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Tropical Flowers For A Vacay Vibe

Summertime is the perfect season for stocking extra tropical flowers. From destination beach weddings and family photos to fun vacations, there are plenty of reasons to include tropical blooms in your summer collection. That’s why the floral experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale suggest offering and promoting a Tropical Flowers collection during this season. You’ll find customers in need of these bright blooms and exotic details at every turn. 

Whether customers are setting sail on their travels soon, or still recovering from that time away, there’s nothing better than a summer vacation. This is a great time for families to travel while kids are out of school. The weather is beautiful for lots of outdoor exploration wherever they go, too. Of course, tropical destinations are a great way to relax and rest- bury your toes in the sand, get some Vitamin D, and listen to the sounds of waves against the shore. There’s something truly restorative and re-energizing about a tropical escape. Customers can send beautiful tropical flowers to friends, loved ones and travel buddies to reminisce about that fabulous experience they had… or to anticipate the next one! 

Summer beach weddings are also a great reason to stock beautiful protea, birds of paradise and anthurium this season. Fresh, tropical designs are a favorite for such a festive, memorable day and can be displayed myriad ways, from large centerpieces and ceremony designs to bright corsages and bouquets. Your summer beach brides will be so thrilled at the variety and creativity designs to choose from. 

Regardless what exciting adventures summer brings, be ready with fabulous tropical blooms and foliage. Encourage customers to get as creative and festive as your designs. Nothing builds anticipation or invites celebration as much as a beautiful bouquet of flowers sent just at the right time. Talk to the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale about our tropical options and let us help you make the perfect choices for your summer customers.