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Create Gorgeous DIY Centerpieces

Adding flowers to any room can bring fresh color, texture and natural beauty to the atmosphere. But professional floral arrangements can become pricey, especially if you’d love to keep fresh flowers in every room. A great alternative is to purchase your own flowers from a provider like Cascade Floral Wholesale and design your own centerpieces for each room of your home. Creating your own floral arrangements can be simple and fun if you just remember a few tricks of the trade. Think about the vibe you want emanating from each space in your home and match your containers and colors to go with it. It’s also important to consider what surfaces you’re working with in terms of size, shape and height. Here are some great tips for creating your own gorgeous do-it-yourself centerpieces.


The container you choose for your centerpiece is often as important, if not more so, as the flowers themselves. A wicker picnic basket, a wooden crate or a set of terra cotta pots will give your room a rustic, fresh-off-the-farm vibe, while polished ceramic, sleek glass or shining metallics will bring a classy, upscale vibe to any room. Your container can also match the room itself and tie the decor together. For example, vintage perfume bottles with delicate stems of lily of the valley are perfect for the guest bathroom, while a sunny yellow pitcher full of sunflowers or daisies makes a great kitchen table centerpiece. Think outside of the proverbial glass vase to create unique designs. Any object can become a flower vase with a little creativity: spools of thread, coffee tins, oil cans, burlap bags or glass milk bottles can contain beautiful blooms. Use your container to maintain the charm and essence of whichever room you’re dressing up with flowers.

Flower Vase

Color Scheme

Flowers make everything more beautiful, so being sure they are visually appealing with the rest of the room is essential. Choose flowers that match your furniture or walls, or find a perfect contrast. Purple lilacs in a buttery yellow dining room will pop and draw the eye to a beautiful table. An all-white living room will only look more stunning with milky white lilies adorning the mantel. Besides bringing out the hues of your home, choosing flower colors carefully will express your artistic eye and good taste, as well.


Intoxicating Burgundy- Luxury Mix


While the color of your flowers and the style of your containers are both important factors, a more tactical consideration is the size of the surface you’re dressing. A giant bouquet of heady hydrangea on a slim entryway stand will not only look off-balance…they could get knocked over! Place larger arrangements on wider surfaces in bigger rooms. Those hydrangea might be perfect in the center of your twelve-person dining table with vaulted ceilings. Height can also be a consideration. Tall stalks of gladiolus or delphinium are beautiful near a bay window or other open space. In contrast, small bouquets of baby’s breath or ranunculus might get lost or under-appreciated in a cavernous living room, but look right at home on a guest room nightstand. Keep the size and shape of your bouquet in mind when you place it in your home, and keep your surfaces in mind when designing your floral centerpiece. 

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Adding your own floral centerpiece to the rooms in your home can be a truly satisfying experience. The more you play with colors, containers and sizes, the more comfortable you’ll become making your arrangements your own. Bring the freshness of nature into your own and indulge your own creative spirit when you design a DIY floral centerpiece for your home. For more ideas or help choosing your first arrangement’s blooms, talk to the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale. We’re happy to share our favorite ideas and give you tips about making your designs last as long as possible.