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How to Create Stunning Floral Arrangements with Zinnias

up close of pink Zinnia

Zinnias are loved by both florists and gardeners for their attractive, full shape and colorful varieties. They are easy to grow and care for and look amazing in arrangements with other florals or on their own. Because the zinnia is a hardy bloom and easy to grow, it is often used as a filler flower and considered more of a ‘basic” flower. Here at Cascade Wholesale Flowers, we think zinnias are spectacular with some truly gorgeous varieties, such as Zinnia Oaklahoma, Purple Prince, Peppermint, and Cactus-Flowered Zinnias. 

A summer zinnia flower branches isolated on white background

Zinnias are a genus of the sunflower plant in the daisy family, and there are 22 recognized types of zinnias, with zinnia elegans being the most popular. Native to Mexico and Central America, zinnias are named after German botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn, who discovered these colorful blooms and imported them into Europe. 

Pink yellow and red zinnias


Different types of zinnias vary in appearance and size and have either single- or double-formed petals. The zinnia elegans variety most closely resembles the dahlia due to its numerous, doubled-rolled petals. In fact, zinnias are often used as a substitute bloom for the dahlia. 

To bring out the beauty and brightness of the lovely zinnia, use the below floral arranging tips to make this underrated bloom shine! 

Bouquet of zinnia on the table on a blue background. Flowers in a vase. Copy space.

Leaves the stems long

Unless you are creating a traditional mound-shape arrangement, leave the zinnia stems long to allow for interesting shapes, forms, and dimensions within the design. Plus, there’s just something about longer stems that make them appear more elegant yet more naturally wild at the same time. 

zinnia flowers in bucket on white background

Remove all the leaves from the stem

To highlight the interesting shape, line, and elongated form of the stem, it must be clean and free of all foliage. Removing all the leaves accomplishes this as well as enhances its linear quality. The natural curve of the stem does a great job of adding motion, action, and a dynamic quality to the design. 

Bouquet of zinnia flowers

Leave open spaces

Your instinct may be to group zinnias close together to create a voluminous mound of colorful petals, but leaving ample space in between individual stems produces the appearance of depth and openness while allowing the flowers to “breathe.”  An open arrangement such as this also allows the eye to fall upon each bloom, taking in its individual beauty rather than competing with an overabundance of petals. 

Flower bouquet in vase in a garden setting

Pair zinnias with skinny filler flowers and greenery

Most zinnia varietals have broad, smooth petals that are layered upon each other to create a full, ruffled look. To highlight this characteristic, avoid placing similarly wide-petaled blooms, such as hydrangea, roses, and daisies, next to zinnias, or the design might start to look overly poofy and monotonous. Instead, use finely-textured filler flowers and greenery such as celosia, globe thistle, feather eucalyptus, bear grass, Queen Anne’s lace, or baby’s breath. The contrast between the thin and the wide, the light and the heavy, and the flat texture with non-flat is what will make your design exciting and full of interesting energy.

Multi-colored zinnia flowers close-up on wooden table

Use double-flowering zinnias

Voluminous, globe-shaped, double-form blooms like Oklahomas, Queens, and Zinderellas are the best types of zinnias to use as they are gorgeous, lush, and eye-catching. These large, spherical blooms are perfect focal flowers, while single-petal varieties work well as secondary flowers in an arrangement. 

Close up of zinnia flowers in vase

Using the above design tips is a great way to start experimenting with creating striking designs with the unique shape, texture, and colors of zinnias. You just might find this under-the-radar-bloom is your new favorite flower to work with!

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Beautiful Blue Flowers of Summer

We love summer flowers for their vibrancy, rich hues, and the vast array of poppin’ yellows, oranges, reds, pinks, and whites. Often hidden in the sea of brightly-colored blooms, summer’s lovely blue flowers command attention in their own right by complementing rather than competing with showier blooms. You can find blue flowers in a variety of shades ranging from baby blue, royal blue, navy blue, indigo, and blue-violet. 

In the language of flowers and color symbolism, blue represents serenity, tranquility, intelligence, and spirituality. Blue flowers evoke feelings of calmness and peacefulness and can promote relaxation and contentment. Coming home to a beautiful bouquet of blue flowers after a long day is a great way to decompress and enjoy their beauty. Blue flowers are very versatile and pair well with any other flower color, whether bright, dark, warm, or pastel. 

If you’re ready to experiment with blue flowers, here are some of our favorites we love designing with.

Purple blue flowers of Campanula persicifolia (peach-leaved bellflower) on blurred background. Selective focus. Close-up of petals with raindrops. Nature concept for design


These lovely bell-shaped blossoms make great cut flowers. The bellflower is a perennial plant that offers up light blue to blue-violet colored blooms from June into October.

Balloon flower (Platycodon)

Balloon Flower

Ballon Flowers grow in clumps and are members of the Bellflower family. Instead of blossoming into the shape of a bell, these flowers unfurl into a beautiful star shape. Balloon flowers grow all summer long in an intense shade of blue-violet. 

Cornflower blooming in Japan


The charming, bright blue cornflower is an annual small bloom that resembles a tiny carnation. Also known as bachelor’s buttons, cornflowers are great cut flowers to add to any arrangement for shape, texture, and awesome blue color. They also are great blooms for drying. 

blue Delphinium flowers


A tall flower with a column of bright blooms, delphiniums add drama to any garden or arrangement. These gorgeous blooms come in a shade of vibrant blue and have a lengthy vase life. 

Bouquet of blue forget-me on a wooden background


These beautiful small flowers feature pink buds that bloom into delicate 5-petal blue blossoms. Each stem has its own small flower at the end but is surrounded by numerous others creating a full, voluminous effect.

A muscari armeniacum flower or commonly known as grape hyacinth in spring garden

Grape Hyacinth

A tall stem with clusters of small round blooms that resemble grapes, the striking hyacinth flower comes in a variety of blue shades, from pale to intense blue-violet. Grape hyacinths are great for adding height, texture, and intrigue to floral arrangements. 

hydrangea blue hydrangeas summer


A florist favorite, lush and bountiful hydrangeas are beautiful. The blue variety is particularly lovely and will add charm and grace to any floral design. 

Blue Morning glory

Morning Glory

Morning glory flowers bloom on a vine and produce large, round blossoms with heart-shaped leaves. The beautiful morning glory comes in a vibrant blue shade with a yellow and white center, adding a bit of welcome contrast and drama.

Scabiosa columbaria close-up, Butterfly Blue, Small scabious, perennial herb with dissected leaves and up to 4 cm across lavender blue flower heads.

Pincushion Flower

Also known as Scabiosa flower, these small, button-like blooms can steal away the attention of larger blossoms. Beautiful, unique, and growing in shades of dark blue, the pincushion flower is a wonderful accent flower to include in your bouquet.  

Sea Holly blue thistle Eryngium flowers growing in the garden

Sea Holly

Another striking and mighty small bloom with a lot of character is the sea holly. Affixed to the end of tall stems and resembling the thistle, sea holly comes in a striking purple-blue color that is perfect for adding drama, texture, and height to your design.

From daisies to dahlias, delphiniums, and hydrangeas, Cascade Wholesale Flower has a large selection of summer blooms for all your floral projects.