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Blue Hues in Weddings

Something Old, 

Something New, 

Something Borrowed, 

Something Blue….  

Maybe it’s their favorite color, or maybe there’s a significant meaning between the couple. Or possibly, this bride isn’t going to skip the traditions that have served women before her for centuries. Regardless of the reason, a touch of blue in a wedding ceremony brings a delightfully classic look that can be achieved in multiple ways. So what is the difference between varieties of blue flowers? The designers at Cascade Floral Wholesale can show you all the possibilities.


Delphinium- With long stalks of blooms, delphinium makes a versatile option for wedding decor. Add to bouquets to offset warmer colors like peaches and whites, or stand tall as centerpieces. With a variety of shades, this gorgeous flower can take center stage. Or, include this as an accent piece to wedding stars like roses and peonies. 


Hyacinth- With their fresh, thick stems and ultra-fragrant blossoms, hyacinths are a great addition to any wedding. Classic centerpieces in tall, clear vases showcase the flower’s delicate petals. So, allow guests to enjoy the delicious scent all day. Include a sprig of blue hyacinth on your groom’s boutonniere for a sweet design that won’t overpower him. 


Hydrangea- Full heads and lush petals make hydrangea a perfect option for accents in any bouquet. Let your flowers float on a cloud of soft blue hydrangea. Or, fill out arrangements throughout the ceremony and reception with these heady blooms everywhere you look. 

Fulfill each bride’s dream to have “something blue” by adding these gorgeous blooms to bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. When creating contrast or filling a color palette, the inclusion of blue will add fresh beauty to every wedding scene. So, talk to the artisans at Cascade Floral Wholesale for more great ways to incorporate the blues into the next wedding you design!