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Mother's Day flowers, card, and wrapped present

Crafting the Perfect Homemade Floral Gift for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a lovely annual occasion to celebrate and appreciate the special bond you share with your mom. While you might already have Mother’s Day traditions or a fun day planned, thinking of the perfect gift for mom year after year can get a little difficult. That’s why your friends at Cascade Foral Wholesale are sharing fun, colorful, creative, and unique gift ideas for Mother’s Day that you can make yourself! Gifting Mom something that you have made with your own hands is certainly a thoughtful gesture that will show how much you care and love her. 

Flower Cards

Homemade Card with Flowers

Nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day” like a card, and why buy one when you can make one? An easy craft that the kids can even enjoy is making mom a homemade card with colorful markers or crayons and fresh flowers. Glue the stems to the front of the card or petals to the inside. Get creative with pictures, patterns, and interesting designs. Then, write a sweet note to your mom telling her all the things you love about her or what you appreciate most. Nothing can beat a homemade card from the heart. 

Corsage on a woman's lapel

Mother’s Day Corsage

A beautiful corsage is a classic Mother’s Day gift that will never go out of style. Whether worn on her lapel or wrist, a corsage is an excellent option for moms who love to dress up and appreciate timeless, sophisticated styles. To make a Mother’s Day corsage, start by choosing her favorite flowers and colors or something symbolic. Then, gather the blooms and tie them together with floral tape. Add a ribbon for a personal touch and elegance. Your mom is sure to love and cherish her new Mother’s Day accessory as she wears it all day long. 

Mom and daughter wearing flower crowns

Floral Crown & Garland

Pamper your mom like the queen she is this Mother’s Day with a beautiful homemade crown of fresh flowers. From matching family crowns to one of her own, this gift is ideal for the mom who likes to have fun and get creative. Additionally, if you’re planning a Mother’s Day tea party, adorn her seat at the table with a luxurious floral garland. As the guest of honor, her chair should be the most beautiful, like a queen’s throne.

Colorful spring wreath for mom's front door

Spring Wreath for the Front Door

A wreath is a beautiful way to welcome spring and celebrate Mother’s Day. You can make a quaint and colorful spring wreath for your mom’s front door by using fresh flowers and greenery. Start with a wreath form and cover it with moss or greenery. Then, add flowers and embellishments to create a charming and welcoming design. Finally, hang the wreath on your mom’s front door for a fresh Mother’s Day surprise. Each time she comes home, she’ll think of you and your love.

Kid kissing mom on the cheek and giving her flowers

Bouquet for Brunch

Presenting your mom with a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut stems is a wonderful way to begin a Mother’s Day brunch. This thoughtful gesture will undoubtedly make your mom feel loved and appreciated and fill her heart with joy. Arrange her favorite spring blooms in an ornate vase or a seasonal basket, or wrap them in rustic-looking paper for a natural yet chic look. Whether she loves a good centerpiece or always has fresh flowers in her home, this is the perfect homemade Mother’s Day gift.

Child making pressed flower art

Pressed Flower Art

Pressed flower art is a brilliant way to preserve the beauty of flowers for years to come and is a spectacular idea for a Mother’s Day gift. No matter your age, you can create pressed flower bookmarks, framed artwork, or even jewelry using your mom’s favorite blooms. Making pressed flower art is as easy as it sounds. After pressing the stems inside a heavy book, you can glue them to cardstock to create a new bookmark for the mother who loves to read, frame them for the mom who loves handmade home decor, or, if you’re feeling ambitious, create one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces! 

Let your gift stand out this Mother’s Day by putting time, effort, thought, and, of course, flowers into it! Whether making something your mom can use or cherish or something that will simply brighten up her day and make her heart full, Cascade Floral Wholesale has the best flowers for your homemade gift. It’s time to get creative and make something truly special for Mom.