunculus blooms. Highlight these flowers with winter greenery; the result is a bouquet that captures the essence of winter’s pristine beauty.

Dramatic white floral centerpieces on candelabras

Centerpieces that Elevate the Ambiance

Centerpieces set the tone for the reception once the ceremony concludes. Picture tables adorned with arrangements of white carnations, roses, and other winter blossoms. Intersperse them with greenery or hypericum berries, adding a pop of color and a nod to the season. Or, with its silver-gray foliage, dusty miller can be the perfect accent to create a frost-kissed look. Arrange these blooms in crystal-clear vases or atop elegant silver candelabras for added winter glamour.

Garland of white roses and green pine

Garlands Add Movement and Elegance

Garlands are versatile elements that can adorn archways, banisters, tables, and other spaces within your venue. Opt for bountiful white roses intertwined with winter pine to create a seamless flow of seasonal charm. Adding abundant greenery along with the blossoms in the garlands provides contrast and a full appearance. Drape these garlands strategically to evoke a sense of walking through a winter garden.

White and green boutonniere on silver suspender

Flower Crowns and Boutonnieres Beautify Ensembles

For the wedding party, flower crowns can be a beautiful and organic addition to their winter attire. Craft these tiaras with delicate white anemones, roses, and orchids. Incorporate hypericum berries for a touch of color and greenery to enhance the winter theme. Or, wedding party members can embrace the aesthetic with boutonnieres that mirror the bridal bouquet. Opt for small arrangements featuring white roses or anemones accented with hypericum berries.

Bride holding white bouquet of flowers

Complement Wedding Florals with Fashion and Decor

For the bride, a white wedding gown can be adorned with subtle embellishments that echo the chosen floral theme. Consider incorporating lace patterns resembling the delicate petals of anemones or roses. Accessorize with a veil adorned with small orchid details, creating a connection between fashion and floral arrangements. Members of the wedding party can complement the winter theme with dresses and suits in varying shades of white or silver. Consider outfits with subtle floral embroidery or beading to echo the theme of the celebration.

Extend the winter wonderland theme to the overall decor. Use white linens, silver accents, and candles to create a serene and romantic atmosphere. Lighting plays a crucial role, so opt for soft, warm lights to evoke a crisp winter glow.

An all-white winter wedding is a timeless choice that embraces the beauty and magic of the season. By carefully selecting flowers and complementing them with thoughtful choices in fashion and decor, you’ll have a celebration that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Let the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale help you embrace the enchantment of a snowy haven.

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Burgundy Flowers for Fall Weddings & Events: A Blooming Autumn Affair

Burgundy dahlia close-up

Couples and planners turn to rich, deep tones during the autumn wedding and event season to create a cozy and romantic atmosphere. One color that effortlessly captures the essence of fall is burgundy, especially when complemented by hues that bring out the gorgeous sophistication of this shade. At Cascade Floral Wholesale in Everett, Washington, we’re exploring the beauty of burgundy flowers, delving into statement and accent blooms, and highlighting seasonal color combinations that raise the bar for stunning celebration decor.

Burgundy ranunculus in a glass vase

Statement Flowers That Steal the Spotlight

In every bouquet, arrangement, and centerpiece, statement flowers are the beating heart, drawing the eye to their natural beauty. One popular fall option is dahlias, which have layers of dramatic petals that create stunning geometric patterns. They bring elegance to any floral design, notably bridal bouquets. Also boasting layers of delicate, paper-thin petals, ranunculus adds romance to fall arrangements. These versatile flowers work well in classic and whimsical styles and pair beautifully with other fall blooms.

Burgundy carnations on white basket

Incorporate gerbera daisies into your floral designs for a burst of vibrant colour. Their bold blooms add a lively and playful element, perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere. Gerbera daisies can also be a focal point in corsages or boutonnieres. Often underestimated, carnations have experienced a resurgence in popularity. They bring texture and volume to floral arrangements and are an excellent choice for large-scale events where you want to make a statement with dramatic floral installations.

Accent Flowers That Complete the Arrangement

Burgundy alstroemeria close-up

No floral arrangement is complete without accent flowers, which are so much more than “filler.” They harmonize with the statement blooms and add sophistication and style, completing the design’s overall look. Known for their resilience and longevity, alstroemeria have multiple blooms and add color and flow to arrangements. Alstroemeria’s durability makes them an excellent choice for events that require long-lasting beauty.

Burgundy snapdragons growing

If you want a delicate look, incorporate spray roses into your arrangements. With multiple small blooms on a single stem, spray roses add daintiness and bohemian energy. They are complementary elements in bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. With their tall spires and unique blossoms, snapdragons add height and drama to bouquets and centerpieces. They create visual interest without taking the spotlight away from the statement bloom.

Flower Color Combinations that Complement Burgundy

Burgundy and cream flower bouquet

In addition to using burgundy flowers, color palettes that embrace autumnal energy highlight the beauty of burgundy blooms. Create a soft and romantic ambiance by combining them with cream and blush tones. This palette is perfect for weddings that embrace a dreamy and romantic aesthetic. Use dahlias, snapdragons, and spray roses in these shades to craft bouquets and centerpieces that have a timeless elegance. Pair burgundy with jewel tones such as deep amethyst and emerald green for a more dramatic and vibrant look. This bold color combination adds richness and sophistication to your floral arrangements. Consider using gerbera daisies, ranunculus, and alstroemeria in these tones to create contrast.

Burgundy flowers for fall weddings and events offer a rich, warm palette that perfectly complements the season. Whether you opt for statement flowers like dahlias and ranunculus, accent blooms such as snapdragons and mini-carnations, or explore different color combinations, Cascade Floral Wholesale provides a range of options to suit your style.

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How Home Design Trends Influence Floral Design Trends

Yellow and white dahlia close-up

Home design and floral arranging are two connected art forms, each drawing inspiration from the other while they have a significant, independent impact on other aesthetic fields. Trends within each world evolve as years go by, impacting everything from color palettes to lines, shapes, materials, and bloom selection. At Cascade Floral Wholesale in Everett, Washington, we’re diving into the nuanced interplay between these two creative domains and how they shape our homes and arrangements.

White, green, and yellow Japanese flower arrangement

The Influence of Cultural and Regional Styles

Cultural and regional home design styles can have a profound impact on floral design. Whether it’s the rustic and organized influences of Scandinavian decor, the luxury of traditional Middle Eastern interiors, or the geometric lines and earthiness of Japanese design, these stylistic cues inspire unique floral arrangements. Flowers, in this context, become a vessel for cultural expression and storytelling.

Daffodils in vase in kitchen

Color Palettes and Harmonious Blends

One of the most apparent connections between home and floral design is color. The palette you choose for your home interior dictates the hues in your floral arrangements. For example, if pastel shades are the “in” thing in home design, you’ll likely see floral designers incorporating these soft shades into their arrangements. It’s all about creating harmony and making the flowers feel like an organic part of home decor.

Minimalist bouquet of orchids in vase

Design Styles and Aesthetic Cohesion

Interior design trends influence the choice of design styles in floral arrangements. For instance, the minimalist and modern design trend in homes led to a surge in demand for sleek and contemporary floral designs. They often featured clean lines, minimalist arrangements, and a focus on the beauty of individual blooms. Conversely, more maximalist home decor trends inspired large, lush floral arrangements with a variety of colors and flower types.

White daisies in white vase

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Choices

As sustainability and eco-friendliness became central themes in all facets of life, including interior design, these principles have extended to flower arranging. Many individuals and designers are opting for sustainable flowers and using eco-friendly materials for arrangements. Specifics include selecting flowers grown on ethical farms and adopting practices like reusing the vases that come with floral delivery in home design.

Yellow and white tulips in white container in kitchen

Seasonal Transitions and Inspired Themes

Seasonal home design trends often influence the choice of flowers in arrangements. During the winter, evergreen branches and deep red blooms may be favored to complement a cozy, holiday-themed interior. In the spring, pastels and delicate blossoms mirror the rejuvenation of nature. Floral designers frequently use the changing seasons as inspiration to reflect the transitions happening within our homes.

Daisies and chamomile arrangement in black and yellow living room

Textures, Patterns, and Embellishments

Textures and patterns are crucial elements in home design, and these elements find their way into floral design as well. The interplay between fabrics, furniture, and home decor often inspires designers to incorporate diverse textures and patterns in their floral creations. Accent blooms, ribbons, containers, and other embellishments in floral design can complement the textiles and materials in our living spaces.

Bouquet of yellow flowers by window

Outdoor Spaces and Gardens

As home design trends increasingly emphasized outdoor living spaces and gardens — especially during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic — floral arrangements that connect indoor and outdoor aesthetics gained popularity. Bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside is a concept that continues to become more prevalent in home design, making incorporating fresh flowers and plants a fitting way to beautify your space.

The connection between home design trends and floral design trends is undeniable. Both creative fields share the goal of creating spaces and arrangements that reflect beauty, style, and personality. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we’re ready to help you select everything you need to keep your home and floral on-trend and looking great.

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Decorating a Haunted Garden with Ghostly White Flowers

Spooky white flower arrangement

A certain magic happens when you create a haunted garden in celebration of Halloween. These ethereal spaces, perfect for sharing ghost stories and seasonal fall treats, can be brought to life with the beauty of white flowers. Whether planning a spooky soirée, a Halloween haunting, or simply looking to add eerieness to your garden, ivory blooms can help you achieve that eerily beautiful aesthetic. At Cascade Floral Wholesale in Everett, Washington, we’ll explain how these ghostly blossoms can transform your garden into a mysterious paradise.

White roses on black background

Roses: The Classic Choice

Roses are perhaps the most iconic and romantic flowers, known for their symbolism of love and passion. They take on an entirely new persona when they come in a ghostly white hue. White roses have long been associated with reverence and remembrance, adding a spiritual dimension. Their soft petals and delicate fragrances summon the feeling of a Victorian-era garden where secrets and mysteries linger. Place white roses along trellises or create a ghostly rose arch. If you want to go the extra mile, add white rose petals along the garden path or in centerpieces on your outdoor tables.

Spider mum on black background

Spider Mums: Otherworldy Insect Energy

With their long, slender petals and spooky appearance, Spider mums bring an otherworldly, insect-like quality to your space. These blooms are often associated with mystery and the unknown, making them a perfect choice for a ghostly garden. Place white spider mums in centerpieces on tables complemented by accent blooms that highlight their shape. For added intrigue, put them near shadowy corners or under the branches of tall trees. These flowers will intrigue specters and curious guests alike.

White calla lily on black background

Calla Lilies: Sophisticated and Supernatural

Calla lilies, with their unique trumpet-shaped blossoms, have an elegance unlike any other flower. They take on a mystical quality when dressed in white, perfect for a haunted garden. Calla lilies are often associated with transformation and rebirth, which adds an air of the supernatural to the mix. Place calla lilies in arrangements along a meandering pathway or in a clearing. The white blossoms will stand tall and regal, casting enchanting, elongated shadows in the twilight.

Lit up white floral arch at night

Creating the Haunted Garden

Now that you have a selection of ghostly white flowers, it’s time to create your haunted garden. Select a garden space with a sense of mystery, whether in a hidden corner or surrounding a stone pathway beneath large trees. Install subtle, soft lighting in the form of lanterns, string lights, or LED candles to enhance the eerie atmosphere. Surround your white blooms with contrasting accent foliage to create a dramatic contrast. Incorporate antique garden furniture, statues, and vintage decor to add a sense of history and intrigue. Add ghostly figures, tombstones, or eco-friendly cobweb decorations to amp up Halloween energy. Finally, play ominous music in the background to complete the experience.

Whether for a Halloween party or a storytelling soirée, a garden adorned with white flowers will make an impression on those who wander through its spooky yet sophisticated paths. Let the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale get you started on your ghostly garden journey today.

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Trending Autumn Hues and Floral Color Palettes

Protea and fall flowers

With its crisp air, falling leaves, and pumpkin-spiced everything, autumn is a season to look forward to every year. As the world outside transforms into a tapestry of warm, earthy tones, so can your floral arrangements. Embracing the trending autumn hues allows you to bring the spirit of the season into your bouquets and centerpieces. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, the premier floral shop in Everett, Washington, we’re exploring the trending floral color palettes perfect for celebrating this vibrant time of year.

Fall bouquet with pastel roses

Flowers Perfect for the Pastel Halloween Trend

While Halloween is typically associated with dark and spooky colors, there’s a growing trend for incorporating pastels into the holiday’s aesthetic. Pastel Halloween decor offers a gentle and arguably unexpected twist on tradition. In your floral arrangements, consider using flowers like:

Shimmer roses: These peachy-pink blossoms add elegance to Halloween-themed arrangements. Paired with darker accents, they create a beautifully contrasting effect.

Toffee roses: With a shade similar to butterscotch, toffee roses can bring an earthy and bohemian quality to your Halloween bouquets. They work well with pale pumpkins and ghostly decorations.

Cappuccino roses: The light, pumpkin-spiced latte hue of cappuccino roses can balance the intensity of bold Halloween colors, complementing the moodier flowers.

Fall bouquet with orange roses

Orange Roses and Carnations Bring Fall Energy

Orange is undeniably the signature color of fall. The perennially popular tone represents the changing leaves, harvest time, and the warmth of a crackling fire. Incorporating orange flowers into your arrangements evokes the essence of the season. Some options include:

Orange crush roses: These classic blooms radiate warmth and energy, making them perfect for fall bouquets. Pair them with deep greens, purples, and brown accents for a quintessential autumn look.

Bold orange carnations: Carnations are versatile and long-lasting. Their fiery hues make them a budget-friendly choice for fall floral arrangements.

Autumn-inspired mixed bouquets: Combine orange roses and carnations with greenery, berries, and foliage for a sophisticated representation of the season’s bounty.

Sunflowers, Golden Roses, and Yellow Mums Reflect Autumn’s Light

Fall bouquet with sunflowers and yellow roses

Nothing captures the feeling of autumn like the warm glow of sunlight filtering through colorful trees. You can mimic this effect with flowers in shades of yellow and gold, such as:

Classic sunflowers: These iconic blooms radiate the sun’s warmth and are a traditional choice for autumn arrangements. Their large blossoms make excellent focal points in bouquets and centerpieces.

Golden yellow roses: Golden roses naturally project elegance and grace. They add sophistication and brightness to your fall florals while still embracing the season’s color palette.

Yellow chrysanthemums: These cheerful flowers are a staple in any fall arrangement. Their yellow hue symbolizes positivity and joy, making them an ideal choice for those sunnier autumn days.

Burgundy and Purple Mums Herald the Coming Darkness

Fall bouquet with purple mums

As autumn progresses, the days grow shorter and the nights become longer as all the leaves slowly fall from the trees. This transition is beautifully reflected in the deeper, more mysterious colors of burgundy and purple. Consider incorporating these shades with the following flowers:

Rich burgundy mums: Deep burgundy mums remind us that twilight is settling in. You can use them to create a sense of depth and contrast in your arrangements.

Dark purple mums: These mysterious blossoms shine boldly in their deep plum shade. They bring sophistication and mystery to your fall bouquets.

Red roses: Symbolizing love and beauty, red roses are a classic option that adds magic to any floral design. They pair well with other jewel-toned flowers and foliage.

Woman holding fall floral bouquet

Complete Your Arrangement With Autumn Accent Flowers

To truly capture the spirit of autumn, don’t forget to incorporate accent flowers and foliage that complement your chosen color palette. Here are some options to consider:

Dried pampas grass: Nothing brings a boho vibe more than flowing, dried pampas grass, which adds movement and texture to fall arrangements. This floral accent is popular at rustic fall barn weddings.

Hypericum berries: Available in a beautiful burgundy shade with bright green stems, hypericum berries bring texture and visual interest to bouquets.

Dried Italian ruscus white: Dried ruscus can be nestled among your statement blooms to provide a ghostly contrast while adding a free-flowing and natural vibe.

Embracing the trending autumn hues and floral color palettes allows you to create arrangements that capture the essence of the season of milled wine, apple picking, and haunted hayrides. Let the team at Cascade Floral Wholesale get you started on your fall flower journey today.

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What Are “Filler Flowers” & Why Are They Important in Floral Designs?

Thistle flowers in basket

When creating floral arrangements, choosing flowers is crucial, but it’s not just about the statement blooms; the role of filler flowers should not be underestimated. These subtle, often unassuming blossoms are pivotal in enhancing the overall appeal of the design. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we carry a variety of filler flowers that can bring your arrangements to the next level. Here are some of the most popular types, their importance, and how they add charm, volume, and character to floral arrangements.

Baby's breath close-up

Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath): The Snowy Classic
Gypsophila, commonly known as baby’s breath, is a classic filler flower known for its delicate appearance. Two varieties, Gypsophila Perfecta and Gypsophila Million Star, are especially popular. These dainty white flowers are like little clouds that add volume and a snowy effect to arrangements. They can evoke feelings of purity and innocence, making them a fitting choice for weddings, baby showers, and other special occasions. Gypsophila is not just an accent; it’s a nostalgic throwback to traditional floral designs enjoying a resurgence.

Queen Anne's Lace close-up

Queen Anne’s Lace: Vintage Elegance
Queen Anne’s Lace, with its gossamer, intricate appearance, adds vintage elegance to floral arrangements. It is known for its dainty umbels of tiny white flowers. Groups of tiny blossoms often give these blooms wide clusters at the ends of their stems, filling out bouquets nicely. Chocolate Lace is a unique variety that introduces a rich burgundy to a deep raspberry magenta color to the mix. These flowers create a romantic, timeless look that can suit a wide range of occasions, from rustic weddings to garden parties.

Chamomile close-up

Chamomile and Bupleurum: Delicate Beauty and Wildflower Charm
Chamomile — also known as feverfew — resemble tiny daisies; they have small, white blooms that bring the elegant simplicity of spring and summer blossoms to any arrangement. Bupleurum, on the other hand, is a filler flower with green foliage and delicate yellow blossoms on a hollow green stem. These charming fillers are perfect for adding wildflower charm with a hint of color, making them a versatile choice for floral designs.

Bunches of sea lavender

Thistle and Purple Statice: Bold Contrast and Goth Energy
Thistle is an intriguing filler flower, thanks to its color and shape. While it may look sharp, thistle flowers are not painful to the touch. They offer a striking contrast to pale blossoms with their deep blue hue, making them popular for adding darkness and drama. Equally eye-catching, Purple Statice — or sea lavender — is known for its long-lasting quality and bold color. It has papery blooms that emit a slightly goth energy, not unlike thistles.

Woman holding pampas grass

Pampas Grass: Bohemian Freedom
Pampas Grass has become a trendy filler choice in recent years, known for adding a free-flowing, bohemian look to floral arrangements. Its feathery plumes in various earthy tones, such as beige and muted pink, bring a sense of wildness to bouquets. Or you can let Pampas Grass be the star of the arrangement, depending on your taste and needs. Pampas Grass complements rustic and modern aesthetics, making it an excellent option for creative floral designers.

Purple misty flowers close-up

Misty: Delicate Hearty Beauty
Misty, available in white and purple varieties, is a hearty filler flower with a whimsical appearance. Its thin branching stems end in small clusters of tiny paper-like blooms, creating a soft and romantic look. Misty is a fantastic choice for adding texture and depth to floral arrangements while maintaining a gentle feel.

Brunia Berry close-up

Brunia Berry: Unique Textured Spheres
Brunia Berry is a distinctive filler flower with hardy stems that branch into multiple textured spheres. These spheres, often silver in color, add a touch of uniqueness and modernity to bouquets and arrangements. In winter, Brunia Berry may take on a slightly greener hue due to new growth, providing a mutable element to floral designs.

Solidago close-up

Solidago: Sunshine Yellow Clusters
Solidago, a filler flower with bright yellow blooms, adds a burst of sunshine to any arrangement. Its triangular-shaped clusters are made of small blossoms that bring warmth and energy to floral designs. Solidago is perfect for creating vibrant and cheerful arrangements, especially for outdoor events and celebrations.

Filler flowers are the unsung heroes of floral design, enhancing the beauty and character of arrangements in countless ways. Whether you’re aiming for a vintage, rustic, or modern look, the right filler flowers from Cascade Floral Wholesale can elevate your floral creations to a new level.

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Maximizing Feng Shui in Your Home with Fresh Flowers

Orchids in pink and white

Feng Shui, the Chinese art of harmonizing your environment, is a holistic approach to creating balance in your home. While there are many elements to consider in Feng Shui, incorporating flowers is one effective way to promote positive energy flow in your living space. At Cascade Wholesale Flowers, the premier floral shop in Everett, Washington, we have savvy tips for mastering this practice with the beauty and vitality of fresh blooms.

Orchids in vase with coffee cup

The Power of Fresh Flowers in Feng Shui

Before we dive into specific tips, it’s essential to understand why fresh flowers hold a special place in Feng Shui. They embody the principles of the five elements: wood (the stems), water (the nourishing fluid that sustains them), metal (minerals in the soil that grew them), earth (where flowers come from), and fire (the vibrant colors of the petals). When arranged correctly, blooms can create a harmonious flow of energy (or chi) throughout your home, bringing forth positive feelings, promoting tranquility, and inviting good fortune.

Peonies in vase by bedside

Choose the Right Flowers

The selection of flowers is crucial in Feng Shui. Different options carry different energies, so it’s essential to choose wisely. For example, lush, fragrant peonies symbolize love and affection and are particularly suitable for the bedroom to enhance romantic energy. Orchids represent beauty, luxury, and elegance, so having them in your living room or workspace can promote creativity and prosperity. Chrysanthemums are associated with joy and can be placed in communal areas like the dining room or living room to promote happiness and harmony.

Gerbera daisies on dining table

Place Your Arrangements Mindfully

In Feng Shui, the placement of fresh flowers is just as important as the blooms themselves. Start by putting anthuriums on a console table or near the front door to create a warm and inviting entryway. Displaying yellow lilies on the coffee table or mantel in the living room can promote harmonious interactions among family and guests. In the dining room, fresh blooms can create a pleasant atmosphere during meals; design a centerpiece with colorful gerbera daisies. As mentioned earlier, peonies in the bedroom can enhance this private space’s loving and restful energy.

Pink flowers with greenery and baby's breath

Keep Your Flowers Fresh and Nourished

To maximize the Feng Shui benefits of fresh flowers, keeping them vibrant and healthy is essential. When selecting blooms, ensure they’re free from blemishes, mold, or signs of disease. Change the water in your vase every few days to keep the blossoms plump, as stagnant water can lead to negative energy. Trim the stems and promptly remove any wilted or dead leaves or flowers to ensure the chi remains vibrant.

Flower arrangement on table

Balance Color and Elements for Maximum Harmony

Consider the balance of colors, shapes, and elements when incorporating fresh flowers in your space. Mix and match hues to create peace and avoid overwhelming a room with too many bright or intense blossoms. Use a variety of shapes and textures to add interest and depth to your arrangements; balance soft, flowing petals with more structured blooms. Remember the five elements when choosing vases and other decorative elements. Incorporate metal, wood, water, earth, and fire elements to create a healthy flow of chi.

Tulips in vase on counter

Be Seasonal in Your Selections

Feng Shui encourages us to tune into the natural cycles of life. Embrace that spirit by incorporating seasonal flowers into your home. In the spring, bring in daffodils or tulips; in the fall, opt for chrysanthemums or sunflowers. This awareness connects you with the time of year and keeps your home environment dynamic and ever-evolving.

Incorporating fresh flowers into your home is a simple yet powerful way to maximize Feng Shui and enhance the chi flow in your living space. Let the team at Cascade Floral Wholesale help you get started on your journey.

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Elevate Your Spa Day Experience with Fresh Flowers: A Blossoming Retreat

Purple orchids and candle on black background

Flowers are enriching in any context; their colors, petals, and fragrances brighten our spirits and connect us to nature. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, flowers can positively impact our emotional well-being and physical health, according to many scientific studies. From reducing stress and anxiety to lifting our spirits, the benefits of blooms are well-documented. So why not take your spa day to the next level by incorporating fresh flowers? They can enhance your self-care experience, rejuvenate your senses, and help you manifest maximum tranquility. At Cascade Floral Wholesale in Everett, Washington, we have all of the blooms you need to make your spa day perfect.

Woman on massage table with orchid behind her ear

Immerse Yourself in Tranquility with Orchids
Orchids, the flower most commonly found in spa environments, are renowned for their calming presence. These tropical blooms have been used in Eastern medicine for centuries, healing ailments from stomach problems to eye issues and beyond. Incorporate potted orchid plants in your spa to add sophistication to the space that lasts longer than cut stems. Tuck a blossom into your hair or behind your ear for an added touch of beauty.

Grand purple dahlia with rolled towel

Feel More Joy with Dahlias
Dahlias, with their intricate petal patterns and range of colors, instantly uplift the atmosphere of any spa setting. The Aztecs used dahlias to ease epilepsy symptoms, and later an extract derived from their tubers helped to treat diabetes before insulin was widely available. Placing a vase of dahlias near your treatment area or relaxation space can improve the air with their gentle fragrance and uplifting energy. Dahlias in full bloom can also bring you joy and positivity, enhancing your overall spa experience.

Pink chrysanthemums in bowl with soap

Let Chrysanthemums Calm You
Chrysanthemums have been used for centuries for their therapeutic properties, particularly for lowering blood pressure and decreasing inflammation. Incorporating chrysanthemums into your spa day can quickly boost your mood. For example, floating chrysanthemum blossoms in a warm bath can create a healing and aromatic soak. The essential oils released by these flowers help alleviate stress and tension, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Ranunculus bloom in water

Enjoy Luxury with Ranunculus
Known for its radiance, ranunculus, with its many layers of petals, effortlessly makes any space feel more luxurious. They also have antioxidant and antibacterial properties, making them excellent spa day blooms. Scatter ranunculus blossoms and petals in your bath, or place them on a tray during your treatments for visual stimulation. We’re also particularly fond of how ranunculus blooms look when they’re in large-scale arrangements in vases as the focal point in a room.

Rose blossoms and petals with glass bottle

Find Serenity with Roses
Roses are synonymous with relaxation and romance, making them ideal for a couple’s spa day. In traditional Eastern medicine, roses were used to aid digestion, improve sleep, calm irritability, and ease cramps. Surrounding yourself with their blossoms and petals at the spa can add unparalleled elegance and serenity to the space. You can also create a rose-infused water mist to spritz on your face and body, providing refreshing hydration and a subtle, natural fragrance.

Elevating your spa day with fresh flowers can transform it from a simple self-care routine into a sophisticated sensory journey. Cascade Flower Wholesale is here to help you curate the perfect selection of blooms, elevating your spa day to the next level.

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A Guide to Hosting a Garden Party with Fresh Flowers

Table set for garden party with flowers

Hosting a garden party in your backyard is a dreamy way to celebrate life’s big moments like engagements, bridal showers, and weddings. With proper planning and preparation, you can transform your outdoor space into the perfect venue, saving you money and allowing you to show off your hosting skills. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, the premier shop in Everett, Washington, we’re well-versed in mastering outdoor garden party decor featuring fresh flowers. We have valuable insights and can suggest blooms and arrangements that ensure a vibrant and long-lasting display.

Outdoor garden party venue with white floral decor
Choosing the Perfect Flower Varieties
Flowers are the stars of any garden party, so select varieties that harmonize with your backyard’s ambiance. Remember that you want to complement the existing plants and flowers already growing there. Consider a mix of seasonal blooms, such as peonies and ranunculus in spring, roses and daisies in summer, and chrysanthemums and dahlias in fall. Curate diverse textures, colors, and heights to create a visually exciting landscape. Enhance the sensory experience by selecting flowers with strong scents and a mix of vibrant colors.

Floor floral arrangement in front of table

Create Striking Floral Arrangements
You have various options for floral decor, starting with centerpieces for dining tables, bouquets for focal points, and accent arrangements to adorn hedges or bushes. Enhance seating areas with blooms, such as floral-adorned benches, cushions, and poufs. A floral arch makes an elegant photo backdrop, while garlands suspended from trees add height. To add depth and dimension, incorporate a mix of cut flowers, foliage, and even potted plants.

Outdoor seating area with lights

Enhancing the Atmosphere with Lighting
The proper lighting can add ambiance to your garden party once the sun goes down, so integrate subtle illuminating elements throughout the venue. Twinkling fairy lights woven through branches, lanterns hanging from pergolas, and LED candles nestled within arrangements cast a warm glow without overwhelming the space with harsh, overly bright rays. Ensure that each centerpiece on each table has lighting that allows people to converse and see each other as the night gets dark.

Large flower arrangements at gate

Curate the Entrance and Exit Space
Guide your guests into and out of your garden party by crafting a flower-filled pathway. Decorate the entrance with large flower arrangements to make a dramatic statement. Petals strewn along the walkway, potted flowers lining the route, and hanging garlands can all help to delineate the path. Be sure to choose blossoms that withstand foot traffic and ensure the pathway remains visually appealing throughout the event. Adding proper lighting to this area is especially important for the safety of your guests.

Wedding floral arch outside

Flower Care and Maintenance
To ensure your garden party blooms stay fresh and happy throughout the event, develop a care and maintenance plan, especially if it’s a multi-day affair. Plan watering schedules and take precautions to protect the flowers from changing weather conditions. If the temperatures cool significantly at night, take any arrangements inside as needed.

From choosing the perfect flowers to designing focal points and enhancing the atmosphere with lighting, you can turn your outdoor space into a memorable venue. Collaborating closely with Cascade Floral Wholesale ensures that every aspect of your garden party is carefully curated, allowing you and your guests to focus on the fun.

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Elevating Your Vow Renewal with Fresh Flowers

White calla lilies

Renewing your vows is a time-honored way to reaffirm your commitment to your partner while all your loved ones bear witness. To have the most romantic experience possible, incorporate fresh flowers into your ceremony and reception. Whether you’ve chosen a beach, mountain, desert, wilderness, or indoor setting, vibrant blooms can help set the mood. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, you are sure to find the perfect blooms that bring any floral vision to life and elevate your venue to perfection.

Bride and groom wearing leis

Classic Beach Vow Renewal Blooms

Arguably one of the most popular locales for a vow renewal is the beach, with gorgeous water views and sandy shores that flood the senses. Complement this natural beauty with flowers that speak to the essence of the ocean and the beauty of the tropics. White and pastel-colored blooms, such as anthuriums, anemones, and protea, resonate with the energy of the sea and surrounding fauna. Fasten them to a floral arch and feature them in the bridal bouquet and accompanying arrangements. Gift members of the wedding party leis fashioned from orchids to complete the tropical aesthetic, which can be as simple or over-the-top as you like.

Women in green and white dress holding winter bouquet

Flowers for a Dramatic Mountain Vow Renewal

Sweeping mountain vistas and crisp country air set the stage for a scenic and dramatic vow renewal; this venue is ideal for those who embrace tall trees and bright wintry settings. Lean into the nuance of the landscape with ranunculus, daisies, and snapdragons to add charm to bouquets, boutonnieres, and arrangements. Pair blooms with rustic greenery that complement the slopes around you. If you’re renewing your vows during the colder months, seasonal flowers like winter roses and evergreen foliage are aesthetically on point. Whether you exchange vows at the mountaintop or beside a lake, your flowers will add color and elegance to the idyllic peaks surrounding you.

Succulent bridal bouquet

Renewing in the Desert in Harmony with Nature

A desert vow renewal conjures images of endless starry skies at night, impossibly blue skies during the day, and vast expanses of rugged landscapes that shift with every season. Choose fresh flowers that can withstand the climate and complement its arid beauty while elevating the setting. Consider rosette succulents, cacti, and roses for your statement blooms, accompanied by accents like feathers and eucalyptus. Terracotta pots or rustic vases can add an earthy touch to the decor and centerpieces. If you want to turn up the wow factor, ensure your ceremony coincides with the desert’s natural blooming season, when all the colorful flora in the area bursts to life.

Bride and groom with boho wedding bouquet

Saying “I do” Once Again in the Wilderness

If you and your partner share a love for adventures out in the woods, an intimate wilderness vow renewal is the perfect choice. A ceremony and reception held in the company of endless maple and oak trees will provide the perfect cozy vibe, especially in autumn when the bold colors of the changing leaves set fire to the landscape. Go boho with your wedding arrangements that conjure woodsy energy; dahlias pair effortlessly with spray roses, eucalyptus, foxtail grass, and pampas grass. Incorporate wooden accents such as birch bark to add a rustic element. The bohemian decor mingling with the natural surroundings will make your vow renewal a scene out of a fairytale in an enchanted forest.

Bride holding bouquet of calla lilies

An Elegant Indoor Vow Renewal

If you prefer a more controlled setting but don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics, an indoor vow renewal gives you plenty of opportunities to incorporate fresh flowers in sophisticated ways. Whether you choose a grand ballroom, an intimate chapel, or simply host the affair in your home, blooms can transform the space from a regular setting into a dreamy garden. A tastefully adorned floral arch can be the focal point, creating an idyllic backdrop for your renewal. Create centerpieces that align with your theme and color scheme. Make calla lilies the star for minimalist arrangements, or go in the opposite direction with roses, protea, and ranunculus for dopamine decor. Consider incorporating fairy lights to add whimsy to the space.

No matter which venue you choose for your vow renewal ceremony, fresh flowers can elevate the occasion’s beauty and energy. Fresh blooms from Cascade Floral Wholesale will allow you to lean into the spirit of your theme and craft a setting that makes you fall in love all over again.

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Tips for creating stunning photography with flowers

Light purple cluster of orchids

Photography is a powerful medium that allows us to capture images of the natural world that stand out to our artistic eye. One enduring subject that’s inspired countless generations of camera aficionados is fresh flowers. Their spectrum of colors, unique attributes, and nuanced details make them an obvious muse, whether for amateurs or seasoned professionals. Fun fact: Roses are the most photographed flower in the entire history of the medium. Join us here at Cascade Floral Wholesale as we roll up our sleeves, share tips, and explore techniques to help you create floral images that stun.

Sunflowers on wooden table

Which Flowers Are Best for Your Needs?

The flowers you chose to work with are an obvious starting point for your project. Experiment with various blooms and shapes, from big and bold (such as roses, sunflowers, and dahlias) to more intricate options (like orchids, daffodils, and irises). Create stunning color palettes, from monochromatic or triadic to complementary or a whole rainbow spectrum. Finally, consider the stage of the flower’s life cycle, as capturing buds, fully-bloomed blossoms, or even wilting petals can tell a story in your images. Be sure to note how long you need each bloom to last and care for them accordingly. 

Bright flowers on wooden surface

Consider Your Lighting and Color Needs

Lighting is one of the key elements in photography, and it becomes even more significant when photographing flowers in natural light. Soft, diffused light, such as during the golden hour (just before sunrise or sunset) or the blue hour (just after sunrise or sunset), can create a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere. Avoid harsh midday sunlight, which can cast harsh shadows and blow out highlights. If you have a full photographer’s setup indoors, you’ll have more control as opposed to relying on natural lighting. Additionally, consider exploring different hues by introducing color filters or playing with post-processing techniques. For example, convert your images to black and white to focus on shapes and textures or create a vintage effect.

Macro shift of a protea

Be a Master of Composition

Flowers look different depending on the angle at which you approach them with your camera, so experiment with perspective to bring out a variety of their characteristics. One popular technique is macro photography, which allows you to capture intricate details, such as the texture of the petals or stamen. Shoot from above for a flat lay effect, or get up close to capture the complexity of the petals. When applicable, try using the rule of thirds to create balance and visual interest in your images, especially outdoors. You can also use a shallow depth of field to isolate the flower and create a beautiful bokeh effect, blurring the background and drawing attention to the main subject.

Purple anemones and yellow daisies on gray fabric

Enhance Images with Props and Backgrounds

Props like vintage books, textured fabrics, or antique vases can add another layer of storytelling to your images, just as they do in many classical still-life paintings. Carefully curate the scene to ensure that the props don’t overpower the flowers but instead complement them. Bearing in mind the same rule when selecting backgrounds, aim for simplicity to let the flowers shine. A plain wall, a field of green, a rustic wooden surface, a blue sky, or a fabric backdrop can help highlight the beauty of each breathtaking bud.

Fresh flowers offer an endless source of inspiration for photographers at every level. Browse the flower selection here at Cascade Floral Wholesale and choose the perfect bunch to help bring out your inner Ansel Adams.

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How to Make Beautiful and Durable Floral Crowns For Special Events

Pink and white rose crown

Flower crowns are an elegant addition to weddings and other special events, adding a touch of natural beauty and whimsy to the occasion. Creating your own can be a fun experience, too. With the right blooms and a little creativity, you can craft an accessory that perfectly complements your style and celebrates the magic of fresh flowers. Let the experts here at Cascade Wholesale Florist in Everett, Washington — your go-to destination for quality flowers — guide you through the process of making the perfect DIY flower crown.

Materials for flower crown

Gather Your Materials

To begin your flower crown journey, gather the materials you’ll need. You’ll want to have some floral wire, floral tape, wire cutters, and a hot glue gun on hand — and of course, the star of the show: fresh flowers. They offer unmatched beauty and fragrance, adding a natural and vibrant element to your accessory.

Pink flowers in green containers

Choose Beautiful Blooms with Hearty Dispositions

The secret to a stunning flower crown lies in selecting the right blooms. From romantic roses to delicate daisies, vibrant sunflowers to elegant orchids, choose blooms that resonate with your style and the overall theme of your event.

Assembling flowers for a crown

Prepare Your Flowers For Assembly

Once you have your beautiful blooms in hand, it’s time to prepare them for your flower crown. Begin by trimming the stems, leaving a couple of inches to work with. Removing excess foliage ensures that your flowers remain the focal point and reduces any unnecessary weight. This step allows you to highlight the unique nature of each individual flower.

Hands wrapping floral tape on wire

Construct the Base of Your Flower Crown

Using the floral wire, create a circular base that fits comfortably around your head. Secure the ends by twisting them together, ensuring a snug fit. If desired, you can wrap the wire with floral tape for added comfort and a polished look. Add ribbons or other elements to personalize your crown without overwhelming the blossoms.

Tattooes hands adding flowers to crown

Add the Blooms to the Base

Now it’s time to bring your flower crown to life! Select a bloom and attach it to the base, starting from one end and working your way around. For larger flowers, use floral wire to secure them in place. For smaller flowers or delicate petals, a dab of hot glue will do the trick. Embrace your creativity by mixing and matching different flowers, colors, and textures.

Purple and white flower crown

Make Any Final Adjustments

Once you’ve attached all your blooms, take a step back and admire your creation. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the flowers are securely fastened. Trim any excess wire or stems that may be visible, creating a polished and cohesive look. Remember, the allure of a flower crown lies in its organic and imperfect beauty.

The beauty of fresh flowers is undeniable, and by creating a DIY flower crown, you can showcase their allure. Whether you choose vibrant and bold blossoms or opt for a more delicate and romantic arrangement, your crown will add sophistication and glamour to your special day. The experts at here at Cascade Floral Wholesale in Everett, Washington have everything you need to bring your vision to life. 

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How to Keep Flowers Fresh During Summer Weddings & Events

Red, white, and pink dahlias

Planning a summer wedding or event can be a fun and exciting experience. Still, the season’s hot weather can pose a challenge — something we have experience with at Cascade Floral Wholesale in Everett, Washington. Flowers are more prone to wilting and losing their freshness as temperatures rise. However, with the proper care and preparation, you can ensure that your blooms stay vibrant and beautiful throughout your special day. 

Red and yellow summer flowers

Choose Hearty Flowers That Can Handle the Heat

One smart way to ensure your arrangements stay stunning throughout the event is to select blooms known for their durability. Roses, orchids, lilies, and sunflowers are great options for summer weddings. These flowers have a longer vase life and are less likely to wilt quickly. Discuss your choices with us beforehand to ensure you’re selecting the most suitable varieties for your specific arrangements.

Couple buying flowers at market

Plan Your Flower Purchases Wisely

Ordering your blooms as close to the event date as possible will reduce the amount of time they spend in unfavorable conditions. Once your flowers are delivered, it’s time to rehydrate and store them in a cool, dark area until you’re ready to start arranging. Make a plan for when you want to arrange your flowers, factoring in how long it will take you to create all of your floral arrangements, bouquets, and designs for the event. 

Pink and red roses in large vases

Maintain a Proper Hydration Regimen For Fresh Blooms

Hydration is crucial for keeping flowers fresh. Before arranging, trim the stems at an angle and place them in a bucket of clean water. Allow them to hydrate for a few hours or overnight before using them in your arrangements. Ensure the water level is sufficient to cover the stems but not too high that it touches the petals. It’s also important to remove any foliage on the stems. This step helps to prevent bacteria from contaminating the clean water and makes arranging your blooms easier. 

Pink flowers in vases

Keep Flowers As Cool As Possible

Flowers are sensitive to heat, so keeping them cool as much as possible before and during the event is essential. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or placing them near things such as warm windows, air conditioning vents, or heaters. Before your event begins, store the arrangements in a cool room or refrigerator. However, it’s crucial to do your research to ensure your blooms are able to withstand a refrigerated environment or extreme temperature difference as you set up for your event. 

Pink summer flower bouquet

Mist and Refresh Blooms Regularly

Throughout the day, mist your floral arrangements with water for additional hydration. Use a spray bottle filled with clean water and lightly spray the petals, taking care not to saturate the blooms. You may benefit from setting a reminder if you have other tasks to attend to. If any flowers start to wilt, remove them and replace them with fresh ones to maintain the overall appearance of your arrangements. 

Woman carrying pink flower arrangement

Designate a Team to Keep Flowers Fresh

On the day of your event, delegate the responsibility of monitoring and refreshing the flower arrangements to someone you trust. Doing so will ensure they are well taken care of while you enjoy your special occasion. Provide them with instructions on misting and replacing any wilting flowers to keep everything looking fresh and vibrant.

Following these tips from Cascade Floral Wholesale in Everett, Washington, will ensure your DIY flower arrangements stay lush and beautiful throughout your summer wedding or event. 

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Flowers in Unique Places: Styling Your Home or Event with Unexpected Blooms

Flower arrangement with peacock feathers

Flowers have the power to transform any space into a lush oasis, including the interior of your home for your next event or party. And by choosing to buck the norm and opt for unexpected arrangements, you can infuse your space with an incredibly luxe and unique ambiance. So don’t be afraid to go beyond red roses in centerpieces; many other options lend sophistication and originality to a room. The floral experts here at Cascade Floral Wholesale in Everett, Washington will provide you with everything you need to create artistic and aesthetically unique floral arrangements that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Pink and green flower arrangement

Embrace Unconventional Flower Arrangements

Perhaps the easiest way to level up your creativity is to break away from traditional bouquets and explore asymmetry, varying heights, and contrasting textures to create an artistic and modern look. Unconventional arrangements can be achieved by grouping flowers of different sizes and shapes together or incorporating unexpected elements such as lighting, beadwork, or even feathers. Don’t be afraid to experiment and let your artistry bloom.

Flowers in teapot

Explore Vessel Options That Break The Mold

Another easy yet essential key to creating unique floral displays is to think beyond traditional vases; countless vessel options can elevate the aesthetic of your arrangements. Consider using vintage bottles, repurposed drinking glasses, ceramics you sculpt yourself, or vessels made of vines or branches. The container you choose can add character and charm to the overall aesthetic, making the arrangements even more unique.
Bathroom decorated with flowers and plants

Nature-Inspired Bathrooms That Infuse The Space With Life

Surprise guests by bringing the beauty of nature into your bathrooms with fresh flowers. Transform these spaces into serene retreats by adding small vases or hanging plants with delicate and verdant blooms. You can also place a simple arrangement of wildflowers on the bathroom vanity or hang eucalyptus branches from the shower head for a refreshing and fragrant experience. If you can do so safely, adorn light fixtures with floral wreaths to bring in an element of lighting design.
Flowers installed on wall

Blooms as Texture Boosting Wall Art

Why limit flowers to vases when you can turn them into sophisticated wall art? Embrace your DIY prowess by designing floral-based pieces to add dimension to the room’s vertical space. For example, you can create a floral wreath using dried or preserved flowers and hang it as a focal point in your living room or bedroom. You can also decorate the walls with fresh flower installations for an even more unexpected aesthetic element.
Yellow flowers hanging with bottles

Suspended Floral Installations To Add Floral Magic

For those looking to add a touch of magic to their home, consider incorporating suspended floral installations. These creative displays can instantly usher in whimsy and glamour. For a simpler option, hang flower-filled glass orbs from the ceiling to create captivating focal points in your living room or dining area. Alternatively, construct a vertical garden using hanging planters filled with vibrant, cascading blooms.

Let the flower gurus at Cascade Floral Wholesale help you turn your home into a verdant and beautiful nature scape highlighted by unexpected blooms.