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How Home Design Trends Influence Floral Design Trends

Home design and floral arranging are two connected art forms, each drawing inspiration from the other while they have a significant, independent impact on other aesthetic fields. Trends within each world evolve as years go by, impacting everything from color palettes to lines, shapes, materials, and bloom selection. At Cascade Floral Wholesale in Everett, Washington, we’re diving into the nuanced interplay between these two creative domains and how they shape our homes and arrangements.

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The Influence of Cultural and Regional Styles

Cultural and regional home design styles can have a profound impact on floral design. Whether it’s the rustic and organized influences of Scandinavian decor, the luxury of traditional Middle Eastern interiors, or the geometric lines and earthiness of Japanese design, these stylistic cues inspire unique floral arrangements. Flowers, in this context, become a vessel for cultural expression and storytelling.

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Color Palettes and Harmonious Blends

One of the most apparent connections between home and floral design is color. The palette you choose for your home interior dictates the hues in your floral arrangements. For example, if pastel shades are the “in” thing in home design, you’ll likely see floral designers incorporating these soft shades into their arrangements. It’s all about creating harmony and making the flowers feel like an organic part of home decor.

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Design Styles and Aesthetic Cohesion

Interior design trends influence the choice of design styles in floral arrangements. For instance, the minimalist and modern design trend in homes led to a surge in demand for sleek and contemporary floral designs. They often featured clean lines, minimalist arrangements, and a focus on the beauty of individual blooms. Conversely, more maximalist home decor trends inspired large, lush floral arrangements with a variety of colors and flower types.

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Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Choices

As sustainability and eco-friendliness became central themes in all facets of life, including interior design, these principles have extended to flower arranging. Many individuals and designers are opting for sustainable flowers and using eco-friendly materials for arrangements. Specifics include selecting flowers grown on ethical farms and adopting practices like reusing the vases that come with floral delivery in home design.

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Seasonal Transitions and Inspired Themes

Seasonal home design trends often influence the choice of flowers in arrangements. During the winter, evergreen branches and deep red blooms may be favored to complement a cozy, holiday-themed interior. In the spring, pastels and delicate blossoms mirror the rejuvenation of nature. Floral designers frequently use the changing seasons as inspiration to reflect the transitions happening within our homes.

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Textures, Patterns, and Embellishments

Textures and patterns are crucial elements in home design, and these elements find their way into floral design as well. The interplay between fabrics, furniture, and home decor often inspires designers to incorporate diverse textures and patterns in their floral creations. Accent blooms, ribbons, containers, and other embellishments in floral design can complement the textiles and materials in our living spaces.

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Outdoor Spaces and Gardens

As home design trends increasingly emphasized outdoor living spaces and gardens — especially during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic — floral arrangements that connect indoor and outdoor aesthetics gained popularity. Bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside is a concept that continues to become more prevalent in home design, making incorporating fresh flowers and plants a fitting way to beautify your space.

The connection between home design trends and floral design trends is undeniable. Both creative fields share the goal of creating spaces and arrangements that reflect beauty, style, and personality. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we’re ready to help you select everything you need to keep your home and floral on-trend and looking great.