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Gather Your Fall Centerpiece Materials

As the holidays approach, it will be important to have materials on hand for creating stunning holiday centerpieces. Your customers will be excited to showcase inventive and eclectic looks on their fall table, so be prepared by having a wide range of items at the ready when the orders come in. While it’s important to keep materials like candles and ribbon on hand for classic, traditional centerpieces, consider thinking outside the box to design fresh, modern pieces as well. Your customers will love the new look and you’ll feel invigorated with the creation of something new! At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we have everything you need to make holiday tables merry and bright, and even a little artistic. Take a look at some of the materials available and let your imagination run wild! 


While bubble bowls and rectangular vases make excellent classic centerpiece containers, we urge you to consider variations on tradition with some of our novelty vases and containers. A few lantern-style vases with rope handles create a rustic look for a Thanksgiving table. Add groupings of sunflowers or lilies to our Bottles With Wire Holder for a fresh-from-the-garden feel. Individual stems of chrysanthemums or stalks of hydrangea will delight guests to no end when placed in our Vintage Bottle Collection. With separate bottle vases, centerpiece flowers can line a long table or be grouped in twos and threes at several smaller tables. For a modern update to a classic look, try our 12” Fiber Clay Canal Planter and add candles or twinkling fairy lights for a long, low design. 

Lantern-Style Vases
Bottles with Wire Holder
Vintage Bottle Collection
Fiber Clay Canal Planter



Fill spaces with rustic, texturally-rich materials and foliage to present a festive fall look. Our Reindeer Moss is an excellent addition for tall designs with plenty of space, while Brunia Berry, Thistles, or Waxflower add color and texture to enhance the look of the main flowers in any fall piece. Choose from among our many floral foams to create the shape and look you desire. 

Reindeer Moss
Brunia Berry


While greenery often serves to fill a design and offer supporting color contrast to the main flowers in an arrangement, the particular foliage you choose will lend a particular vibe to your centerpiece. Italian ruscus gives a green, leafy look that allows the flowers to stand out, while feather eucalyptus adds drama and texture to any design. Hypericum berries make a lovely contrast to the soft floral petals of roses and lilies, while curly willow or bear grass give a modern, clean look.

Italian Ruscus
Feather Eucalyptus
Hypericum Berries


Traditional fall flowers make excellent Thanksgiving centerpieces, combining colors and textures of the season. A blend of chrysanthemums, hydrangea, and roses dazzle recipients while simultaneously creating a comforting nostalgia of holidays gone by. For extra texture or a quick updated look, include succulents to your design. 



Bulk Wholesale Roses


Centerpieces become a big deal during the fall months, as customers search for the perfect look to complement their fall table during and throughout the holidays. Have the materials you’ll need on hand and be ready to display a few gorgeous samples of your creations. Your customers will thrill over your brilliant creativity and you’ll have no problem keeping up with their holiday needs. For more creative ideas or to hear more about our centerpiece design products, talk to the professionals at Cascade Floral Wholesale. We have what you need when you need it!