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Projects Guaranteed to Get Kids Outside

Whether you have kids around for the summer or full-time, it’s always smart to have a few projects on the back burner to stave off boredom. Creating projects that take you outside and teach children about nature are great ways to encourage a love for flowers, gardens and the great (backyard) outdoors. These backyard and garden-friendly projects from Cascade Floral Wholesale are all things you can do together, getting you and your kids outside and working with your hands. 

Build a Flower Box

Building a simple wooden flower box can give kids a sense of pride and satisfaction quickly- after all, there’s nothing like learning how to use a hammer! Let children personalize their box by painting their own designs on it. Once finished, kids can fill their flower box with new plants and flowers or choose a few from the garden! 


Set Up a Backyard Tent

Camping out under the stars has never been more fun than when kids get to do so in their own tent! Teach kids how to pitch a tent, start a (small, safe) fire, and catch fireflies in a jar. Set aside some backyard real estate for a small tent and give the kids a sleepover they’ll remember forever. Don’t forget the flashlights and s’mores!

Construct a Mason Bee Beehive

Attract friendly visitors to your garden with a mason beehive. Mason bees are easier to keep around than honeybees, and with a 95% pollination rate, they’ll grow your garden for you. Share the fun of cutting, painting and designing this beehive with kids, then find the perfect spot near the garden to hang it for inviting bees to join your garden!

Make a Cedar Birdhouse

If you need more wildlife in your yard, choose to build this cedar birdhouse with kids. Inexpensive and simple, you and the kids will spend far less time creating this little home and much more time watching your new neighbors join your backyard. Make daily trips to the feeder to replenish birdseed. You can even create a new hobby out of birdwatching!

Create Fairy Houses

For young children, the magic of a garden includes all creatures, real and imagined. Build tiny fairy houses out of sticks, moss, grass, and anything else they can scrape together. Set out little treats for the fairies and help children keep an eye out for visitors!

By building and creating your own garden accessories, you’ll build memories with your kids to last a lifetime. Not only will the actual projects get you off the couch and into the garage, but the final product will result in plenty of great outside time together. After a good day building together, pour some lemonade and head out to the garden to watch for the birds, the bees, the fireflies…and maybe even a few garden fairies. Share your projects with us at Cascade Floral Wholesale and pick up some flowers to adorn your new creations. We love to see your creativity hard at work.