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DIY Fall Flower Bouquet

Make A Fall-To-Winter Centerpiece

It’s not hard to create a gorgeous fall-to-winter centerpiece that will set the tone in your dining room and wow your guests this season. In fact, it’s fun. There’s nothing like being able to point to your centerpiece and take credit for making it, along with the turkey, yams, and stuffing. You’ll need a few basic items to get started, a good clean working space, and a riot of richly-hued flowers, of course. 

In this quick tutorial, we’ve used peach roses, marigold, protea, eucalyptus, red berries and Japanese maple, all seasonal signatures that bring a lot of warmth to the table. Otherwise, all you need is a floral foam block, floral scissors, and a container of water big enough to accommodate your block. Choose your favorite vessel (we’ve gone with a simple, long and low holder) and make sure that your block fits inside it (if not, cut to scale).

DIY Fall Table Arrangement

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Posted by Cascade Floral Wholesale on Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Once you’ve sufficiently soaked your block, set it into your vessel. Then, place your greens and stems to define the scale of your design. Place your biggest flowers first. Remember that your centerpiece will be viewed from all angles of the table, so distribute for symmetry and balance. To create space, remove excess leaves. Add in your most colorful, vibrant flowers to really give your arrangement a lot of visual appeal. Pop in your berries and leaves near the end, wherever you need a little extra interest and texture. Use the eucalyptus to further frame and define your design. Voila! You’re done.