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Use Berries to Add Dimension and Intrigue to Your Holiday Bouquets

As the holidays approach, you’ll want to design bouquets, centerpieces, and wreaths that reflect the joy and magic of the season. A gorgeous holiday display can be designed easily when you include special seasonal accents in your bouquets. Not only will berries, pinecones or branches of wintergreens give your piece a holiday update, they also add rich texture that’s visually pleasing. Use accent pieces to complete the shape of your design or to create visual intrigue in three dimensions. The floral experts at Cascade Wholesale Florist are eager to share some of our favorite holiday accents that will make your designs unique and intriguing to every customer. 


Whether you choose hypericum berries in red, green or white, red holly berries for Christmas, or a combination of these, your piece will feel more like winter when berries are present. The inclusion of berries adds a new focal point to your piece, drawing the eye to elements other than the flowers themselves. The size and shape of the berries complement or juxtapose the other organic material in your design, creating balance and visual support for the stars of the piece. Plus, the color of berries that you choose will enhance the colors of the flowers, either by adding a pop of color or by underscoring the existing colors in your bouquet. 

red berries with green leaves
Hypericum Berries

Pinecones & Berries

Including pinecones in your winter or holiday design will give your piece a rustic look that reminds us of walks in a snowy wood. Pinecones come from evergreens, so they reflect the beauty of living plant life in winter. Their tough pieces and sharp edges make a perfect contrast for the softness and beauty of the flowers you choose for your holiday arrangements. Pinecones can also be painted to match the design or to create contrast. But a natural look is always welcome for Christmas, as well. 

Fir or Pine Branches & Berries

To add height and multi-dimensional allure, include fir or pine branches in your holiday arrangement. These pieces will add a natural element much like pinecones can, but with a sharper shape like line flowers. The rough texture and increased height will add an intriguing look to your holiday piece. Branches of fir or pine look beautiful laid horizontally as a holiday table centerpiece, as well. Live wreaths look great with natural elements as well. Include branches, pinecones or berries in front door wreaths to emulate the natural beauty of the season.

Non-Organic Material & Berries

To spice up a holiday bouquet or centerpiece, add festive non-organic elements like shiny Christmas ribbons, faux candy canes, or metallic-frosted holly or poinsettia leaves. Including these elements in your design will liven up its holiday aspect while adding even more color, depth, and texture to your piece. Mix non-organic material with the natural, seasonal elements to create an unexpectedly delightful Christmas flair that customers will love. Some elements can even become keepsakes that will turn into future holiday decor for the recipient of a special bouquet. 

When you create a beautiful holiday bouquet, centerpiece or wreath, use special accent pieces that reflect the spirit of the season and lend festive color and design to your piece. Bright colors, rich natural textures, and memorable elements will create a nostalgia that will have your customers coming back for more each year. For more great ways to incorporate these intriguing elements into your holiday designs, talk to the experts at Cascade Wholesale Florist. We’re glad to help you create new and imaginative pieces for the holiday season.