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Be Prepared with Appropriate Sympathy Flowers

Creating beautiful, lasting sympathy arrangements is a big part of our jobs. When a family is grieving, it’s important they receive beautiful, tasteful flowers that comfort and provide peace. At Cascade Floral Wholesale, we’ve developed some strategic categories to keep in mind when preparing your sympathy designs. You’ll want to be ready at a moment’s notice to design something appropriate and beautiful. Here are a few to consider when preparing sympathy flowers for a funeral or memorial service. 

Sympathy Flowers for the Home: Friends and family members will want to send a beautiful bouquet of flowers to comfort the family in their home when they’re facing a loss. Gorgeous designs in small, fresh arrangements and classic styles are always appropriate. Often a keepsake like a cross, angel figurine, poem, or verse of scripture embedded in the floral bouquet adds a touch of comfort that can be kept and treasured. 

Sympathy Flowers for the Service: Memorial services are a beautiful place to display flowers sent by family members and loved ones. Local funeral homes and churches will work with you to receive deliveries and display the growing number of floral arrangements sent. When creating a design for the service itself, larger bouquets, plants, and wreaths are excellent choices. It’s important to stay traditional unless a specific request is otherwise made. Our beautiful Classic White Luxury Mix is a great place to start, along with standing frames, casket saddles, and other supplies needed to create beautiful, tasteful designs to be displayed before and during memorial services. 

Classic White Luxury Mix

Casket Flowers for the Service: Casket flowers usually feature a variety of line flowers, like gladiolus, delphinium, and snapdragons. Since these blooms come in an array of colors, it’s easy to create a sentimental display that includes favorite colors. Larger displays with meaningful flowers like roses or lilies will also be a comfort to mourners. Our Casket Saddles are a great way to hold your design in place while creating the perfect look and memorable design for the memorial service. 

Casket Saddle

Memorial Flowers for Veterans: Of course, when honoring a member of the armed services, include red, white, and blue flowers in a tasteful design. Your creativity blended with the significance of these colors will bring a peaceful comfort to the family and loved ones. Make a gorgeous display from red roses or carnations, white lilies or tulips, and blue delphinium or hydrangea. Be ready to design the perfect memorial design for veterans when you stay stocked with these fresh blooms regularly. 

Red Rose
Red Carnation
White Lily
White Tulip
Blue Delphinium
Blue Delphinium

Long-Lasting Plants for Sympathy: Beautiful, long-lasting plants can bring comfort for a long time after a memorial service or funeral. Low-maintenance varieties make a great gift for a grieving family, and can bring a refreshing sense of peace and love into their home. A beautiful white Peace Lily or charming, peaceful white orchid plant will be a wonderful way to send messages of comfort and peace. A beautiful basket floral or plant design will bring a soft, elegant display to the family, friends or loved ones. 

Peace Lily
Phalaenopsis Orchid


Centerpieces for Memorial Receptions: If a formal reception will take place, families may request centerpieces for the tables. Low and understated but beautiful blooms like our Hydrangea and Carnations will create a soft, lovely atmosphere without distracting mourners. Pair colors and blooms with those of the funeral to tie the entire event together. 

Hydrangea and Carnation Centerpiece


Be prepared to provide floral arrangements in all shapes and sizes for local funeral or memorial services. This is a large part of our business and is often an immediate, unforeseen need. While bouquets and service floral designs can certainly be customized, having the basics on hand will make creating your designs a smoother process. Your customers will be thankful for your quick, efficient work and glad for professionals who help them through a difficult time. For more ideas about being prepared to design sympathy flowers quickly, talk to the floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale. We’re here to enhance your professionalism and customer service.