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A Joyful Guide to Holiday Decorating with Winter Berries

Winter berries

Homemade holiday decorations make your home feel a little cozier, warmer, and personal. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, creating brilliant arrangements, wreaths, garlands, and more live décor for your home or special event is what we’re all about. There is nothing more festive or versatile during the holiday season than winter berries. From American Holly and Winterberry to Hypericum and Brunia Berry, the tiny red, green, white, or silver berries add a new texture and dimension to just about anything.

Fun Ways to Decorate for the Holidays with Winter Berries

Winter floral arrangement with hypericum berries

Accent Flowers with Berries

 Holiday and winter floral arrangements bring life to our dinner tables, add a refreshing touch to our living rooms, or brighten up a loved one’s day when presented as a gift. This season, red, white, green, and silver berries are cheerful additions to seasonal flower designs, especially those made of lush greenery, crisp white blooms, and radiant red flowers. Because of their small, compact size, winter berries will entice the eye when nestled among large petals and fluffy textures.

Red hypericum berries in a vase

Arrange Berries in a Stylish Vase

Whether you love a classic holiday look with lots of greenery or a minimalistic aesthetic, berries bring a warm and festive touch to any space, no matter your style. Collect only a few stems of winter berries to place in a tall, sleek vase for a perfect minimalist look, or brighten a bundle of eucalyptus, ruscus, magnolia foliage, myrtle, cedar, or pine with pops of festive berries.

Putting winter berries in Christmas wreath

Adorn Holiday Wreaths & Fresh Garland

Holiday wreaths for your front door or above your fireplace are usually decorated with fresh evergreens, pinecones, flocking, and ribbons of all sorts of patterns and seasonal hues. The same can be said for garlands that hang above doorways or lay across a mantel or table. Like the floral arrangements and ornate vases, winter berries are always a wonderful addition. However, you can also create wreaths and garland straight from winter berries, creating a clean, put-together, bright, and energizing wreath or string of garland for your home.

Decorating the Christmas tree with winter berries

Decorate the Christmas Tree

One of our favorite holiday trends is swapping a few ornaments on your Christmas tree for holiday blooms and berries. Leaning into Mother Nature’s gifts and the fresh, crisp look, feel, and scents of the outdoors is simply magical. While meticulously adorning your Christmas tree with red and white flowers or a collection of red, white, and silver berries, the tree topper surely needs to match the rest of the tree. Gather your favorite winter berries and fasten a luxurious homemade design to the top of your Christmas tree.  

Welcoming and inviting place setting with winter berries

Dress Your Holiday Dinner Table

The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without several family dinners and gatherings with friends and loved ones. When it comes time to set the table, wow your guests with a small but impactful detail on their place setting – a small stem of winter berries. With the range of styles, shapes, and colors of berries available, you can coordinate your dishes and linens to offer a beautiful and inviting place for your guests to sit back, relax, and enjoy a meal together.

Tying hypericum berries to Christmas gifts

 Enhance Your Gift Packages

 The final stage of holiday planning and decorating is wrapping presents. Whether you are looking to impress or make your gifts stand out among the rest for a White Elephant or Secret Santa, don’t rely on fancy wrapping paper to do the job. Instead, turn to winter berries for the perfect gift accent to make your presents look elegant and festive.  

Kids crafts with winter berries

Enjoy Arts & Crafts with Your Family

 Winter berries are exceptional plants that can be utilized for a wide range of arts and crafts. From decorative accents that turn homemade Christmas gifts into pieces of art to a fun sensory project for kids, berries are perfect for holiday crafting. Fasten a small sprig to a coffee mug cozy, tie some around a sweet fragrant candle, add a pop of color to cinnamon sticks for decorating gifts or table settings, or have your kids glue each tiny berry to a paper Christmas tree to mimic red, white, and green ornaments. Let your creativity and imagination run wild with winter berries this holiday season.  

Flowers and greenery often steal the spotlight in arrangements and home décor almost all year round. The joy we feel during the holiday season deserves to be celebrated with something different and exciting, like winter berries. Find your favorite berries for holiday decorating and flower bouquets at Cascade Floral Wholesale.

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Flowers in Fashion

Beautiful young woman in nice blue dress posing on colorful wall of flowers. Fashion photo, nice hair, big smile

New York Fashion Week 2022 just ended, and we were surprised by how many amazingly gorgeous floral-inspired designs we saw on the runway. For example, stunning floral prints in Caroline Herrara’s collection and the beautiful dresses inspired by actual flowers showcased on runways from Loewe and Dion Lee, where pieces in the shape of anthurium blooms and monstera leaves gave off a stunning yet cool tropical vibe. Intrigued by seeing flowers prominently displayed on fashion runways, we wanted to research the history of fashion and flowers to see just how long this trend has been around.  

Asian woman wearing traditional japanese kimono

Flower designs have been a staple of fashion for centuries. After all, everyone loves flowers, and they are a naturally occurring source of beautiful and vibrant colors. Flower prints in clothing are believed to have first appeared on silks thousands of years ago in Asia. They were eventually adopted into the west, appearing on men’s and women’s fashionable garments, with popular flowers such as peonies, tulips, daisies, carnations, and more. One of the most interesting things about the history of floral designs in fashion is how new technology has allowed designers to incorporate flowers in many different and artistic ways. The discovery and trade of foreign flowers and the advancement of manufacturing processes helped advance the beautiful progression of designs from classic woven patterns of silk to the jaw-dropping designs of today. It is amazing how the beauty of flowers has transcended time and remains just as fashionable today as it did over a thousand years ago.

The influence of flowers in fashion can be seen beyond the use of literal depictions of flowers on garments. Many of the world’s top fashion designers are inspired by how a flower grows, which they incorporate into their designs. Many designers are also inspired by the stunning colors of flowers, from vibrant to light, rich to pastel, and speckled to gradient. 

Blooming gorgeous lady in a dress of flowers in the rainforest

Often, a designer will use real flowers to enhance or showcase their designs on the runway. In the spring fashion show of 2020, Prabal Gurung’s models carried woven bags filled with flowers. Similarly, Alexander Mcqueen created gowns of real flowers that graced the runways. Chanel had a look several years ago at dresses inspired by white roses, and bouquets of real white roses were held by the models to compliment the dress. It seems like flowers and fashion naturally go hand in hand.

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 11: A model walks the runway for Chiara Boni La Petite Robe during New York Fashion Week: The Shows at Gallery II at Spring Studios on September 11, 2018 in New York City.

Many floral prints and floral-inspired fashion options are available today for men and women. From delicate floral designs to all-over flower patterns and traditional flower images to abstract ones, there’s something for everyone’s sense of style. Floral trends change yearly, but the floral print will never go out of style and will always impact fashion, as we see floral patterns in some form or another every spring and summer. 

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Interesting Facts About the Rose

White and red rose

Roses are the most popular flower in the world. Nearly everyone loves this beautiful, magical, and, some would say, perfect bloom. Its long and rich history is intimately linked with humans, and the rose has been used to symbolize love, beauty, war, politics, and more.  Here are some cool and interesting facts about the beautiful and immaculate rose that you may not know.

pink rose in summer garden

  • While the most popular color of rose is red, they come in a wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes. here are over 150 different types of roses and thousands of cultivated hybrids s. Roses grow as climbers, groundcovers, and shrub-like plants, and they can be found on every continent.


  • Roses grow across the globe, but the countries that produce the largest amount of roses (billions each year!) are The Netherlands, Ecuador, Columbia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. Due to ideal weather conditions, Ecuadorian roses are considered the best as the climate allows for them to grow vibrant, large varieties, including new and rare crossbreeds of blue roses.


  • Roses are one of the oldest flowers known, with fossils that date back 35 million years. Evidence suggests roses were being cultivated nearly 5000 years ago by Japanese, Chinese, and Greek civilizations. This makes roses the oldest flower to be cultivated specifically for ornamentation. Amazingly, the oldest living rose today is over 1,000 years old and can be found growing on the side of Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany. 


  • Some roses are edible. Creative chefs, baristas, and bartenders use rose petals and rose extract for cocktails, teas, jellies, and as a flavoring in meals. A common ingredient made from roses is rose water, which comes from soaking rose petals in water. Roses found in a typical bouquet, however, are not to be consumed. Only roses specially made for human consumption should be ingested.


  • Each rose color has unique and interesting hidden symbolism. The classic red rose has the well-known symbolism of romance, beauty, and love. Bright fiery orange roses are associated with passion, excitement, and romance, while a softer peach shade represents sincerity and gratitude. White roses signify sympathy, which is why they are often seen at funerals, but they also represent innocence and purity, making them common at weddings as well. Pink roses are used for expressing admiration, elegance, and joy.


  • In 1986, Ronald Reagan declared the rose the national flower of the United States. Georgia, New York, Iowa, North Dakota, and Washington, D.C have a type of rose as their official state flower, as well.


  • The largest rose ever was grown by Nikita K. Rulhoksoffski, a Californian rose grower, and it was 33 inches in diameter with a 6-foot stem. This rose was five times larger than a typical large hybrid rose and was so big it couldn’t stand upright on its own and had to be displayed on the floor.

Closeup of rose bush flowers in summer garden during blossoming after rain

If you are now inspired to get your hands on some roses to create decorative floral centerpieces or bouquets, then check out our rose selection. Along with filler blooms, assorted flowers, and fresh greenery, Cascade Floral Wholesale has the best, high-quality, and long-lasting blooms around.

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Popular Types of Roses Used by Florists

Close up of multi colored Circus Roses, yellow with red and orange tips using a soft focus

Roses are the most popular flowers in the world and are loved by gardeners and florists alike. The types of roses you see in a garden, though, may differ from the types of roses seen in a florist shop and vice versa. Out of the thousands of species and varieties of roses, not all of them are suitable for cut flowers to place in an arrangement. Both gardeners and florists look for the same traits in roses, such as gorgeous blooms, drought tolerance, and an aversion to pests and diseases. Florists also look for rose varieties that are colorful and fragrant, hold up well during transport and handling, have long stems, and have a long vase life. If you’re curious about the rose varieties many florists carry, we list them for you below. 

Single long stem rose isolated on white

Long-Stemmed Roses

Long-stem roses are variations of hybrid tea roses and are the most common types of roses sold as cut flowers and used by florists. With stems at least 6 inches long and blooms 5 inches wide, long-stem roses are great for use in bouquets and floral arrangements. 

Long-stemmed roses are usually hybrid-tea types that have long dramatic stems with a single large flower and a pointed, tightly wrapped bud before reaching full bloom. Red long-stemmed roses are mainstays in a florist’s shop where they are typically sold by the dozen. There are also assorted colored long-stemmed roses that came in a wide range of colors, with the more popular ones being yellow, pink, peach, white, and cream. Most long-stemmed roses have very little or no scent.

Miniature red roses bouquet for party or birthday celebrations. Water on rose petals. Pink roses bundle with dew drops on a white background. Bunch of flowers- Valentine's Day gift for women or mother

Sweetheart Roses

“Sweetheart Roses” is a term that refers to any small rose of the hybrid tea type.

Delicate beautiful pink roses from a garden in a glass vase. English Roses,Variety - Princess Alexandra of Kent.

Short-Stem Roses

Beautiful and more fragrant than long-stemmed roses, short-stem roses have few thorns and shorter stems. Due to their shorter stems, this type of rose works better in a mixed arrangement or smaller vase.

From the famous rose breeder David Austin, “old-fashioned” English roses have shorter stems, an abundance of petals, and a lovely, sweet fragrance.

Pink rose flower var. Pastella. Fragrant Floribunda Rose blooms. Medium sized flowers in clusters. Creamy with a Blush of Pale Pink Peach color. Hybrid tea roses in garden


A common long-stemmed variety, the Floribunda rose is a cross between the polyantha and hybrid tea roses. The stems are very long and atop each is a cluster of roses, instead of just one. This is a hardy rose variety with gorgeous blooms that come in many colors and have a long vase life. 

Popular Types of Roses by Color

Beautiful  red Rose Closeup.  A Freedom red Rose photographed with selective focus and natural light.

Red Roses

Freedom Rose – A staple in many florists’ shops and the best-selling rose in the U.S., this striking bloom has the perfect shade of red and a long vase life. 

Close up of multi colored Circus Roses, yellow with red and orange tips using a soft focus

Orange Roses

Circus Rose – A bi-colored rose of red and yellow that takes an orange hue so close to the actual color it’s astounding. The large blossom and stunning color make it an excellent choice for any floral design. 

close up view of Rose Juliet and green plants bouquet

Peach Roses

Juliette by David Austin Roses – A wedding favorite, this voluptuous English rose bloom has a soft yet luminous peach color and a light tea fragrance. 

pink rose in summer garden
pink rose in summer garden

Pink Roses

Sweet Akito – Another favorite wedding rose, its soft, delicate pink color is absolutely beautiful. 

An Image of Rose Cool Water


Cool Water – A lovely and enchanting shade of bright lavender makes this rose variety a real standout. 

Dew on the petals of a white rose. Fresh flowers in a summer cottage


Tibet Rose – A popular white flower found in many florist shops, this rose opens into a beautiful creamy white blossom that lasts a long time. 

For all of your wholesale floral needs, Cascade Wholesale Flowers is your best choice for fresh, quality blooms. 

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Why You Should Use Eucalyptus Greenery in Floral Arrangements

Eucalyptus is a popular type of greenery featured in many flower bouquets due to its versatility and many varieties that come in lovely shades of green with smooth round leaves. Eucalyptus is fashionable and chic with numerous applications that enhance a variety of arrangements from boho to glam, classic to modern, and vintage to elegant. Choose eucalyptus for greenery that creates a beautiful look in any floral design. Keep reading to find out what makes eucalyptus so special and why it’s the perfect greenery for all occasions. 

Bridal bouquet with an abundance of eucalytpus leaves andn white flowers


With over 600 species, you’ll have no trouble quickly accessing eucalyptus for your floral arrangements. Also, being an evergreen plant, it will be available year-round. Greenery in weddings and other special events is starting to play a more prominent role, and eucalyptus is one of the most popular greens. Pairing well with any color palette, this plant makes a statement whether used in large or small amounts. 

White vase with spiral eucalyptus stems in it

Popular Types of Eucalyptus


Silver Dollar: Featuring large, round leaves in a silvery green color, this variety works well in any flower design giving it a fresh, straight-from-the-garden look. Silver dollar eucalyptus is also great for decorating arches, doorways, and garlands.  


Eucalyptus - Seeded


Seeded: Featuring oblong-shaped silvery green leaves and bunches of small seeds, this variety brings a touch of boho chic and elegance to any arrangement.  



Spiral: With a tall, stiff stem sprouting circular leaves, this eucalyptus variant is popular for adding a vertical element, texture, color, and a lovely fragrance. 


Gunni Eucalyptus


Gunni: Featuring numerous, small delicate leaves in a muted silvery-green color, this is another popular variety that adds a stylish garden look and an abundance of greenery. 



The versatility of the eucalyptus is one of its main appeals. Its leaves can be tossed down the aisle for a beautiful, woodsy look, placed on the cake for decoration, or in the bride’s hair. The stems can be hung from doorways or arches, used to make wreaths or garlands, placed in wedding bouquets, or added to tables and chairs for decoration.    

Beautiful bouquet of silver dollar eucalyptus and peach ranunculas


Eucalyptus is also known for its medical benefits and is often used in natural remedies to alleviate colds, congestion, and cough. When used as greenery in a bouquet, there are also benefits. For example, eucalyptus is:  

  • Hypoallergenic and good for allergy sufferers
  • Deters insects and keeps pesky biting bugs at bay
  • Pleasantly fragrant with a soothing smell that pairs well with other scented blossoms.

Garland of eucalyptus decorating edge of wedding table with white flowers

Flowers that Pair Well With Eucalyptus

Roses: Deep green-colored eucalyptus paired with lighter-colored roses is a striking combination bringing attention to the contrasting shades of hues. Pale-colored eucalyptus combined with pale roses also creates a stunning all-pastel bouquet that evokes elegance and romance. 

Peonies: An abundance of eucalyptus greens with a few peonies creates a beautiful boho look, while eucalyptus paired with only white peonies create a lovely chic aesthetic. 

Hydrangea: Offering the beauty and texture and hydrangeas to shine, eucalyptus leaves complement the blooms without competing with them, producing a simple yet elegant bouquet. 

Waxflowers, succulents, and ranunculus are also great options that pair well with eucalyptus, as this lovely greenery enhances the elegance and chicness of these blooms. 

Small bridal bouquet with peach ross waxflowers and spiral eucalyptus

When designing your bouquet or looking for greenery to add to an upcoming wedding or special event, you can’t go wrong with eucalyptus. Bringing elegance, fragrance, style, and garden freshness, the versatile eucalyptus is an excellent choice for your floral decor. 

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6 Floral Themes for Your Wedding

Starting to plan a wedding can be an overwhelming process, but the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale, are here to help. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of popular wedding themes and the types of flowers used in each so you can choose the one that best fits your style, personality, and vision of your dream wedding. 

Classic Wedding Theme

For a timeless, refined look, go with a classic wedding theme. More formal than most, a classic wedding has clean lines, white florals, and an ambiance that evokes elegant romance. Traditional decor and understated yet sophisticated floral arrangements made up of a single variety contribute to the classic aesthetic. 

Popular flowers for a Classic wedding include white roses, Queen Anne’s lace, Lily of the Valley, and white peonies.

Boho Wedding Theme

Boho weddings have grown in popularity over the past few years and are a trend that’s going to be around for a long time. Casual, comfortable, and incredibly chic define this look.  Typically held outdoors with florals that look as if they’ve just been picked from a nearby garden, the decor is a mish-mash of items that work together beautifully. Common elements include a lounge area with cushions in unique patterns, mismatched bridesmaid dresses, and fresh blooms adorning the cake. 

Popular flowers for a Boho wedding include plenty of wildflowers, daisies, spider mums, sunflowers, freesia, protea, thistle, fern, and ivy.

Glamorous Wedding Theme

If you’re the type of couple who prefer things that are luxurious, lavish, and shiny, then a glam wedding is for you. Rich with sparkly details and extravagant touches, glamourous weddings feature jaw-dropping details like a flower wall or large, gorgeous floral centerpieces. Fine linens, upscale china, and metallics round out the look. 

Popular flowers for a glamourous wedding include roses, dahlias, peonies, lilies, pom pom mums, crocus, hydrangea, and lotus flowers.

Romantic Wedding Theme

A theme that celebrates love, elements of a romantic wedding include soft lighting, candles, airy fabrics, and flowy dresses. A soft color palette with ivory, blush, and pastels keeps the vibe subdued and cozy. Plenty of fresh, flourishing flowers is key to this theme as well as an intimate atmosphere and ethereal details.

Popular flowers for a Romantic wedding include plenty of pastel-colored blooms such as roses, hydrangea, freesia, lisianthus, peonies, ranunculus, and daisies.

Rustic Wedding Theme

With an emphasis on natural textures like wood, stone, organic paper, and farm-to-table fresh food, Rustic weddings are about getting back to nature. Typically held in barns, ranches, or on farms, elements include organic fabrics, lace, wood items, and mixed glassware and plates. Floral centerpieces are made up of flowers that look as if they’ve just been picked from the field. The vibe is quaint and bucolic with a touch of shabby chic. 

Popular flowers for a Rustic wedding include daisies, anemones, ranunculus, black-eyed Susans, Queen Anne’s lace, zinnias, Lily of the Valley, and roses.

Vintage Wedding Theme

Capturing another period of time that’s full of lace, grace, and elegance is what a vintage wedding is all about. This is a style that has Victorian elements with eclectic pieces such as antiques and old, vintage furniture. Featuring lots of lace, beautiful china, candlestick holders, and perhaps family heirloom pieces, floral-covered birdcages, and old lanterns help contribute to the vintage vibe. Venues such as old estates, mansions, or a historic courthouse are perfect for this type of wedding. 

Popular flowers for a Vintage wedding include garden roses, scabiosa, lisianthus, hydrangea, peonies, delphiniums, and dahlias. 

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2021 Floral Trends

When the pandemic hit last year, it forced us to slow down (a lot) which gave us ample time to think about the important things in life such as a good work-life balance, taking care of our mental and physical health, doing more with less, and appreciating the benefits of being in nature. being more in touch with natural beauty that surrounds us.

These things have shaped the floral trends of 2021 where flowers were used to not only bring color and beauty into our lives, but also to brighten our spririts, destress our lives, and connect us with  nature. 

Bulk Wholesale Summer Flowers Combo

Top 7 Floral Trends of 2021

1. Brighter Days

A sunny pop of yellow immediately brightens a room and our spirit. Choosing a bouquet with yellow floras paired with white blooms and some greenery is a classic way to bring warmth and happiness to any room. Also selecting an arrangement with other bright colors in addition to yellow really sings a colorful tune of joy. 

2. Relax and De-Stress

Let the delicate beauty and sweet fragrance of fresh-cut flowers put your thoughts into a wandering and dreamy state. Small and charming wildflowers paired with larger blooms of soft pinks, peaches, and greens are the perfect combination for making worries drop away. Even if for a little while, it’s worth it. 

3. Happiness at Home

Bringing in bright, radiant, fresh, and fragrant blooms into the home is becoming a regular part of modern life. The benefits of the joy, color, and happiness flowers provide make them essential to a cheerful and colorful home. The vitality, charm, and dance of light and colors helps us start each day in high spirits and joyful positivity. 

4. Showcasing Mother Nature

Arrangements that show off the wondrous beauty of Mother Nature are also on trend this year as many of us have spent more time outside instead of in crowded offices. This is reflected in bouquets which have earth tones or brown and green that highlight dramatic and bold blossoms in orange, red and yellow with plenty of greenery. 

5. Daring Jewel-Tones

The ups and down of life are a normal part of living and we can’t enjoy the highs without going through a few lows. Bold and dramatic blooms with rich, deep colors bring passion and boldness which punch through the ordinary by celebrating the extraordinary. Vibrant plums, violets, scarlet, and burgundy blossoms paried with bright greenery is a striking combination that takes our breath away.

Beautiful Flower Arrangement with Succulent

6. White Rules

Simple, elegant, and sophisticated, floral arrangements composed of all white blooms promotes a spiritual peace, purity, and timelessness. A home overflowing with bouquets of white flowers accented with bits of green allows a little oasis to escape to in every day life. Light, airy, and lovely, white bouquets are transcendant. 

7. Quality over Quantity

Following the rule of less is more, there is a focus on not only what is presented, but how it is presented. Desiring unique, handcrafted floral arrangements with blooms thoughtfully placed, sustainably resourced, and of the highest quality are on the rise. Careful attention to detail and a desire for pure style is a trend that comes from people being more aware of their consumption practices and focusing on quality over quantity. This is a trend we hope lasts a while.