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Georgeous flower Arrangement in Pink and Purple

Create Stunning Fall Floral Arrangements

As summer fades into cooler weather, shorter days and fewer leaves on the trees, we start to notice the subtle changes nature brings. Beyond our own obsessions with scarves, boots and pumpkin spice lattes, the world around us transforms. Leaves change from bright greens to yellows, oranges and reds. The rich texture of tree branches, pine cones and seeds are exposed. Fruit and fall vegetables are harvested in abundance. And those bright summer hues that indicate fun and warmth fade to deeper, muted tones that makes us want to crawl under a blanket. Autumn is arriving, and the floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale have some great floral designs to surround yourself with the essence of fall in your own space this season. 

Bold Colors

The bold colors of fall make any space feel more dramatic and homey at the same time. Choose antique colors like deep mauve, gold, rust, copper, ochre and champagne for a full effect. Reflecting the light and whimsical colors found on a walk in the woods this time of year is a great way to emphasize the beauty of autumn. These deep, muted hues also bring out the exotic textures found in fall foliage. There is no color combination on the fall spectrum that doesn’t work beautifully with other fall colors. Feel empowered to mix and match these beautiful hues as you explore all that autumn has to offer.

Non-Floral Materials

This season is full of texture and non-floral material. Add elements of nature to your floral designs this season to bring out the fullness of autumn. Pods, pinecones and branches are a great way to add rich texture to your floral design, as the rough edges create a contrast to the soft floral petals of chrysanthemums, daisies, roses and dahlias. Fall is also harvest season, so including apples, pears, squash, or cotton to an arrangement of sunflowers will highlight the abundance of the season. Lush grasses and stalks of foliage make for unusual visual effects as well in autumn designs.

Georgeous flower Arrangement in Pink and Purple
Georgeous Arrangement in Pink and Purple

Unusual Shapes 

The boldness of autumn encourages a sense of the dramatic that can be exhibited in your fall flowers, depending on the space you have. Tall, boastful designs look amazing in rooms with high ceilings, while natural, sprawling pieces are beautiful atop a formal dining room table. For an entryway or hallway, a cascading design that mimics a cornucopia of flowers and fall material will delight the senses. Include reeds and sweeping ferns to add height, frothy ming ferns or crawling vines to create a natural look, or large, oversized anthurium or hydrangea blooms to fill a wide space. 

The look of fall is simple to achieve and dramatic to discover. The plethora of material, color and shapes make designing your own autumn floral arrangement exciting and fun. Let nature work with you to create dynamic designs for every room in your home. Talk to the floral professionals at Cascade Floral Wholesale for more amazing design ideas for your fall flowers this season.