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Enjoy the Splendor of Fall Chrysanthemums

The beauty of chrysanthemums in the fall is amazing to behold. We’re stunned and awed by the multitude of colors and textures we find every year. This season, we’re excited for your to feature chrysanthemums as one of your favorite fall flowers throughout the season. Not only are they easy to grow, even in cooler months, but mums symbolize some beautiful sentiments, making them great gifts or additions to your fall designs. You may even want to keep a few for yourself as you decorate for fall. So, the floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale are happy to include a few fun facts and tips about planting, giving, and decorating with fall mums. 

Spider Mums

With long, thin, tubular petals that resemble spiders’ legs, these exotic mums make a great statement in any bouquet, adding texture and depth for a unique look every time. Feature these blooms in fall colors to add a fresh autumn vibe and give your bouquets a delicate, lacy elegance. Arranged with the smoother petals of lilies and roses, these intricate blooms provide a beautiful contrast and eye-catching design. 

Spider Chrysanthemums

Daisy Mums

Cute and sweet, daisy mums are one of the most popular varieties of chrysanthemums that can be included in almost any fall floral design for a cheerful, uplifting feel. With round, flat disks at the center in greens, yellows or browns, these mums resemble daisies but have more color options in their petals. Choose yellows, whites, and bronze for fresh fall color in any arrangement for the fall season and bring a touch of sunshine to each bouquet. 

Daisy Chrysanthemums

Football Mums

The heady blooms feature long, thin petals that curve upward and inward, over the central disk, to create a rounded, oblong shape, much like a football. This rounded shape give this variety of chrysanthemum a very full appearance, making them a must in fall floral arrangements. With so much color and depth, football mums can give your bouquet the texture and fullness you’re looking for. Choose bronze, burgundy, gold or red for beautiful rich fall color throughout the season. 

Football Chrysanthemums

When should you plant mums?

In climates where temperatures dip below freezing, it’s best to plant these perennials in late spring or early summer and watch them bloom in the fall. Even in warmer climates, it’s still a safer bet to plants mums earlier in spring or summer and avoid the frost of winter. Chrysanthemums love tons of sunlight and they stay thirsty. Give them lots of water, but also plenty of drainage. Nutrient-rich soil is also important to help you mums thrive in your garden. Mums planted in the correct season should be in full bloom by fall months, peppering your garden with loads of color and texture. 

Including mums in your fall decor and garden is as natural as pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. Surround yourself with these beautiful blooms, full of color and a variety of textures, everywhere you look this season. Send gorgeous mums to someone special to communicate a specific message of friendship, support and cheerfulness. For more great ideas about how to include mums in all of your autumn festivities this season, talk to the floral designers at Cascade Floral Wholesale. Our experts are here to help you choose, send and enjoy the best blooms this fall season has to offer.