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Wedding Plants and Succulents

Wedding foliage is traditionally full of blooming, cut flowers, usually in season at the time of the nuptials. However, a new trend is emerging that will entice many brides to rethink wedding flowers. Including varieties of plants and succulents in the wedding ceremony and reception is becoming a trend that may not end anytime soon. There are plenty of reasons to feature plants in your wedding ceremony, and Cascade Floral Wholesale is ready to help you find the perfect combination. 


Plants are more cost-effective than flowers. Just think, when you’re talking about multiple table centerpieces, plus ceremony decor, staying within budget can become difficult. However, plants can give a fresh, bright vibe throughout the ceremony and reception, much like flowers, for a fraction of the price. 


Plants are an investment in your future. When you decorate with potted plants, you’ll be able to keep your wedding decorations for your new home together. Add your potted plants to your new garden or display throughout your new home together as a constant reminder of the day you said, “I do.” 





Plants leave room to grow. In keeping with the notion that your wedding day is the beginning of your new life together, present guests with wedding favors they can nurture and grow long after the ceremony is over. Sweet succulents in a variety of styles make perfect gifts, even for those guests who lack a green thumb.




Plants bring an earthly, natural vibe to your day. You can include clusters of rustic cacti and candles as centerpieces. Or, drape hanging plants and vines on trellises for a romantic garden feel. Either way, the sense of natural beauty will be evident throughout your ceremony and reception. What better way to plant the idea that marrying this person is the most natural thing in the world?




The inclusion of plants throughout your wedding ceremony and reception can be the perfect deviation from tradition. First, you’ll maintain a fresh, lush feeling that you and your guests will love. Plus, the investment in greenery that lasts will make your wedding budget happy. And, the addition of natural, growing foliage will leave a happy sentiment behind as you walk down the aisle. For more great ways to include plants and succulents in your wedding, talk to the professionals at Cascade Floral Wholesale. We’ll help you choose the perfect look for your perfect day, and our delivery service will provide friendly, on-time delivery anywhere in the greater Seattle area.