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How to Create Beautiful Hand-Wrapped Bouquets

These days, DIY is everywhere. If you have the time to learn a new skill or craft, it can be very exciting to put your new trade to use. For those who love growing, sending, or decorating with flowers, this piece is for you! Being able to grow your own flowers is one thing, but can you present them in a beautiful, stylish way that will make your friends and family swoon? Here, the professionals at Cascade Floral Wholesale will walk you through the basic steps of arranging a bouquet of flowers and include several great ideas for wrapping your blooms in a stylish and personal way. Take a look!

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Gather Blooms

To begin, gather the blooms and foliage you plan to use in your bouquet. It’s best to choose a variety of a few big, showy blooms, like roses, dahlias or lilies, small filler flowers like baby’s breath, waxflower or goldenrod, greens like boxwood or rosemary, and long wispy flowers like jasmine or clematis. Make sure the colors and textures work well together. Start with your star bloom in the center, then add foliage, filler flowers, and wispy flowers as you turn the growing bouquet in the same direction with each addition. The top of the bouquet should keep a rounded shape, and the stems will start to spiral as they overlap.

Cascade Arranging Bouquet

Secure Blooms

Once your bouquet is as large as you want it, wrap floral tape around the stems where your hand has been holding them. Secure tightly so blooms stay in place, then cut the stems evenly below the tape for a clean, finished look. 

Wrap Blooms

Here’s the fun part. Now that the blooms are gathered securely, you’ll want to wrap either the stems themselves (for a gorgeous hand-held display) or the entire bouquet (for a stylish presentation). 

To wrap just the stems, wind ribbon, lace, or another fabric around the stems until only the ends are showing. Secure with floral pins in a contrasting color for a pop of unique style. 

To wrap the entire bouquet, use a large sheet of cello, butcher or craft paper to wrap blooms, securing with floral tape below the blooms. Then wrap the stems in much the same way, also securing with floral tape in the middle of the stems. Cover the taped area with a ribbon or tie of your choice. Whether you only wrap the stems or choose a loose paper wrap for the entire bouquet, there’s plenty of room for creativity and personalized accents. For example:

  • For a Birthday Gift: Use butcher paper and twine to envelop your best friend’s favorite flowers for her birthday.
  • For Your Love: Use craft paper with love letters or poems handwritten on them and stems tied with a locket.
  • For your wedding: Tie an embroidered monogram to your bridal bouquet atop the hand-wrapped stems.
  • For a baby gift: Wrap blooms in the newspaper from the day baby was born and tie a rattle to the ribbon securing the stems.
  • For a Special Occasion: Add details like jewels, pearls or lace to the hand-wrapped stems to enhance the look and style of the flowers.
  • As a Thank-You gift: Wrap with craft or butcher paper and a gingham ribbon with a thank-you note attached. 

There are so many ways to display your creativity when hand-wrapping flowers. The personal touch leaves your recipient feeling extra-special, knowing you took the time to create something unique just for them. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect, so stock up on your favorite blooms at Cascade Floral Wholesale. We’ll be happy to suggest the best blooms in season for your bouquet.