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The Amazing Aster

Asters are having their moment as we move into fall. Shared with Morning Glories, Asters are the stars of September and bring a wealth of beauty and symbolism to this season. Grown in damp, cool climates and seasons, asters bring cheerfulness to every garden. With so many varieties, Asters can be found at 8 inches up to 8 feet tall, in a rainbow of colors ranging from white and pink to deep blue and lavender. Cascade Floral Wholesale is proud to offer multiple varieties of this versatile flower for planting in your fall garden or simply displaying for the changing of seasons. 


Asters come from a long lineage of historical references, dating all the way back to Greek mythology, where they get their name (“Aster” is Greek for “star”). Greek mythology tells the story of Asterea, the goddess who couldn’t see the stars when she looked into the night sky. Saddened that she couldn’t even see her namesake, she began to cry. Small, star-shaped flowers sprung up where each of her tears fell, and asters have had a place in our gardens ever since. Even Thomas Jefferson loved these colorful, star-shaped blooms- he cultivated several varieties, including China Asters, on his estate Monticello in Virginia. 


It wasn’t until the Victorians in England got a glimpse of Asters that they began to carry significant meaning with them. In an age where the color and variety of a flower meant everything in coded, secret communication, asters conveyed the perfect message. Purple, the most popular variety, represented wisdom and royalty, while white asters represented purity, innocence, and perfection. Red Asters spoke of devotion and pink Asters were the Victorian symbol of love. Nowadays we send Asters as the official representative of September birthdays, as well as 20th wedding anniversaries.

Planting & Growing

Asters prefer regions with cool, moist summers and evenings. Planting them in the spring after the last frost has melted will generate a beautiful aster-rich garden by September. Be sure to avoid direct sunlight and space them about 1-3 feet apart (depending on the variety you plant). Don’t overwater, but keep them slightly moist. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we recommend planting Asters as a border plant around walkways or garden edges, or to attract pollinators like bees and butterflies! We also love including these delicate beauties in larger floral bouquets to create rich texture and color. 

Include the beauty of starry Asters in your garden or home this fall and create a fall landscape you’ll be proud of. Since Asters are the symbolic flower of September, this is the perfect time to add these sweet, star-shaped blooms to your garden or throughout your home. Cheerful and delicate, asters will bring a delightful mood to any scene. Plus now that you know their history, they make a great talking point with guests and neighbors! Ask the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale to help you include asters in your next floral or gardening project. We’ll be happy to help you select the best varieties for your home.