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A Guide To Our Best Greens

What makes a bouquet a bouquet? A centerpiece a centerpiece? You’ll be tempted to answer “flowers,” but that’s only half the story. Every floral design, from wreaths to hanging installations, relies on greenery to bring the entire piece to life. Greenery provides a foundation to flowers, as well as contrast, texture, and that enthralling color, of course. Items such as ruscus and eucalyptus are more than just space fillers, they’re key players in the overall effect of a design. In some cases, they are the design, with more and more florists, brides, and event planners forgoing flowers altogether to create magical looks with greenery alone. Think ribbons of greens running down the center of a table or rustic tins holding bunches along an outdoor ceremony aisle. If you ask us at Cascade Floral Wholesale, the only limit to what greenery can do is your imagination! Meet some of our favorites, and then browse our selection.

Italian Ruscus

It seems silly to call it fresh—what greenery isn’t?—but Italian Ruscus in particular lends a vivid, vibrant green to any floral design. Beloved for its versatility, hardy stems, and those slim, elegant leaves, ruscus is especially good in floral arches or trailing beautifully from a cascading bouquet. Use it in the hair to invoke a Greek goddess effect, thread it down the middle of an event table, or use it to top a cake; ruscus’ emerald green leaves are always up to the task. 

Dusty Miller 


Pay no attention to its name; this gorgeous tropical leaf is anything but monstrous. In fact, Monstera are becoming increasingly popular, appearing as a major aspect of the design scheme in events that lean toward the modern and tropical. Just one or two of these dinner-plate sized leaves can have a statement-making impact in containers at the ceremony site or strung together as a garland focal point. We’ve even seen them used as place mats and as the “paper” for a wedding program. They make a wonderful motif for a wedding, too, popping up in invitations, dress patterns, and as the foundation for a stunning bridal bouquet. 

Explore the incredible variety of greenery on our site, and don’t hesitate to ask us how we can help you find your perfect selection today.