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An Enticing Purple Floral Mix For Spring Weddings

Spring—and its weddings—is just around the corner, and we here at Cascade Floral Wholesale have the flowers to show for it.

One of the most compelling color palettes that bridges the transition from winter to spring is purple, a hue that Pantone celebrated last year with Ultra Violet. On the purple spectrum you’ll find a rich array of tones, everything from soft, romantic lavender to intriguing blackberry, sensual wine, and vivid lilac. Thankfully, there are a whole host of flowers that capture this palette. A spring wedding, especially early in the season, is the perfect platform for this gorgeous color, which conveys a coolly modern (and yet inviting) feel. 

In that spirit, we’re showcasing our favorite purple combos, which provide everything you need to create bouquets, centerpieces, and other wedding decor.

In our Luscious Lavender Luxury Mix, you’ll find light, medium, and dark purples represented in garden roses, snapdragon, and other seasonal flowers like dahlia. Silvery greens and cream floral accents provide a lovely counterpoint. Our combos always come with a robust offering of focus, line, and filler flowers as well as greens, allowing you to customize and design to your heart’s content. For a more budget-friendly choice, we offer a Luscious Lavender Standard Mix, which includes flowers like lilies, roses, tulips, alstroemeria, and greenery. 


With our Soft Surrounding Luxury Mix, you’ll still get a standout purple tone, but with the mitigating influence of soft blues, blush pinks, and rose hues. The look of this mix is polished but casual, with an elegant spring garden feel and a range of textures. And when it comes to choosing a purple palette for your wedding flowers, range is everything!