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Multiple flower arrangements in various colors

Tips for Coordinating Flower Types and Greenery for DIY Arrangements

Understanding the complexities of design and preparing your flowers and greenery for arranging your bouquet might be easier than you think. While flower arranging is an art, by utilizing helpful tips from the experts, it will be a project that is both fun and simple. The three most critical factors to thoughtfully sort through when planning your bouquet or floral collection for an event is the color palette, shape and seasonality of your flowers, and the fresh greenery to enhance and highlight each bloom. Our experts here at Cascade Floral Wholesale are here to offer the best advice for floral selection techniques so that you can design your own stunning arrangements in no time.

Colorful bouquet of orange, pink, green, white and more flowers

Color Matching and Palette Selection

The most obvious factor to consider when planning floral arrangements is color combinations for creating your perfect theme. Whether a vintage, chic event with shades of blush, burgundy, and green or a bright summertime bouquet with vibrant orange, yellow, and blue, the combinations can seem endless. Deciding on a strict aesthetic will help guide you toward blooms that match or complement one another and create an ideal color palette.

Once you have nailed down a particular look, feel, style, or theme, it’s time to find flowers that enhance each other. Highlight Mother Nature’s natural beauty by consulting the color wheel. Utilizing complementary colors, or those opposite each other on the wheel, will help create a bold and dramatic look. Cascade Floral’s Summertime Brights or Rustic Fall mixes provide the perfect collection to achieve this aesthetic. The flowers included in these packages are also ideal for triatic bouquets that use three colors equidistant on the color wheel. For a more intricate use of this idea with a softer contrast, you could use split-complementary colors, or the adjacent colors to its complement. One example of this is pairing yellow with shades of red and blue instead of its natural complement of purple. If you are looking for a more cohesive, trendy, or sophisticated look, analogous or monochromatic colors are ideal. Analogous colors are any three colors that are connected, while monochromatic colors refer to the different shades of a single color. Our Classic White, Intoxicating Burgundy, and Luscious Lavender mixes offer a great assortment of flowers for analogous or monochromatic arrangements.

Beautiful luxury bouquet of winter flowers, round, fluffy, pink, peach, white, and silver.

Seasonality and Shapes

Another vital factor for creating a magnificent flower collection for an arrangement is to find stems that complement each other’s shape, size, and seasonality. For instance, pairing summer sunflowers and gerbera daisies with winter berries might not look right. Instead, the wide petals of gerbera daisies can pair beautifully with smaller roses. Additionally, the star-shaped vibrancy of gerbera daisies can poorly contrast with the softness and fullness of the beloved hydrangea if you’re not careful. Luckily our pre-selected flower combos are hand-picked to perfection, considering seasonal flowers that perfectly enhance each shape and size to create flawless dimension and cohesions to your bouquets.

Bouquet of fresh greenery

Fresh Greenery

The final element or finishing touch to any floral arrangement is adding greenery. Take some time to appreciate the accents these supporting greens provide. Greenery’s soothing natural elements provide a backdrop for the flowers, making the main attraction pop and shine. Greenery also works wonders for adding unique shapes and textures to spice up an arrangement.

From a mix of various green leaves to a single selection of your favorite to subtly complement the flowers, there are many directions you can go in. One of the most popular types of greenery to incorporate into bouquets for weddings and home décor is eucalyptus, which comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, flexibility, and hues. Simply stated, you can’t go wrong with eucalyptus. Salal is another example of a versatile or go-to stem of vibrant green leaves, especially if you want something compact and rich. A pro tip for choosing unbeatable greenery is to match the seasonal trends of your arrangement. For example, if you make a brightly colored summer bouquet, monstera leaves may be an ideal choice to support that fresh and vivid summertime feeling.

While making your own bouquets and arrangements can feel like you’re flying solo, the experts at Cascade Floral Wholesale are here to provide not only quality radiant blooms and fresh greenery but pro tips and advice as well. Before getting started on your next floral project, be sure to check out our collection of DIY Flower Combos and Shop Your Style today.