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Autumn Brings Lovely Colors

Fall is approaching, and with it comes the vibrant hues of the turning leaves. Autumn also brings the lovely colors of Chrysanthemums, Marigolds, and golden Sunflowers. Traditional colors of bronze, orange and yellow complement the fall holiday displays for Halloween and Thanksgiving. In contrast, some varieties of fall flowers enhance your home décor with bright pinks and reds, and purples. Cascade Floral Wholesale offers a variety of ways to add autumn blooms to your decoration ideas. We offer many floral decorating options for the autumn season.

Decorating With Mums

There are so many ways to incorporate Chrysanthemums into your home décor. Why not try a monochromatic display with several varieties of mums in shades of yellow that will complement your color scheme inside your home? Chrysanthemums can be an inexpensive way to provide a lovely floral display for a dining room table or coffee table. Place mums in a colorful container and add boost the décor of a porch, deck or other outdoor space. Even a few well-placed blooms can add beauty and texture to any fall décor. Bright, showy mums showcase your lovely home and can be a centerpiece for your fall decorations.

Grouping of Sunflowers

Arrange Golden Sunflowers in Displays

With their bright yellow petals that often remind us of sunshine, these flowers, with contrasting centers, make a pleasing addition to almost any arrangement! Include sunflowers to bring happiness and cheer into your autumn season. Just like the people who admire these blooms, sunflowers tell the world that you are an enthusiastic and optimistic person who enjoys life. Place them throughout your home for a positive energy boost!

bunch of yellow and orange marigolds

Welcome Friends with Sunny Marigolds

Marigolds are truly a friend of autumn. With colors ranging from deep russet to a milky cream, arranging several different varieties of Marigolds on your front porch will add the familiar fall colors to your outdoor décor. Hardy plants, Marigolds can withstand heat and dry weather while still blooming beautifully right up to the beginning of winter’s chilly weather. These flowers are easy to grow but do prefer lots of sunlight to bring out the bright fall hues.

fall flowers bunch

Although the seasons of fall can bring change in the weather, several flower varieties, including chrysanthemums, marigolds, and bright sunflowers can make you feel like the temperatures are warm and the days are sunny. These blooms can also create that sense of falling leaves, changing colors, and a little nip in the air.  Do you prefer the soft whites of the single bloom mum, the spiked, thin petals of the quilled bloom are even the cushion mums with large, bushy flowers? The vivid colors of marigolds with their round shapes and bright colors are perfect for fall holiday decorating. Sunflowers bring warmth and beauty to your home. Your autumn decorating just got easier. Give Cascade Floral Wholesale a chance to show you how lovely these fall flowers can be.