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Check Out the Floral Trends for 2020!

As we usher in a new year and new decade, we look ahead at what sort of trends our industry can expect this year. The changes we’ll see in style, color and purpose will bring a fresh new approach to how we include flowers in our celebrations and day-to-day life. The floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale are anticipating some exciting changes that we hope you’ll love as much as we do! Get ready to exercise your creative muscles because this year is going to be full of dramatic updates to traditional arrangements. 

Deconstructed Arrangements

It’s hard to call a deconstructed design a “bouquet,” since that implies the flowers are gathered together. In the case of deconstructed pieces, they are anything except gathered. In this style, be prepared to create single-stem designs in individual vases and hanging curtains of vines, ivy or line flowers like delphinium. Monochromatic clusters of flowers grouped by type will also be popular, as well as open gatherings of like flowers with intentional open spaces. 

Dark Blue Delphinium

Bleached Foliage

A new look that will be trending throughout 2020 is the washed-out look of bleached foliage. Instead of bright, fresh greenery, the new look is to make foliage, especially Italian Ruscus, white or gray through a bleaching process. This will give any bouquet a nostalgic, vintage look. Plan to see a lot of this look in bohemian-style weddings and other ethereal settings. 

Wearable Blooms

Flowers that can worn is a fresh update to an old-fashioned notion, giving the look a vintage feel. From necklaces and wrist bouquets to headpieces and even earrings, fresh flowers are being worn as jewelry and are utterly dazzling. Think of the fashion-forward statement wearable flowers will make as an alternative to traditional wedding bouquets and boutonnieres! 

Monochromatic Designs

This year, the look of single-colored flowers will be chosen over colorful bouquets this year, and the effect will be astounding. A bundle of various types of flowers in similar colors can be clustered together to make a stunning, dramatic display of monochromatic festivity. Be ready to create a few monochromatic floral displays in weddings, holiday displays and even in day-to-day home designs. Add a few pieces of greenery or texture to boost visual intrigue, as well. 

Sustainable Florals

The newest and most lasting trend we’re seeing in the floral industry is the idea of sustainable flowers. Find ways to recycle and upcycle flowers for second and third uses, especially at weddings. Using locally sourced flowers and those in season are other great ways for eco-conscious customers to enjoy flowers responsibly. Choose branches, wildflowers, and greenery to accent floral bouquets with garden-inspired, environmentally-friendly pieces. 

As you move into a new decade, discover the trends that will define the new year and help your customers discover new ways to stay modern and stylish. With fresh new looks and trendy styles, 2020 will be defined by the eclectic, vintage and eco-friendly floral options that remain beautiful and push our limits as artists to define a new decade. For more great ways to design fresh new looks for the new year, talk to the floral artisans at Cascade Floral Wholesale about our wide selection of new trendy options.