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Say It With Flowers

Flowers speak volumes, and on behalf of almost every occasion. Whether you’re whipping up bridesmaid bouquets, a lush tablescape for a fundraiser, or a tribute to a loved one, the flowers you use will often speak for you. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we understand that our florals will be used to provide meaningful messages on some of the most important occasions of our customer’s lives. Want to know more about what some of the most popular flowers symbolize? Read on.


roses volumes - roses Ami

Roses are shorthand for love, though depending on the color, that can mean abiding passion (red), sweet affection (pink), friendship and loyalty (yellow), or love at first sight (purple). Sending roses or designing with them is a bold declaration of emotion.


Bulk Flowers By the Bunch - Seen at Cascade Floral Wholesale

The stargazer lilies pictured here signify wealth and prosperity, but white lilies symbolize a sense of restored purity after death, making them an elegant choice for a funeral or memorial.


Single Yellow Tulip

Like roses, tulips indicate love. Yellow roses are hopeful and optimistic, the perfect representation of spring. Offer purple tulips and you’re suggesting royalty, while red ones articulate true love.


White Spider Mum

A variety of mums in a rainbow of colors are available now. Along with being November’s birth flower, mums also symbolize joy, happiness, and health.

Let the floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale guide you in your search for meaningful flowers that will speak perfectly to your occasion.