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Choose Tropical Flowers for a Summer Vibe

When you’re arranging summer florals, or simply want to design a look that feels warm and sunny, tropical flowers are the way to go. With bright pops of colors and big, bold shapes, designs featuring tropical flowers are sure to bring a cheerful coastal vibe to any setting. The floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale are excited about our tropical collection and want to share with you the many ways you can include tropical flowers in your newest collections. 

Protea Pincushion Protea

Appearing like a mauve cluster, protea tend to add a spherical element to any arrangement. Their deep pocketed center will eventually be revealed as the long, layered petals begin to open. Pincushion protea come in bright yellows, reds and oranges and have thin, spindly petals with an oversized center. In a mid-size summer arrangement, protea are often the focal point. As such, only one or a few are needed to make a lasting impression. Be sure to arrange blooms with plenty of leafy tropical foliage in between to balance the design. 



Save Anthurium


Exotic, colorful and eye-catching, anthurium are sure to bring a tropical vibe to any arrangement.These Hawaiian natives feature a tall conical center atop one broad, flat petal for a truly engaging look. Pair white or blush-colored anthurium with deep green ti leaves, while red anthurium make a great arrangement with red ti leaves. While anthurium are seen in Hawaiian weddings, funerals and luaus, including them in any tropical arrangement will instantly up the island feel of the design. Anthurium are also likely to outlast any other blooms in the arrangement and look great with other tropical blooms like birds of paradise or orchids. 


Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Native to warm climates like South Africa and Australia, the Bird of Paradise flower is one of the most unique tropical flowers around. With leaves resembling a banana plant that bloom in bright yellow, orange and purple on top, the flower actually looks like a tropical bird. These flowers grow naturally in Florida, California and Hawaii, as well, since they require a lot of sun and warmth. Include these beauties in any tropical arrangement to add height, bright colors and sharp texture to any arrangement. 




The variety of orchids available is staggering, from cymbidium and mokara to dendrobium and phalaenopsis, each variety is unique in its own way. Stalks of cymbidium or mokara orchids are often included in tropical arrangements for their height and colorful additions, while dendrobium tends to be more vine-like, lending a different look to tropical designs. Phalaenopsis orchids can stand alone but also look amazing when surrounded by other tropical blooms or leaves. These sensitive, delicate blooms will always create a tropical vibe, while creating a colorful addition to any arrangement. 




Originally hailing from southeastern Asia, the root of the ginger plant has been used for centuries to make the spice we now associate with Christmas cookies. But the bloom of this versatile plant has a tropical look that creates a lovely foundation for any tropical arrangement. Typically white or pink, ginger grows reed-like upright, with petals that eventually turn yellow. This bloom is often used in landscaping in subtropical climates, giving it a strong association with tropical climates. Pair this bloom with broad, green island leaves for a lush, exotic design. 

There are so many great ways to create a tropical vibe in your summer floral designs. Adding any of these tropical blooms immediately brings a fresh island flair to floral arrangements. Mix and match some or all of these beauties to play with color, texture and height. No matter what results, you can be sure a warm summer look will be achieved. For more ideas about creating your summer designs with tropical blooms, talk to the floral professionals at Cascade Floral Wholesale. We’ll happily recommend our favorite tropical flowers and give you tips on pairings.