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Say What You Mean on Valentine’s Day with the Right Colored Flowers

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, so it’s time to start thinking about that special someone in your life (or the one you’d like to bring into your world someday soon!). While there are plenty of ways to let someone know how you feel about them, at Cascade Floral Wholesale we think the best way to express your feelings is with flowers! And on Valentine’s Day, we believe it’s best when those flowers are roses. But it’s important to know what each color represents when sending roses. While the meaning behind many other flowers tended to go by the wayside at the end of the Victorian era, the meaning behind rose colors still stands strong today. Make sure you say what you mean when sending flowers to your sweetie!

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Choose Your Rose Colors Carefully

Sending a present to commemorate a special birthday or anniversary is always a thrill. You hope they’ll love it, that they’ll feel your meaning and appreciate the effort you made. This is even more fun when you’ve chosen a gift that in some way symbolizes something special between you or has a deeper meaning. Beginning in Victorian times, flowers of certain colors were sent as gifts to communicate a particular message. Since roses come in such a variety of colors, these were a favorite choice for saying “I love you,” “I like you,” or communicating messages of purity, friendship, energy or mystery. These days, many of meanings behind rose colors have been lost or set aside. Here, the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale present the true meanings of rose colors by showing the difference in meaning from similar-hued blooms. 

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