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How to Create a Meditation Garden

For thousands of years and in many different cultures around the world, the practice of meditation has been used to promote peace, still the mind and soul, and find balance. And who doesn’t need a bit of peace and balance these days? At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we have many of the materials you’ll need to design your own meditation garden, either within your home or outdoors. Having the right surroundings for meditative practice is not required, but certainly helps to bring your senses into alignment with your meditative state. Here are a few pointers for getting started and to inspire you as you create your own meditation garden.

What Elements to Include

To begin, be sure you know how much space you have to work with and what kind of budget you’ll be putting into your meditation garden. Stressing about overspending will basically defeat the purpose, so stay on track and be realistic. No matter how you choose to incorporate these items, most meditation gardens include each of the following:

  • A Path, usually made of rocks, gravel, or stepping stones that leads to the central sitting area.
  • A Sitting Area, often featuring a rug, yoga mat, hammock, or beanbag for sitting on or near the ground.
  • Water in some form, such as a fountain, reflection pool, or a simple bowl. Water symbolizes cleansing and nurturing, so having it present is highly encouraged.
  • Rocks or boulders – to signify a grounded connection to the earth. These can also be used to create a border for your path or sitting area.
  • Green Plants, such as grasses, succulents, and bamboo will create texture and depth without distracting from the meditative practice. Use peaceful trees like Weeping Willows to add height to your garden.
Monstera leaves

What Plants to Include

Including bright, colorful flowers, while beautiful in other gardens, can distract the mind from the practice of meditation. Using green plants instead can bring a sense of connection to the earth and to nature while providing a visual stimulus in the form of rich texture, size, and depth. Ferns, palm fronds, and monstera create a beautiful tropical feel to any meditation garden. Succulents in a variety of sizes and shades of green fill the space with serenity. Ruscus and lily grass are beautiful additions, while eucalyptus will bring a cleansing freshness to the space. Experiment with various textures, patterns, and shades of green to find what speaks to you. 

Indoor versus Outdoor Gardens

Transforming an outdoor space, like a corner of your backyard, into a meditation garden can be invigorating but costly. It also requires a yard to transform. But the seclusion, connecting with nature, and fresh air are all benefits hard to garnish from an indoor garden. However, in climates where weather may not permit you to be outdoors year-round, or for homes without a yard, an indoor garden definitely has its appeal. Transform an unused bedroom, a corner of a larger room, or a small unused space like the nook under the stairs into a plant-filled meditation space, complete with a sitting area, rocks and water, and even a small path to lead you to it. The point is to have a special area dedicated to mediation. Indoors or out, this space should allow you to feel calm, centered, and peaceful. 

No matter how you create a meditation garden, the act of doing so will inspire you to find peace and serenity each time you visit this space. There are many positive benefits to meditation, as so many cultures around the world and throughout history have understood. To help you get started creating your own meditation garden, talk to our experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale. We’ll happily show you our beautiful green plants and help you choose the perfect ones for your new meditation garden.