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Choose Your Rose Colors Carefully

Sending a present to commemorate a special birthday or anniversary is always a thrill. You hope they’ll love it, that they’ll feel your meaning and appreciate the effort you made. This is even more fun when you’ve chosen a gift that in some way symbolizes something special between you or has a deeper meaning. Beginning in Victorian times, flowers of certain colors were sent as gifts to communicate a particular message. Since roses come in such a variety of colors, these were a favorite choice for saying “I love you,” “I like you,” or communicating messages of purity, friendship, energy or mystery. These days, many of meanings behind rose colors have been lost or set aside. Here, the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale present the true meanings of rose colors by showing the difference in meaning from similar-hued blooms. 

Red vs. Burgundy

We all know red roses are the iconic symbol of true love. Do NOT send these unless you want to communicate, without a doubt, your love and devotion to your recipient. Less classic but even more eye-catching are burgundy roses, which communicate a deeper passion and unconscious beauty. What a gorgeous alternative to a traditional classic!

White vs. Ivory

Pure white roses have long been associated with purity and innocence. As such, they are often seen in the hands of a blushing bride, or appropriately given as a symbol of respect and remembrance at funerals and memorial services. Ivory roses, on the other hand, send messages of gracefulness and thoughtfulness. These make a beautiful statement of thanks and can show you care without bringing romance into the equation. 

Light Pink vs. Dark Pink

Delicate light pink roses echo their bold red counterparts’ message of love by showing signs of affection. Communicate a budding romance with these sweet beauties. Dark pink roses, however, can mean deep appreciation and gratitude. Thus, through their versatility, dark pink roses have come to be a great way to brighten anyone’s day.

Yellow vs. Coral

Once standing for jealousy and infidelity (who sends flowers when infidelity is the message?), yellow roses now represent a sunny friendship. These make great gifts for sisters, friends, and coworkers because their message is completely non-romantic. On the other hand, coral roses express an energetic desire and fascination. Send these to the object of your affection after a first date to show your excitement at the newfound relationship. 

Peach vs. Orange

An understated bouquet of soft peach roses is the perfect symbol of sincerity and gratitude. Bring these along to your next dinner party as a hostess gift or send to your boss as a thank-you for all their hard work and support. However, reserve orange roses for that fun friend that lights up every room. These bright rebels of the rose family scream excitement and energy everywhere they go- so make sure they go to someone you know who does the same!

Lavender vs. Blue

All shades of lavender and purple have been associated with royalty for centuries. Send lavender roses to the queen in your life and communicate your enchantment at their magical presence in your life. Blue roses, despite the fact (and maybe even because of the fact) that they don’t exist in nature, have come to represent deep mystery and intrigue. Reserve these unusual blooms for the most extraordinary person in your life and only for rare, mystical occasions. 

Sending a meaningful gift is a great way to communicate your feelings in a new way. Roses have always had classic significance, so reviving the practice of sending a particular color of roses to say how you feel is a special way to make someone else feel loved and appreciated. For more great insights about the different meanings behind roses and their specific colors, talk to the professionals at Cascade Floral Wholesale. We’ll help you choose the perfect roses for the message you’re hoping to send.