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Flowers in Fashion

New York Fashion Week 2022 just ended, and we were surprised by how many amazingly gorgeous floral-inspired designs we saw on the runway. For example, stunning floral prints in Caroline Herrara’s collection and the beautiful dresses inspired by actual flowers showcased on runways from Loewe and Dion Lee, where pieces in the shape of anthurium blooms and monstera leaves gave off a stunning yet cool tropical vibe. Intrigued by seeing flowers prominently displayed on fashion runways, we wanted to research the history of fashion and flowers to see just how long this trend has been around.  

Asian woman wearing traditional japanese kimono

Flower designs have been a staple of fashion for centuries. After all, everyone loves flowers, and they are a naturally occurring source of beautiful and vibrant colors. Flower prints in clothing are believed to have first appeared on silks thousands of years ago in Asia. They were eventually adopted into the west, appearing on men’s and women’s fashionable garments, with popular flowers such as peonies, tulips, daisies, carnations, and more. One of the most interesting things about the history of floral designs in fashion is how new technology has allowed designers to incorporate flowers in many different and artistic ways. The discovery and trade of foreign flowers and the advancement of manufacturing processes helped advance the beautiful progression of designs from classic woven patterns of silk to the jaw-dropping designs of today. It is amazing how the beauty of flowers has transcended time and remains just as fashionable today as it did over a thousand years ago.

The influence of flowers in fashion can be seen beyond the use of literal depictions of flowers on garments. Many of the world’s top fashion designers are inspired by how a flower grows, which they incorporate into their designs. Many designers are also inspired by the stunning colors of flowers, from vibrant to light, rich to pastel, and speckled to gradient. 

Blooming gorgeous lady in a dress of flowers in the rainforest

Often, a designer will use real flowers to enhance or showcase their designs on the runway. In the spring fashion show of 2020, Prabal Gurung’s models carried woven bags filled with flowers. Similarly, Alexander Mcqueen created gowns of real flowers that graced the runways. Chanel had a look several years ago at dresses inspired by white roses, and bouquets of real white roses were held by the models to compliment the dress. It seems like flowers and fashion naturally go hand in hand.

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 11: A model walks the runway for Chiara Boni La Petite Robe during New York Fashion Week: The Shows at Gallery II at Spring Studios on September 11, 2018 in New York City.

Many floral prints and floral-inspired fashion options are available today for men and women. From delicate floral designs to all-over flower patterns and traditional flower images to abstract ones, there’s something for everyone’s sense of style. Floral trends change yearly, but the floral print will never go out of style and will always impact fashion, as we see floral patterns in some form or another every spring and summer.