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How to Use the Wax Flower in Floral Design

Pink bunch of the Wax flower

Wax Flower is an attractive addition to any bouquet, floral arrangement, or creative floral design. Bringing a fresh lemony scent and a flexible texture, this industrious little bloom is extremely easy to work with, making it a favorite among floral designers. With a relatively new and exotic history, wax flower’s symbolism and meaning make it perfect for wedding arrangements, though it can be seen in virtually any kind of arrangement. Cascade Floral Wholesale is proud to feature many varieties and colors of Wax Flower for your creative designs. 

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Top 10 Ways to Add Texture to a Floral Arrangement

Cascade Arranging Bouquet

Designing floral arrangements to convey particular sentiments is essential to the process. Floral designs can be happy, somber, festive, or sophisticated, depending on what combinations you choose. But one element that will always bring a unique effect to your floral designs is texture. Adding soft or bold accents, smooth lines or rough edges, or even non-organic textural pieces will change the look of your design drastically. The floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale created a list of the 10 best elements to include in your floral arrangement to add texture your unique design. 

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Gather Your Fall Centerpiece Materials

As the holidays approach, it will be important to have materials on hand for creating stunning holiday centerpieces. Your customers will be excited to showcase inventive and eclectic looks on their fall table, so be prepared by having a wide range of items at the ready when the orders come in. While it’s important to keep materials like candles and ribbon on hand for classic, traditional centerpieces, consider thinking outside the box to design fresh, modern pieces as well. Your customers will love the new look and you’ll feel invigorated with the creation of something new! At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we have everything you need to make holiday tables merry and bright, and even a little artistic. Take a look at some of the materials available and let your imagination run wild! 

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Harness The Emotional Benefits of Flowers

Sending and receiving flowers can make anyone feel good. It’s a simple gesture that’s been woven into the fabric of society for centuries. Recently, studies have been conducted regarding the psychological effects of sending, receiving or being surrounded by flowers and the results are just what we’ve always known: Flowers make your day! The floral professionals at Cascade Floral Wholesale looked a little more deeply into this to help you know what you’ll be providing for your customers when they choose to send your flowers to a friend or loved one. Here’s what we found:

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Wedding Plants and Succulents

Wedding foliage is traditionally full of blooming, cut flowers, usually in season at the time of the nuptials. However, a new trend is emerging that will entice many brides to rethink wedding flowers. Including varieties of plants and succulents in the wedding ceremony and reception is becoming a trend that may not end anytime soon. There are plenty of reasons to feature plants in your wedding ceremony, and Cascade Floral Wholesale is ready to help you find the perfect combination. 

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Spotlight on Summertime Brights

Cascade Floral Wholesale is excited to welcome summer, with its rich variety of colorful blooms, fresh greens, and festive displays. We know that summer brings a whole host of occasions that call for a floral bounty, from weddings to patriotic events to family reunions and more. In that spirit, we’re showcasing our best and brightest blooms from our summer combo, which gives you access to a world of warm-weather flowers perfect for any occasion.

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DIY Graduation Centerpieces

Bulk White Flowers

So you’ve got a grad in the family? Congratulations are in order. Show your true colors by designing your very own school-spirit centerpiece, perfect for a graduation party or dinner. Here at Cascade Floral Wholesale, we’ve got plenty of flower combinations to choose from that will provide all you need to create a celebratory centerpiece in no time. We’re showcasing some of the area’s most popular school colors—purple, green, and white—to show off what you can do.

Classic white wholesale, bulk flower collection

Select our Classic White Standard Mix as the perfect base note for celebrations that emphasize the glorious achievements of young academics. White is a foundational palette for so many school colors, and it also works well with existing decor. You can embellish to your heart’s content, using the white and cream colors here to create polished and professional looking pieces, or go a little more free spirited. Every box is different, but you’ll always get line, filler, and focal flowers, as well as some fresh greenery.

Our Luscious Lavender Standard Mix introduces that purple, a key school color for many of us here. You can build a centerpiece of surprising dimension with this box, which offers a rich grouping of hues that range from lavender to dark purple. Make several centerpieces or just one showstopper with this lush combo.

Beautiful in combination with other palettes or on its own, our Go Green Standard Mix offers a robust grouping of greens to complement school colors. Create a beautiful tribute to your grad and their friends with one or more of our gorgeous floral combos. 

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A Guide To Our Best Greens

What makes a bouquet a bouquet? A centerpiece a centerpiece? You’ll be tempted to answer “flowers,” but that’s only half the story. Every floral design, from wreaths to hanging installations, relies on greenery to bring the entire piece to life. Greenery provides a foundation to flowers, as well as contrast, texture, and that enthralling color, of course. Items such as ruscus and eucalyptus are more than just space fillers, they’re key players in the overall effect of a design. In some cases, they are the design, with more and more florists, brides, and event planners forgoing flowers altogether to create magical looks with greenery alone. Think ribbons of greens running down the center of a table or rustic tins holding bunches along an outdoor ceremony aisle. If you ask us at Cascade Floral Wholesale, the only limit to what greenery can do is your imagination! Meet some of our favorites, and then browse our selection.

Italian Ruscus

It seems silly to call it fresh—what greenery isn’t?—but Italian Ruscus in particular lends a vivid, vibrant green to any floral design. Beloved for its versatility, hardy stems, and those slim, elegant leaves, ruscus is especially good in floral arches or trailing beautifully from a cascading bouquet. Use it in the hair to invoke a Greek goddess effect, thread it down the middle of an event table, or use it to top a cake; ruscus’ emerald green leaves are always up to the task. 

Dusty Miller 


Pay no attention to its name; this gorgeous tropical leaf is anything but monstrous. In fact, Monstera are becoming increasingly popular, appearing as a major aspect of the design scheme in events that lean toward the modern and tropical. Just one or two of these dinner-plate sized leaves can have a statement-making impact in containers at the ceremony site or strung together as a garland focal point. We’ve even seen them used as place mats and as the “paper” for a wedding program. They make a wonderful motif for a wedding, too, popping up in invitations, dress patterns, and as the foundation for a stunning bridal bouquet. 

Explore the incredible variety of greenery on our site, and don’t hesitate to ask us how we can help you find your perfect selection today. 

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Garden Roses For The Fairest Of Weddings

Is there anything more romantic than a delicate, ruffled, delightfully fragranced garden rose? We here at Cascade Floral Wholesale think not. 

You could argue that any rose (every rose) is special, and yet, there’s something a little more rarefied and precious about the ones that belong to the category of “garden.” These beauties have been cultivated since the 14th century as ornamentals, and indeed today they are still lovingly designed by skilled horticulturists and growers. How are they different from the standard rose? They’re larger, with many petals (those ruffles) that create little “hearts” at their center. They are a little less polished then their classic counterparts, offering more of a free-form appeal. The cup of a garden rose is wider, the better to hold their very high petal count. 

We’re featuring garden roses because they’re beautiful and worthy of our attention, but also because they are the perfect addition to the bridal floral suite. Perhaps the rose itself should just do the talking:

Behold the Keira Garden Rose, a David Austin signature that practically radiates from a bridal bouquet. This rose’s opalescent appearance brings an ethereal quality to bouquets, wearables, centerpiece designs, or floral accents of any kind at a wedding or reception. If your color palette needs a flower that’s as rosy as the dawn, this is the flower for you. If you’re looking for a more neutral, layered-whites look, we would point you to the Moonstone Garden Rose.

We love the crisp contrast between Moonstone’s fluid creamy petals and the rich green. On their own, garden roses make a beautiful bouquet, but they also look gorgeous alongside equally romantic flowers. Blend them into a gathering that builds color, or keep it in one range only. Imagine bridesmaids bouquets composed solely of the Pink O’Hara Garden Rose, for instance.

Do you need anything else? Whether you call it bubblegum pink, ballet shoe pink, or the absolute perfect pink, the O’Hara’s petals go from outwardly pale to a vibrantly-colored center, giving you a custom look. With its enchanting scent and those enfolded hearts in the center, it doesn’t get more romantic than this flower.

Our garden rose selection is substantial, and we offer each type by 12, 60, and 120 bulk stems. If you’re putting together your spring or summer wedding florals, you’ll definitely want to consider giving this charming flower a starring role. 

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Beautiful Bouquet & Centerpiece Packages For Spring Weddings

One of the best ways to stretch your wedding dollar is to provide your own florals for the big day. While professional design experience is a wonderful thing, it’s not necessary to creating stunning centerpieces and bouquets. In fact, Cascade Floral Wholesale has made crafting gorgeous wedding pieces a totally fool-proof process. Continue reading Beautiful Bouquet & Centerpiece Packages For Spring Weddings

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An Enticing Purple Floral Mix For Spring Weddings

Spring—and its weddings—is just around the corner, and we here at Cascade Floral Wholesale have the flowers to show for it.

One of the most compelling color palettes that bridges the transition from winter to spring is purple, a hue that Pantone celebrated last year with Ultra Violet. On the purple spectrum you’ll find a rich array of tones, everything from soft, romantic lavender to intriguing blackberry, sensual wine, and vivid lilac. Thankfully, there are a whole host of flowers that capture this palette. A spring wedding, especially early in the season, is the perfect platform for this gorgeous color, which conveys a coolly modern (and yet inviting) feel. 

In that spirit, we’re showcasing our favorite purple combos, which provide everything you need to create bouquets, centerpieces, and other wedding decor.

In our Luscious Lavender Luxury Mix, you’ll find light, medium, and dark purples represented in garden roses, snapdragon, and other seasonal flowers like dahlia. Silvery greens and cream floral accents provide a lovely counterpoint. Our combos always come with a robust offering of focus, line, and filler flowers as well as greens, allowing you to customize and design to your heart’s content. For a more budget-friendly choice, we offer a Luscious Lavender Standard Mix, which includes flowers like lilies, roses, tulips, alstroemeria, and greenery. 


With our Soft Surrounding Luxury Mix, you’ll still get a standout purple tone, but with the mitigating influence of soft blues, blush pinks, and rose hues. The look of this mix is polished but casual, with an elegant spring garden feel and a range of textures. And when it comes to choosing a purple palette for your wedding flowers, range is everything!

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All About Spring’s Bulb Flowers

Some of our most beloved blooms are bulb flowers—tulip, hyacinth, daffodil, lily. Unlike other flowers, these come complete with a stem that stores everything the flower needs to get through its off season. Every flower is a worthy flower, but bulbs are something else altogether. 

A spring bulb is planted in the fall only to flourish in winter to early summer. Once they bloom, they go dormant again, rousing only in the fall to send down roots for the next bloom. One of the most popular bulbs is the tulip, a spring signature. 

Every tulip is singular because every tulip is one plant, with 2-6 leaves, 3 petals, and 3 sepals. Plant them in the fall with plenty of room to drain or enjoy them cut, beautifully arrayed in a vase, where they will lean toward the light.

Hyacinth, with its gorgeous fragrance, is made up of a cluster of flowers for a ruffled effect. They are perennials that can be planted straight into the bed, enjoyed in a container, or admired in a vase, where they bring scale and scent to an arrangement. 

With its folds and folds of petals, the ranunculus appears to be concealing something inside its perfect bulb shape at first. As it opens, the petals fold out, revealing their tissue-thin quality. They bloom in the cool spring weather and do beautifully in a container. Brides love ranunculus for their romantic nature, delicate coloring, and complexity. 

Here at Cascade Floral Wholesale, we’ve got an array of spring flowers available, but there’s nothing quite like the ones that blossom from bulbs. And if you just can’t decide which ones to pick up for your event, try a Spring Bulb Flowers Mix. Problem solved!

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Say It With Flowers

Flowers speak volumes, and on behalf of almost every occasion. Whether you’re whipping up bridesmaid bouquets, a lush tablescape for a fundraiser, or a tribute to a loved one, the flowers you use will often speak for you. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we understand that our florals will be used to provide meaningful messages on some of the most important occasions of our customer’s lives. Want to know more about what some of the most popular flowers symbolize? Read on.


roses volumes - roses Ami

Roses are shorthand for love, though depending on the color, that can mean abiding passion (red), sweet affection (pink), friendship and loyalty (yellow), or love at first sight (purple). Sending roses or designing with them is a bold declaration of emotion.


Bulk Flowers By the Bunch - Seen at Cascade Floral Wholesale

The stargazer lilies pictured here signify wealth and prosperity, but white lilies symbolize a sense of restored purity after death, making them an elegant choice for a funeral or memorial.


Single Yellow Tulip

Like roses, tulips indicate love. Yellow roses are hopeful and optimistic, the perfect representation of spring. Offer purple tulips and you’re suggesting royalty, while red ones articulate true love.


White Spider Mum

A variety of mums in a rainbow of colors are available now. Along with being November’s birth flower, mums also symbolize joy, happiness, and health.

Let the floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale guide you in your search for meaningful flowers that will speak perfectly to your occasion. 

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How To Make Your Own Modern Rose Arrangement

Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away, which means the flower lovers here at Cascade Floral Wholesale are rolling up their sleeves and prepping our fetching florals for their debut. In the spirit of the season, we thought we’d show you a simple way to make a serious statement with your red roses this year.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a beautifully-designed arrangement of roses or other florals sent to your sweetheart, but there’s something extra special about creating a rose design yourself. This piece works as the main event (AKA your V-Day gift) or as the centerpiece to a romantic dinner. Either way, you’ll score major brownie points for having conjured it up all on your own. Here’s what you’ll need to make this little beauty:

  1. A dozen roses 
  2. A cube vase
  3. Rocks (we like black for contrast)
  4. Water!
  5. These greens
  6. Scissors

Clear yourself a space to work in and you’re ready to create! Watch our demo below for step-by-step instructions. 

Step One:

Put Rocks in the bottom of your cube vase and cover with water that has floral food in it. 

Step Two:

Circle the Bear Grass around your hand and drop into the cube vase.

Step Three:

Cut 9-12 of your roses to be about 4″ long and place with stems tounching the water so the heads are just touching the edge of the vase.

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Winter Wedding Flowers That Will Warm Your Heart

Winter’s wedding palette can be many things: rosy and rich, flecked with the seasonal holiday colors and textures, or composed and serene, as peaceful as a walk through the snowy woods. It’s the latter look we’re featuring today, via a breathtaking styled shoot that reflects just how gorgeous a winter wedding can be. 

Photos: Heather Mayer Photographers
Hair and makeup by urbanista weddings
Floral by @floradamorefloral
Dress by Laineemeg Bridal
Venue: Robinswood House
Rentals: Sweet Buffet Lady
Rentals: Vintage Ambiance
Paper: CK Paper Designs
Cake/Desserts: Stone Layne Bakery 

With a little help from our Classic White Luxury Mix, you can fill your wedding with florals that provide layers of texture (think white roses, ranunculus, drifts of hydrangea–you get the picture). Cedar and ilex berries are the perfect counterpoint to the softness of these flowers, and greens like silver dollar eucalyptus and evergreen are always a fetching way to round out the effect. Except, of course, when they are the main event.

Here, boughs of eucalyptus and other greens cascade over the backs of bridal seating, just a few buds tucked in for interest. A dusting of snow on the ground makes a great ceremony runner. 
The bouquet is an enchanting mix of ranunculus, berries, evergreen and more, uniting the woodsy backdrop with the delicate lace of the wedding gown. This luxe mix of flowers can be both glamorous (note the fur stole) and elemental, as if the bride gathered up this bundle on a romantic walk outdoors.
Earthy touches on a reception table continue the scene indoors, lit by warm candles and accented with gold plating and ornate candelabra. A trail of greens and flowers displayed naturally in the middle of the table allows guests to see each other and doesn’t compete with the fragrance of the meal. Simple is best, in this case, but the effect is no less a statement. 
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Make A Fall-To-Winter Centerpiece

DIY Fall Flower Bouquet

It’s not hard to create a gorgeous fall-to-winter centerpiece that will set the tone in your dining room and wow your guests this season. In fact, it’s fun. There’s nothing like being able to point to your centerpiece and take credit for making it, along with the turkey, yams, and stuffing. You’ll need a few basic items to get started, a good clean working space, and a riot of richly-hued flowers, of course. 

In this quick tutorial, we’ve used peach roses, marigold, protea, eucalyptus, red berries and Japanese maple, all seasonal signatures that bring a lot of warmth to the table. Otherwise, all you need is a floral foam block, floral scissors, and a container of water big enough to accommodate your block. Choose your favorite vessel (we’ve gone with a simple, long and low holder) and make sure that your block fits inside it (if not, cut to scale).

DIY Fall Table Arrangement

#MakeThisLook! Check-out our first DIY video tutorial on how to create your perfect Fall centerpiece!🍁 Autumn is not over yet and you still have time to surprise your guest with your design skills!🌿Find everything you need here:➡️

Posted by Cascade Floral Wholesale on Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Once you’ve sufficiently soaked your block, set it into your vessel. Then, place your greens and stems to define the scale of your design. Place your biggest flowers first. Remember that your centerpiece will be viewed from all angles of the table, so distribute for symmetry and balance. To create space, remove excess leaves. Add in your most colorful, vibrant flowers to really give your arrangement a lot of visual appeal. Pop in your berries and leaves near the end, wherever you need a little extra interest and texture. Use the eucalyptus to further frame and define your design. Voila! You’re done.