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Help Your Customers Do It Themselves with Fall Blends

Fall is such a fun time for color, texture, and decorations. For your more crafty floral customers, this is also a great season for creating something new. Homemade decorations that reflect the holiday spirit are more special because they’re imbued with a unique sense of nostalgia. The expert designers at Cascade Floral Wholesale have a few crafty ideas up their sleeves to help DIY-ers create fabulous fall decorations this year, along with all the flowers, berries, foliage, and plants you need to get started.

Customers who love to craft will be eager to create colorful designs with beautiful fall blooms like our dark purple football mums or large stem sunflowers. The deep fall colors and traditional fall style will be appealing. The trick to making stand-out fall wreaths, though, will be the accent pieces customers use for their DIY projects. From pine cones and grapevine to faux fall leaves and hypericum berries in bold fall colors, the accents included in a fall front door wreath will bring a unique style and fresh touch to each wreath. Beyond the inclusion of mini pumpkins, burlap ribbon, and stalks of wheat, there are a few other tricks your do-it-yourselfers can try to create elegant, fun or noteworthy designs this fall.

Deep Purple Football Mum

Do Rustic

  • Use grapevine instead of foam. Style a wreath out of grapevine so it can be exposed for a rustic feel. Use our Rustic Fall Luxury Mix to decorate by threading stems directly into the vine, no hot glue gun required! 

Do Lights

  • Thread white fairy lights throughout the design. Lacy Amaranthus in a deep fall burgundy will highlight the twinkling lights for a sparkling presentation with a little something extra included. Who says lights are only for Christmas?

Do Snow

  • Add cotton balls for a snowy blend with flowers. Create clusters of cotton balls to separate groups of cushion poms for a wintery feel. Using long-lasting mums will also mean this design can last into the winter months. 
Cushion Pom

Do Chalk

  • Include a hand-written chalkboard message. Fill the center of your wreath with a “Welcome Fall” message written in chalk on a chalkboard. Add just a touch of foliage or colorful flowers to enhance your message without overwhelming it.

Do Accents

  • Make a whole wreath of just accent pieces. Stick to just one type of accent piece, like all mini pumpkins, all boxwood greenery, all berries, or all pinecones to give an eclectic, dramatic look to your front door this season. 

Having a few examples of fun, DIY wreaths in your shop will encourage customers to try their hand at making something festive and meaningful this fall. Have your fall blooms and accents on hand and ready to provide easy resources and help your customers get busy with their new designs right away. For more inspiration and ideas, talk to the professionals at Cascade Floral Wholesale. We’ll offer tips and suggestions for new projects as well as the materials you’ll need for equipping your favorite do-it-yourselfers on their next big floral project.