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All About Spring’s Bulb Flowers

Some of our most beloved blooms are bulb flowers—tulip, hyacinth, daffodil, lily. Unlike other flowers, these come complete with a stem that stores everything the flower needs to get through its off season. Every flower is a worthy flower, but bulbs are something else altogether. 

A spring bulb is planted in the fall only to flourish in winter to early summer. Once they bloom, they go dormant again, rousing only in the fall to send down roots for the next bloom. One of the most popular bulbs is the tulip, a spring signature. 

Every tulip is singular because every tulip is one plant, with 2-6 leaves, 3 petals, and 3 sepals. Plant them in the fall with plenty of room to drain or enjoy them cut, beautifully arrayed in a vase, where they will lean toward the light.

Hyacinth, with its gorgeous fragrance, is made up of a cluster of flowers for a ruffled effect. They are perennials that can be planted straight into the bed, enjoyed in a container, or admired in a vase, where they bring scale and scent to an arrangement. 

With its folds and folds of petals, the ranunculus appears to be concealing something inside its perfect bulb shape at first. As it opens, the petals fold out, revealing their tissue-thin quality. They bloom in the cool spring weather and do beautifully in a container. Brides love ranunculus for their romantic nature, delicate coloring, and complexity. 

Here at Cascade Floral Wholesale, we’ve got an array of spring flowers available, but there’s nothing quite like the ones that blossom from bulbs. And if you just can’t decide which ones to pick up for your event, try a Spring Bulb Flowers Mix. Problem solved!