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Freshen Your Summer Garden With Blooming Plants

Summertime is a perfect opportunity to begin or grow a garden! Warmer weather and longer days lend themselves to being outdoors. So, planting new varieties in the garden or starting a garden from scratch are great excuses to get outside. Some seasoned gardeners may be looking for new and interesting additions to their gardens. On the other hand, those just starting a garden may need something that’s easy to care for and grows quickly. Cascade Floral Wholesale wants to make you ready for the endless possibilities gardens bring with gorgeous blooming plants. Since they’re easy to grow and quick to show beautiful flowers, these designs are often long lasting, easy to care for, and make lush, beautiful additions to a gardenscape.

Cascade Floral Wholesale is happy to present our Blooming Plants section, filled with everything from tropical bromeliads and anthurium to lovely azaleas and hydrangea, there is something for everyone in our Blooming Plants collection. Showcase multiple varieties that will delight green thumbs and newbies alike.

So, encourage your gardening customers to enjoy the long summer days with beautiful blooming plants. Providing shade, color and texture to any summer garden, these designs are sure to please. Talk to the designers at Cascade Floral Wholesale about all of our gorgeous blooming plants and their places in the garden this summer!