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Discover the Charming Scabiosa (Pincushion) Flower

The Scabiosa flower, also known as the Pincushion flower, is a small but mighty bloom that stands out due to its spiky ball-like center and skinny yet sturdy stem. Growing in a wide array of bright and dramatic hues, they add interest, whimsy, fun, and a pop of color to mixed bouquets. A gathering of pincushion flowers only, though, is absolutely charming! We love this interesting little bloom here at Cascade Flowers! Read to find out why!

There are over 1000 species of Scabiosa florals, a herbaceous perennial that belongs to the honeysuckle family.  This sweetly scented, non-toxic bloom grows in white, lavender, pink, cream, red, and burgundy. Scabiosa make wonderful garden flowers for their unique look and because they attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies. 

The word “Scabiosa” comes from Latin and means “to scratch.” In medieval times, Scabiosa blooms were used in herbal remedies to relieve the itch of scabies. African tribes also used to use this flower for treating coughs, fever, and internal inflammation. 

Scabiosa Description

The Scabiosa flower is frequently called a “pincushion” flower because of its round head studded with numerous, long needle-like stamens which resemble pins on a pincushion. This characteristic creates a wonderful contrast with the wispy, delicate petals surrounding it. 

Scabiosa Flower Symbolism

Certain species of Scabiosa flowers feature dark petals representing death or widowhood, which has contributed to this floral also being called mourning bride and mourning widow. In this context, the symbolism of the scabiosa flower is unfortunate love. In another context, though, due to its sweet fragrance and overall charming radiance, the Scabiosa also symbolizes pure love and peace. 

Scabiosa Design Uses

As a cut flower, the Scabiosa bloom is very versatile and works well as a filler flower as well as a focal point. Its light texture, spiky look, and rich color pack a perfectly charming punch. This is a terrific bloom to add to floral arrangements, either fresh or dried. Scabiosa brings an ethereal, delicate, and intriguing flavor to your home. 

Popular Scabiosa Varieties

Butterfly Blue – A popular flower for gardeners and for brides due to its lovely deep lavender color.

Black Knight – A bloom with burgundy flowers surrounding prominent white stamens.

Fama White – A varietal that produces larger,  white flowers and thrives in cooler weather.

Pink Mist – A delicate blossom with pink flowers that are nearly translucent.

Creative Ways to Use Scabiosa Blooms in Your Wedding

  • Use as decoration on the place setting. Tied together with some lavender and a touch of foliage and you’ve got a creative and unique statement piece. 
  • These button-like flowers make great boutonnieres. They will hold their shape and color throughout the day and offer a wonderfully unique design alone or paired with other florals. 
  • Scabiosa pods (the seeds of the plant) are wonderful textured round balls formed by many circles with small flowers within. These pods are great for using in wedding cake decoration or other floral arrangements for texture and intrigue.
  • Add pincushion flowers to the bridal bouquet for a texture, color, contrast, and a pop of color. 

This little flower has a big personality! Include Scabiosa booms in your floral arrangements and you’ll see what we’re talking about. View some of our Scabiosa blooms now.