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Protea and fall flowers

Trending Autumn Hues and Floral Color Palettes

With its crisp air, falling leaves, and pumpkin-spiced everything, autumn is a season to look forward to every year. As the world outside transforms into a tapestry of warm, earthy tones, so can your floral arrangements. Embracing the trending autumn hues allows you to bring the spirit of the season into your bouquets and centerpieces. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, the premier floral shop in Everett, Washington, we’re exploring the trending floral color palettes perfect for celebrating this vibrant time of year.

Fall bouquet with pastel roses

Flowers Perfect for the Pastel Halloween Trend

While Halloween is typically associated with dark and spooky colors, there’s a growing trend for incorporating pastels into the holiday’s aesthetic. Pastel Halloween decor offers a gentle and arguably unexpected twist on tradition. In your floral arrangements, consider using flowers like:

Shimmer roses: These peachy-pink blossoms add elegance to Halloween-themed arrangements. Paired with darker accents, they create a beautifully contrasting effect.

Toffee roses: With a shade similar to butterscotch, toffee roses can bring an earthy and bohemian quality to your Halloween bouquets. They work well with pale pumpkins and ghostly decorations.

Cappuccino roses: The light, pumpkin-spiced latte hue of cappuccino roses can balance the intensity of bold Halloween colors, complementing the moodier flowers.

Fall bouquet with orange roses

Orange Roses and Carnations Bring Fall Energy

Orange is undeniably the signature color of fall. The perennially popular tone represents the changing leaves, harvest time, and the warmth of a crackling fire. Incorporating orange flowers into your arrangements evokes the essence of the season. Some options include:

Orange crush roses: These classic blooms radiate warmth and energy, making them perfect for fall bouquets. Pair them with deep greens, purples, and brown accents for a quintessential autumn look.

Bold orange carnations: Carnations are versatile and long-lasting. Their fiery hues make them a budget-friendly choice for fall floral arrangements.

Autumn-inspired mixed bouquets: Combine orange roses and carnations with greenery, berries, and foliage for a sophisticated representation of the season’s bounty.

Sunflowers, Golden Roses, and Yellow Mums Reflect Autumn’s Light

Fall bouquet with sunflowers and yellow roses

Nothing captures the feeling of autumn like the warm glow of sunlight filtering through colorful trees. You can mimic this effect with flowers in shades of yellow and gold, such as:

Classic sunflowers: These iconic blooms radiate the sun’s warmth and are a traditional choice for autumn arrangements. Their large blossoms make excellent focal points in bouquets and centerpieces.

Golden yellow roses: Golden roses naturally project elegance and grace. They add sophistication and brightness to your fall florals while still embracing the season’s color palette.

Yellow chrysanthemums: These cheerful flowers are a staple in any fall arrangement. Their yellow hue symbolizes positivity and joy, making them an ideal choice for those sunnier autumn days.

Burgundy and Purple Mums Herald the Coming Darkness

Fall bouquet with purple mums

As autumn progresses, the days grow shorter and the nights become longer as all the leaves slowly fall from the trees. This transition is beautifully reflected in the deeper, more mysterious colors of burgundy and purple. Consider incorporating these shades with the following flowers:

Rich burgundy mums: Deep burgundy mums remind us that twilight is settling in. You can use them to create a sense of depth and contrast in your arrangements.

Dark purple mums: These mysterious blossoms shine boldly in their deep plum shade. They bring sophistication and mystery to your fall bouquets.

Red roses: Symbolizing love and beauty, red roses are a classic option that adds magic to any floral design. They pair well with other jewel-toned flowers and foliage.

Woman holding fall floral bouquet

Complete Your Arrangement With Autumn Accent Flowers

To truly capture the spirit of autumn, don’t forget to incorporate accent flowers and foliage that complement your chosen color palette. Here are some options to consider:

Dried pampas grass: Nothing brings a boho vibe more than flowing, dried pampas grass, which adds movement and texture to fall arrangements. This floral accent is popular at rustic fall barn weddings.

Hypericum berries: Available in a beautiful burgundy shade with bright green stems, hypericum berries bring texture and visual interest to bouquets.

Dried Italian ruscus white: Dried ruscus can be nestled among your statement blooms to provide a ghostly contrast while adding a free-flowing and natural vibe.

Embracing the trending autumn hues and floral color palettes allows you to create arrangements that capture the essence of the season of milled wine, apple picking, and haunted hayrides. Let the team at Cascade Floral Wholesale get you started on your fall flower journey today.