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White calla lilies

Elevating Your Vow Renewal with Fresh Flowers

Renewing your vows is a time-honored way to reaffirm your commitment to your partner while all your loved ones bear witness. To have the most romantic experience possible, incorporate fresh flowers into your ceremony and reception. Whether you’ve chosen a beach, mountain, desert, wilderness, or indoor setting, vibrant blooms can help set the mood. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, you are sure to find the perfect blooms that bring any floral vision to life and elevate your venue to perfection.

Bride and groom wearing leis

Classic Beach Vow Renewal Blooms

Arguably one of the most popular locales for a vow renewal is the beach, with gorgeous water views and sandy shores that flood the senses. Complement this natural beauty with flowers that speak to the essence of the ocean and the beauty of the tropics. White and pastel-colored blooms, such as anthuriums, anemones, and protea, resonate with the energy of the sea and surrounding fauna. Fasten them to a floral arch and feature them in the bridal bouquet and accompanying arrangements. Gift members of the wedding party leis fashioned from orchids to complete the tropical aesthetic, which can be as simple or over-the-top as you like.

Women in green and white dress holding winter bouquet

Flowers for a Dramatic Mountain Vow Renewal

Sweeping mountain vistas and crisp country air set the stage for a scenic and dramatic vow renewal; this venue is ideal for those who embrace tall trees and bright wintry settings. Lean into the nuance of the landscape with ranunculus, daisies, and snapdragons to add charm to bouquets, boutonnieres, and arrangements. Pair blooms with rustic greenery that complement the slopes around you. If you’re renewing your vows during the colder months, seasonal flowers like winter roses and evergreen foliage are aesthetically on point. Whether you exchange vows at the mountaintop or beside a lake, your flowers will add color and elegance to the idyllic peaks surrounding you.

Succulent bridal bouquet

Renewing in the Desert in Harmony with Nature

A desert vow renewal conjures images of endless starry skies at night, impossibly blue skies during the day, and vast expanses of rugged landscapes that shift with every season. Choose fresh flowers that can withstand the climate and complement its arid beauty while elevating the setting. Consider rosette succulents, cacti, and roses for your statement blooms, accompanied by accents like feathers and eucalyptus. Terracotta pots or rustic vases can add an earthy touch to the decor and centerpieces. If you want to turn up the wow factor, ensure your ceremony coincides with the desert’s natural blooming season, when all the colorful flora in the area bursts to life.

Bride and groom with boho wedding bouquet

Saying “I do” Once Again in the Wilderness

If you and your partner share a love for adventures out in the woods, an intimate wilderness vow renewal is the perfect choice. A ceremony and reception held in the company of endless maple and oak trees will provide the perfect cozy vibe, especially in autumn when the bold colors of the changing leaves set fire to the landscape. Go boho with your wedding arrangements that conjure woodsy energy; dahlias pair effortlessly with spray roses, eucalyptus, foxtail grass, and pampas grass. Incorporate wooden accents such as birch bark to add a rustic element. The bohemian decor mingling with the natural surroundings will make your vow renewal a scene out of a fairytale in an enchanted forest.

Bride holding bouquet of calla lilies

An Elegant Indoor Vow Renewal

If you prefer a more controlled setting but don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics, an indoor vow renewal gives you plenty of opportunities to incorporate fresh flowers in sophisticated ways. Whether you choose a grand ballroom, an intimate chapel, or simply host the affair in your home, blooms can transform the space from a regular setting into a dreamy garden. A tastefully adorned floral arch can be the focal point, creating an idyllic backdrop for your renewal. Create centerpieces that align with your theme and color scheme. Make calla lilies the star for minimalist arrangements, or go in the opposite direction with roses, protea, and ranunculus for dopamine decor. Consider incorporating fairy lights to add whimsy to the space.

No matter which venue you choose for your vow renewal ceremony, fresh flowers can elevate the occasion’s beauty and energy. Fresh blooms from Cascade Floral Wholesale will allow you to lean into the spirit of your theme and craft a setting that makes you fall in love all over again.