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Garlands of flowers

Tips for Incorporating Stunning DIY Flowers Into Weddings and Events

Flowers are an essential element of any special event or celebration, such as weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and engagement parties. They add a touch of elegance, romance, and natural beauty to the decor and help create a cohesive and memorable style. If you’re planning to DIY an upcoming special event, incorporating flowers is the perfect way to personalize your celebration — and we here at Cascade Floral Wholesale can help you pull it off without a hitch.

Wedding centerpiece with hydrangeas

Centerpieces for All Special Events
One of the most common (dare we say best) uses for flowers at special events is alluring centerpieces. These can range from tall and dramatic to short and round and can be styled in a variety of ways to match your event’s theme, style, color palette, or other floral decor. For example, if you’re planning a rustic outdoor wedding, consider using wildflowers, greenery, and earthy elements like wood or moss to create a natural and organic centerpiece. If you prefer a more modern and chic look, consider using monochromatic flowers, geometric shapes, or metallic accents. The possibilities are endless.

Flowers adorning chandelier

Flower Accents for Engagement Parties
There are so many opportunities for floral creativity at engagement parties. A great opportunity to add some fresh and elegant flower accents is the drink and dessert table. While you look back on candid photos of guests mingling and making toasts, you will appreciate the extra attention to these gorgeous flower details. You can also create miniature arrangements or “centerpieces” for cocktail tables to elevate the look and feel of the engagement party. If you are really looking to create a posh or sophisticated atmosphere, DIY a few hanging floral installations, such as ornamenting chandeliers with blossoms or suspending floral hoops. Accent with string lights for a romantic and whimsical ambiance.

Friends at bridal shower wearing corsages

Wearable Florals for Bridal Showers
Wearable blooms, such as corsages and boutonnieres, are a great way to incorporate DIY flowers into your bridal shower. Whether you’re a part of the wedding party creating these special accessories for the bride or groom, the entire wedding party, or a few honorees, they add a posh touch of elegance and sophistication. Customize the blooms to match the shower’s color scheme or the wedding’s floral theme. Be sure to check out our guides for putting together corsages and boutonnieres for step-by-step instructions on creating your own wearable blooms. 

Boho wedding altar with blooms and pampas grass

Wedding Ceremony Altar Pieces
If you’ve attended a loved one’s wedding, then you know that the ceremony floral designs are a major focal point during the event. When designing wedding altarpieces, go for big, bold flower arrangements that draw guests’ eyes to the main event. These flowers should complement or match the style of the rest of the wedding as well as additional floral designs, such as centerpieces, bouquets, and accent arrangements. Once the ceremony has ended, have the fantastic altarpieces moved into the reception so you can further admire them. A lovely place for these arrangements might be on either side of the sweetheart table. 

FLoral arch with pink roses

Baby Shower Floral Arches
Instead of balloon arches for a baby shower, go for a more eco-friendly option that showcases the beauty of the natural world. Consider using pink, blue, green, or yellow flowers; you can even customize the colors and blooms to match your theme, such as using white or pink peonies for a baby girl shower or blue hydrangeas and succulents for a baby boy shower. Colors like yellow and green make for excellent gender-neutral options, a wonderful way to celebrate all new life. The floral arch can then serve as a backdrop for your baby shower photo booth — a great way to capture fun candid shots.

Incorporating DIY flowers into your special events can be a fun and creative way to personalize your celebration and add a touch of natural splendor. No matter the occasion, flowers are the backbone of stunning centerpieces, wearable blooms, ceremony pieces, and creative statement designs. To get started, shop your style at Cascade Floral Wholesale