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3 Reasons Why Amnesia Roses and Garden Roses Will Be Everywhere This Year

Everyone loves roses and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. With sweet-smelling aromas, beautiful, stately petal designs, and classic meanings behind their colors, roses have been adored for centuries. These garden beauties have been praised in literature, art, and poetry for thousands of years, playing major roles in medicine, perfume, home decor, music, and fashion.

Before being introduced in the Western world, roses were cultivated in ancient Asia and throughout the Orient. Hardy enough to survive in a variety of conditions, species of these enduring blossoms have been mixed and matched to create new, modern varieties we have today. Of those modern varieties, Cascade Floral Wholesale is realizing two are making waves lately: the amnesia rose and the garden rose. Discover why these are becoming so popular and fall in love with your new favorite rose.

Amnesia Roses

Thanks to recent fashion trends, vintage everything is becoming popular again. This is especially true for weddings, where trends and timeless classics meet. The Amnesia Rose fits perfectly into this motif. Here’s why:

  • Color: Boasting almost indescribable shades of mauve, lavender, beige, and moss green, the Amnesia Rose brings a natural sepia-toned look to any bouquet. A perfect fit for vintage decor, the Amnesia Rose brings a classic antique look to the party. When used in wedding arrangements, a bouquet of Amnesia Roses can stand alone or beautifully blend with hydrangea, peonies and other age-old blooms. This haunting flower has all of the intrigue and depth a vintage wedding is hoping to convey. 
  • Texture: With a lack of thorns and a mystifying scent, the Amnesia Rose makes a perfect hand-held bouquet. Brides can confidently walk the aisle with these subtle beauties in hand, knowing the scent will only add to the allure and magic of their wedding day. 
  • Purpose: For a truly antique, classic look, include Amnesia Roses in your wedding bouquet or floral arrangements. These enchanting blooms also make wonderful gifts and can add a deep aestheticism to any rustic or vintage decor. 
Amnesia Roses
Amnesia Roses

Garden Roses

Thanks to ancient cultivators, Garden Roses have been around for centuries, including the gardens of ancient Babylon. Paintings of Garden Roses have been found in Egyptian pyramids, and records of these beauties show they were grown in ancient Greek and Chinese gardens. Truly, this particular variety of rose is a classic. Once you experience the beauty of Garden Roses, you’ll understand the intrigue they bring. 

  • Color: Available in a variety of shades, garden roses are often soft pastel shades of creamy yellow, blush pink and papery white. However, it’s not unusual to also find them in shades of deep lavender or royal purple, dark red, or even bright coral. As a hardy, adaptable variety of rose, hybrid shades of colors were easily developed.
  • Texture: Resembling peonies with their tight blossoms and intricate petals, the delicate Garden Rose boasts thin, translucent petals with ruffled edges. Less open than other varieties of roses, Garden Roses tend to stay contained as the outer petals enclose dozens of petals within a tight circle. 
  • Purpose: Low maintenance and resilient to disease, insects, and even fairly harsh weather conditions, Garden Roses have gained a reputation over the centuries as a staple rose for any setting. Having survived for thousands of years, these wild, sprawling roses with such fragrant blooms still make fascinating and romantic additions to wedding bouquets, personal gardens, and home decor. 
Orange garden roses
Orange Garden Roses

While there are plenty of rose varieties available, the floral artisans at Cascade Wholesale Florists are always on the hunt for the most interesting and noteworthy blooms. The Amnesia Rose and the Garden Rose are two specific varieties that bring a gorgeous intrigue to any setting, especially weddings and other formal events. Showcase your sense of style and mystique when you feature Amnesia Roses and Garden Roses at your next big event.