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DIY… Or With A Friend!

Now that summer is in full swing, parents everywhere are looking for ways to keep kids of all ages busy throughout the long summer days. For a few fun craft ideas that everyone will love, Cascade Floral Wholesale offers some great tips and tricks. With a little bit of planning and a few supplies, you can fill your summer days and create beautiful floral designs to show for it!

Create A Vase Collection

Gather a few old mason jars, glass milk bottles, and other vintage apothecary jars. Fill with a mix of wildflowers or your favorite blooms (we especially love our Vintage Blush combination for this project) and enough water and flower food to keep blooms fresh. Place bottles with varying heights, shapes and sizes freely across a long table or windowsill. Or, for wider tabletops, gather similar-sized containers together in a square formation and wrap with gardener’s twine to hold in place. 


Create Mini Bouquets 

Choose a few sheets of themed paper, like wrapping paper for birthdays and holidays, or scrapbooking paper with cool designs. Trim stems of flowers, then lay diagonally on a square of the paper. Wrap corners together, glue so they’ll stay together, then wrap with gardener’s twine for a fresh, hand-held design that can be kept or given away. (Hint: these make great back-to-school gifts for teachers!)

Create Napkin Rings

Design a gorgeous formal table setting for a summer garden party when you attach flowers and accents to shower curtain rings to create breath-taking napkin rings. Use similar flowers for each ring to create continuity across your table. Then create simple and elegant centerpieces with the remaining accent pieces (baby’s breath in mason jars is always a welcomed sight!). 

Create Pressed Flowers

Pressing flowers is an age-old tradition that mothers and grandmothers have been handing down to their children for centuries. Create a modern update to this look when you design an iPhone case or stained glass window with pressed flowers. First, press flowers in a heavy book, like an encyclopedia or phone book. Then glue carefully to a clear or white iPhone case. Once glue is dried, paint the entire case with resin or another clear varnish. Allow plenty of time to dry, then enjoy your own unique iPhone case!


Using fresh flowers for Do-It-Yourself crafts and projects makes for beautiful, unique designs. Work together with someone special as a means of spending quality time together. Plus, you’ll create beautiful gifts for others or add lovely touches to your own home. For more great DIY project ideas, talk to the floral artisans at Cascade Floral Wholesale. We’ll be proud to show you our collection of wholesale combos and help you choose the perfect set for your next project!