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Floral Design Bars

By now, you and your besties have tried the holiday cookie exchange, makeover nights and the painting-and-wine classes. You’re looking for a fresh spin on the girls’ night out, or a theme for your next event that will bring a flair of inspiration to the group. The newest trend we at Cascade Floral Wholesale are seeing is floral design bars. Bring your closest friends together along with a basic variety of flowers, floral design materials, and a how-to video to follow. Throw in some champagne and brunch-type snacks and you have a fun afternoon of girl time with a great take-away: beautiful floral bouquets and a new skill! 

Materials You’ll Need

To create a floral design bar for you and your friends, you’ll want to start by gathering all of your materials and laying them out in easy-to-reach stations. Choose flowers from a similar color palette, and be sure to get three types of greens: a filler, a gesture and a showstopper. Start with your showstopper, something like peonies or dahlias, add a few gestures like ranunculus or daisies, then finish with ferns, astilbe or eucalyptus for your greens. You’ll also want to have butcher paper for wrapping, floral tape, floral foam, vases with water and a how-to video (you can find a number of them online). Group like items together on your work table so friends can choose what they need as they need it.

Events Featuring Floral Design Bars

Designing flowers together can be a great focal point when bringing friends together. Floral design bars can be the central activity at a baby or bridal shower, a birthday party, or just a girl’s night out. Make it festive with refreshments and send everyone home with a beautiful bouquet they made themselves. For a baby or bridal shower, the flowers can be given to the new mom-to-be, or used in the upcoming wedding if it’s just days away. The fun of focusing on a project together is a great way for friends to spend time together and de-stress, and learning to work with and arrange floral designs can be a ton of fun for everyone. 

Personalizing Your Floral Design Bar

To add personal touches, choose each guest’s favorite colors or flowers. In an event that has a guest of honor (like a shower), choose her favorite hues or blooms to send with her at the end of the party. Remember that flowers and greenery will not always bend or twist the way you expect them to, but your job is to bring out their natural beauty and tendencies. Work with them, not against them, and you’ll discover the beauty of floral design in new ways. Finally, keep in mind that using in-season flowers will be a big money saver, so check with Cascade about what’s in season before ordering your blooms. You might discover new flowers you never expected to love. 

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We love providing the tools, flowers, and greenery to do-it-yourselfers and helping you discover new ways of making something beautiful. To learn more about what you’ll need for your very own floral design bar, or for help choosing your materials and blooms, talk to the professionals at Cascade Floral Wholesale. We’re here to help you find new ways to love your flowers and floral designs. Let us help you get started, then share with us your results!