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Spotlight on Summertime Brights

Cascade Floral Wholesale is excited to welcome summer, with its rich variety of colorful blooms, fresh greens, and festive displays. We know that summer brings a whole host of occasions that call for a floral bounty, from weddings to patriotic events to family reunions and more. In that spirit, we’re showcasing our best and brightest blooms from our summer combo, which gives you access to a world of warm-weather flowers perfect for any occasion.

We call this box Summertime Brights, and we think it’s on point. If you want to design a floral piece that invokes the rainbow, look no further than this combo, which features vivid purples, cheerful yellows, blazing pink and peach and yes, even blue. Available in Standard or Luxury mixes in 50, 100, and 200 stems, you can design table centerpieces, focal point designs, fresh-tied bouquets and other floral accents to your heart’s content. The sheer range of florals here allows you to create something that’s polished or a little more wild. Our mixes let you be as creative and imaginative as you like.

Both mixes come with focal, line, and filler flowers, as well as a spectacular selection of greens to complement and build out your designs. You can expect to receive top quality flowers of varying texture and scale, the better to craft a variety of pieces that will fit your occasion. Let the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale guide you in selecting your floral combo and even in what to do once you have them.